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Book Review-Jesuits on the Roof of the World: Ippolito Desideri's Mission to Tibet

Book Review-Jesuits on the Roof of the World: Ippolito Desideri's Mission to Tibet
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  Trent POMPLUN,  Jesuits on the Roof of the World: Ippolito Desideri’s Mission to Tibet  . New York: Oxford University Press, 2010. xi + 302 !"es. #2$.$% &'. ()*N $-0-1$-%3-. /eviewed y /oert P. /U))O, Lordes oe"e, )yv!ni!, O4 53%0 6/oert./sso7stdents.Lordes.ed8 Trent Po9n, sso'i!te Professor of T&eoo"y !t Loyo! University in M!ry!nd, &!s written !n insi"&tf ook 'on'ernin" ;esit (oito <esideri=s ei"&teent& 'entry 9ission to Tiet. Po9n, in &is first is&ed vo9e, exores not ony t&e 9!n, t t&e f!s'in!tin" 9ysti'! Tiet!n 'tre. T&e !t&or !'es <esideri wit&in t&e 'ontext of t&!t 'tre, st!tin" t&!t >( wi tre!t <esideri !s !n exorer, ! &istori!n, !nd ! t&eoo"i!n?( wi even 'onsider w&et&er &e w!s ! sy?t ( wi !so tre!t &i9 for w&!t &e w!s: ! 9ission!ry of t&e )o'iety of ;ess in t&e e!ry ei"&teent& 'entry@ 6. 108. T&e '&!ter entited >T&e ABn"&!r (nv!sion,@ offers t&e rid det!is of t&e 11 inv!sion of 'entr! Tiet y ! "ro of nort&western Oir!t Mon"o tries. <esideri witnessed 9'& of t&e 'onfi't, w&i'& &e des'ried !s t&e de!t& of Pro9et&es: >C&en t&e oets se!k of Pro9et&es, 'onde9ned to &!ve &is torso !nd entr!is torn !nd torn !"!in y t&e "ttonos !nd ins!ti!e  ird, &e is s&own ond in '&!ins, rone, !nd &eess@ 6. 1058. (n >T&e Di"&t wit& t&e Dri!rs,@ t&e re!der e!rns of t&e f!s'in!tin" str""es t&e ;esits f!'ed w&ie vyin" for territories wit& !'&in fri!rs. <esideri se!ks &i"&y of t&e !'&in 9ission!ries !t first. 4owever, !s tensions 9onted !nd &e w!s for'ed to e!ve t&e !re!, <esideri re!diy !d9itted t&!t >t&e !'&ins were tent!tive, even s&eeis&, !ot t&eir 9ission. 4e '!i9ed t&!t t&e !'&ins did not &!ve t&e 'or!"e to s&ow &i9 t&e de'ree of t&e on"re"!tion for t&e Pro!"!tion of t&e D!it& t&!t !w!rded t&e9 t&e 9ission Eso9e sixty ye!rs !"o=@ 6. 1508.   Po9n=s ook is str'tred into six '&!ters, in'din" nits on ;esit P&!nt!si!, <esideri=s tr!ves fro9 /o9e to L&!s!, !nd Tiet!n rei"ion !nd t&eoo"y. F!'& '&!ter is ! st!nd!one nit t&!t !dv!n'es !n !se't of t&e ;esit 9ission!ry=s t&o"&t ro'ess, !nd >&!s !n indeendent t&esis !ot &ow to etter nderst!nd &is !'e in t&e &istory of Tiet!n stdies@ 6. 138. T&is vo9e is &i"&y re'o99ended for ot& t&e serios stdent of ;esit &istory, !nd Tiet!n 'tre. )o9e 9!y find t&e v!st !9ont of notes '9erso9e?!9ost one t&ird of t&e ook is dedi'!ted to ex!n!tory notes, t Po9n=s ook is we-rese!r'&ed !nd t&o"&tfy 9!ed ot. 4is )ee't *iio"r!&y is Gite extensive, !nd 'ont!ins ri9!ry sor'es in 9tie !n"!"es. One &oes t&!t Po9n wi one d!y tr!ns!te !nd !nnot!te <esideri=s 'o9ete 9!ns'rits into Fn"is&, so t&!t t&e "re!t ;esit 9ission!ry '!n ri"&tfy t!ke &is !'e in &istory.
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