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    BRAND EXTENSION IN INDIA 1.   ITC - A company selling one of the most unhealthy things in the world- tobacco. But they have been successful at launching a whole ‘healthy’ food division including Aashirvaad atta and salt. They have also diversified into personal “care” with Vivel, Fiama and Engage. They have a Wills Lifestyle clothing division too. And a stationery  business with Classmate. Totally unrelated with where they started from. Although these unrelated categories have been launched under different sub-brands, they are always seen as ITC companies, and hence I have included this brand here. 2.   Emami - Primarily known for its personal care range including BoroPlus, Fair & Handsome and Navratna, the brand has successfully extended into edible oils and real estate. 3.   Park Avenue from Raymond - Originally a clothing brand, now has successfully expanded into grooming solutions like deos, shower gels. 4.   Eveready - Known for making pencil batteries, the brand extended to torch, small consumer durables like fans, toasters and LED bulbs. The brand is also getting into tea  business. 5.   L&T - Larsen and Toubro is primarily known for its engineering and construction. But the brand also has an IT division (L&T InfoTech) and financial services. 6.   Then there are the master brands like Tata, Birla, Reliance, Dabur, Bajaj, Mahindra, Godrej that have extended into many unrelated categories. 7.   Maggi  : Its has noodle as well as Soup. Both are very different categories. Noodles in instant hunger buster while soup is an accompaniment with you dinner. 8.   Patanjali  : Its into Ghee, Atta, Toothpaste segment, hair oil segment. Patanjali Dantkanti, Patanjali Keshkanti, using the name of mother brand entered two different  product categories. Now with the mother name Patanjali it has entered many product categories, some its products are doing really good. 9.   Kingfisher : Kingfisher was operating in airlines, it was also into Beer category. Two very different categories. Although airline failed due to mismanagement, but both were doing very good at one point of time. 10.   Philips  : Philips has Air Frier, Air Purifier, which are tow different categories. It used to be in TV, its in to music system, lights. These are very different categories. 11.   Wipro  - Started off as a computer and technology firm. Now is into soaps, daily care  products, electric goods like tube lights and stuff. These are unrelated but have a trust of Wipro. 12.   Titan SKINN Perfumes :   Titan Company Limited widened its footprint in the personal lifestyle segment with the launch of the SKINN Titan range of fine fragrances. The selection of six scintillating perfumes bears the hallmark of Titan, with the assurance of the TATA group. Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Company Limited said, “Being a leader in watches, jewelry and eyewear, Titan Company Limited is constantly evolving to suit the needs of its customers and provide them with world-class products at great prices. It was time for us to widen our footprint in the personal lifestyle categories that are currently unorganized, underserved and under penetrated.    13.   Parle Café Cuba: Parle Agro has re-entered the carbonated fizz drinks market with the launch of Café Cuba, a fizzy drink with a coffee flavor. The launch of new categories has become a trend and helps invigorate a jaded brand. “With café Cuba, this new category will not only strengthen our market share but also increase the carbonated beverage market pie, leading to mor  e flavor options for consumers,†• says Chauhan. 14.   McCafe:  At the time Starbucks was busy extending its presence in the Indian market, Mc Café declared war! Just as India was settling into the idea of drinking coffee as a preferred beverage, McDonald’s Mc  Café brought a little sigh of relief to the  pockets of coffee lovers. Mc Donald’s hopes to leverage the growing coffee -cafe market, estimated to be about R2,000 crore, “It also aims at establishing Mc Donald’s as a coffee destination,†• says Vice-Chairman, WestLife Developement, Amit Jatia. 15.   Park Avenue Beer Shampoo: According to a research, men feel that 50 per cent of the impression they make is because of the way their hair is groomed and it can make or break one’s overall appearance. Thus, the b eer shampoo was launched to keep pace with the fast evolving man. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo has created a path-breaking category in the hair care segment by launching the first-ever shampoo for men in India. This is primarily because of the main ingredient  –   Beer  –   which is associated with fun, and offers a shiny, smooth and bouncy feel to the hair. 16.   MTV Helmets:  Auto accessory firm Steelbird along with MTV introduced an incredible line up of helmets. The main reason is to promote the important of safe riding. For those who are keen on Steelbird products it is offered in many Pan India retail outlets. The quality of bike designs have improved and have become more colorful, sporty and vibrant, hence people now desire matching helmets to match their  bike colors. 17.   Dove Elixir: Dove entered the hair-oil category with its Elixir  –   the precious hair oil with real ingredients that provides the power of overnight oiling in just 30 minutes. Dove broke the clutter in the hair shampoo category and to maintain the leading  p osition, it did not lose the chance to become the ultimate companion of a woman’s tresses. The launch of Elixir has raised the bars of the hair-oil category as a whole and has made Dove one of the most dependable brands as far as hair-care is concerned. 18.   Woodland Skincare and Equipments:  After tapping the market for outdoor adventure activities almost completely, Wooland is now planning to invest in the product category of outdoor equipments. This will complete the catalogue for Woodland and its customers. Gradually, it might get into specific equipment specializations like fishing or skiing equipments. Woodland also aims to deliver skin protection in its soon- to- be launched high graded sunscreen and lotions, basically protecting the skin when you are out in extreme temperatures. 19.   Dabur Real Milk Shakes:  Dabur India Ltd forayed into the packaged milk shake market with the launch of RÉAL Fruit Shakes under the brand Réal. This also marks brand Réal extending its fruit expertise into milk-based drinks. Dabur has always been at the forefront of innovation. With the growing level of health awareness in India, there has been a spurt in demand for healthy functional foods. With the launch of Réal Fruit Shakes, we aim to not only extend brand Réal to give our consumers more choices but also make the experience of having milk more enjoyable and    nutritious for kids,said Dabur India Ltd General Manager-Marketing (Foods) Mr. Praveen Jaipuriar. 20.   Gili apparel:  Gili, a brand of Gitanjali Group, recently extended into the apparel category and aims at becoming a lifestyle brand without a shift in the brand attribute or its target audience. But even as the brand took the route of extending into women’s apparel, the attribute of being exquisite and uniquely ethnic was maintained by Gili. “We want Gili to be a lifestyle brand like Gucci, and thus will be further extending into bags. 21.   Google Eye Glass:  It came as a surprise when Google released the video of Eye Glass which showed how the glasses can actually give us the weather forecast just by looking up at the sky. It is yet to be launched and whether it is a success or a disappointment will become clear only after its launch in India but the buzz created globally is a good sign for Google. REF -   successful-unrelated-brand-extensions-in-India   BRAND EXTENSION IN WORLDWIDE: 1.   Apple : from personal computers into MP3 players. 2.   Callaway : from golf clubs into footwear, apparel and golf accessories. 3.   Dyson : from vacuum cleaners into desk lamps. 4.   Starbucks : coffee-based beverages into energy drinks. 5.   Mail chimp : email marketing to Facebook ads. 6.   Coleman : from gas-powered lanterns to sleeping bags. 7.   Ferrari : from exotic sports cars to theme parks. 8.   Google : from search and extended into a hosted email service. 9.   Fender  from guitars and amps into earbuds. 10.   Cosmopolitan : from magazines into yogurt. 11.   Snoop Dogg : from rap into a smoke-able book. 12.   The Clorox brand is associated with cleanliness, and is known for its bleach product. when the company introduced toilet bowl cleaner, Clorox was able to create a product that  perfectly lined up with public expectations and met a new need. After all, if consumers thought that the product was too strong for laundry and dishes, they would certainly believe it was strong enough for the areas in the home that are typically viewed as dirtiest. 13.   O, The Oprah Magazine One of the most successful magazine launches of all time, O, The Oprah Magazine  made the crossover from T.V. to print look effortless. An extension of the television show, the magazine was also its own unique product, focusing on empowering readers to live their best lives. Oprah’s distinctive focus on self  -improvement was easily translatable to print. 14.   Dove Men + Care Dove, which began as a brand solely known for its bars of soap, grew to become a superpower in the shampoo, deodorant and body wash markets. In the process of becoming a superpower, it went from a 200 million dollar company to a multi-billion dollar company with its aggressive expansion strategy.    15.   Disney One successful brand extension is the Disney English-language training center. Though less ingrained in popular culture than other Disney products, this particular extension has been incredibly successful in China. 16.Colgate's Toothbrush (The Best) Colgate’s toothpaste and toothbrush are complementary goods. But unlike the former example, you literally need a toothbrush to use toothpaste. Otherwise, you can’t brush your teeth. 17.Aunt Jemima's Pancake & Waffle Syrup (The Best) When you think about it, th Aunt Jemima’s pancake and waffle syrup might be the most successful example of a brand extension.ey extended their brand to the most logical product category possible. 18.Reese ’s Puffs Cereal (The Best)   R  eese’s Puffs was my favorite cereal growing up, so I might be a little biased here. But with all the chocolate-flavored cereal around in the mid- 90s, Reese’s Peanut   Butter Cup’s entrance into the cereal market was a smart and natural one. 19.Honda's Lawn Mowers (The Best) Honda’s line of lawn mowers might not elicit the most enjoyable memories of my childhood,  but their entrance and success in a saturated market speaks volumes for a company who is mostly known for selling cars. 20.Sunkist's Vitamin C Tablets (The Best) Featuring orange juice as their flagship product, Sunkist’s brand has associations with oranges, health, and energy. To both bolster and leverage this association at the same time, Sunkist  produced vitamin c tablets that spawned an entire arm of business dedicated to vitamins and supplements. REF-    OPPURTUNITIES FOR BRANDING IN INDIA 1.   Online Presence: Establish an online presence for your business that is in line with your brand. Whether it is a website or social media account, it is important that your  business can be found online. Today, the first place most people look for a product or service is the Internet. Think about what customers will type in a search box to look for a product or service like yours and then try it yourself. Did your business come up? If not, this is a great place to start to build your brand. 2.   Mobile Presence : If you already have a great website, is it mobile? According to We Are Social’s new “ Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015 report ,” mobile’s share of global Web traffic leapt 39 percent since January 2014, with one-third of all webpages served to mobile phones. Small businesses that either don’t have a mobile -friendly site, or don’t have a website at all, are essentially invisible when it comes to being found by    customers who primarily use mobile devices to search for goods and services, especially locally. 3.   Branded Email : A business-branded email shows the world your company is established and professional, whereas a generic email, like may project inexperience  –   or even worse,   raise doubts about whether you’re a real company. Moreover, by using branded email, every time you send an email it promotes your business.. 4.   Register Domain Names : The first step for many businesses is to register one or more domain names to represent their brand. Registering longer and more descriptive domain names (which conveniently make up the majority of available domain names) that include keywords, location information and/or memorable phrases is advantageous  because many Internet users simply type search terms into a browser to find what they are looking for. Businesses can take advantage of this by thinking of keywords their customers might use to find their business and register a combination of those keywords as domain names. Leveraging multiple domain names can provide additional marketing opportunities and also aids in protecting your brand online as you won’t risk a competitor registering your name, or that a name won’t be available when you want to register it. 5.   Phone Calls : Make sure that the people who answer your business phone answer it  professionally and courteously, and name your business in the same way every time. It’s also important that your   after-hours message shares your business name, location, hours and Web address, so customers can look up information about your business even when you are not open. 6.   Employee Apparel : Outfit your staff in shirts, jackets and other clothing that features your brand colors and/or your logo and Web address. This reinforces your branding and makes it easy for customers to identify employees. It’s also smart to wear logoed apparel to events and trade shows to extend your brand beyond your four walls. 7.   Customer Apparel : Make t-shirts, jackets, bandannas or other types of branded apparel available for customers to purchase. Better yet, give it away. Each customer wearing your branded apparel becomes a walking, talking billboard for your business. That’s free advertising worth the cost of a t-shirt. 8.   Business Cards : You may already have business cards, but whether you do or don’t, make sure that any future cards you create are emblazoned with your logo, tag line, Web address and contact information. Consider using double-sided cards with a customer loyalty coupon on the back so people will hold on to it. 9.   Business Forms : Make sure your logo, contact information and Web address appear on business forms like invoices, packing slips, receipts, etc. It looks more professional and can serve as a reminder for customers to visit your store again. 10.   Promotional Giveaways : What is your brand known for, or what do you want it to be known for? For example, if you sell wine, consider giving away branded wine keys to your customers with your company logo and Web address. No matter what your  business focuses on, everyone needs to stay hydrated and most people can’t function without coffee. Logoed items like mugs and water bottles as thank-yous or giveaways
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