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  Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Education is a valuable tool in attaining knowledge and opens a door for opportunities in developing one’s life and improving career’s growth. According to  National Institute of Medical Statistics in India (2012) education is not only one of the most important socioeconomic factors that is known to significantly influence individual behavior and attitudes, but educational attainment is a fundamental indicator of a country’s level of human capital development.  Nowadays, there are a lot of changes that are happening in the society when it comes to education. One of those changes is the opportunities that different schools offer to the teachers  particularly in public schools. According to Meador (2016), public school teachers are typically  paid more than public school teachers. The basic salary of public school teacher for Teacher I is P19, 077 while the average basic salary of an entry-level teacher in a regular provincial private school is P8,000 (Department of Education, 2017). Private school teachers are paid lower compared to public school teachers. Just recently, the Department of Education (DepEd) with support from several politicians  proposed to increase the salary of teachers and make it P39, 000 per month instead of P19, 000. Many people especially under private schools opposed this proposal because under this sector, the average salary is only P13,000 per month. They also added other benefits like loans and increase in retirement benefits. Due to these sudden changes, many private school teachers plan to transfer to public schools. The researchers assumed that salary is one of the reasons of this issue. According to Owen (2017) there are five factors that affects teachers' decision. Those are: teaching  opportunities, class size, compensation, personal preferences, and administrative support. Compensations include the salary and other benefits that teachers receive. With this, the researchers conducted this study to be able to identify the reasons of the teachers why they transfer from private school to public school. Problematique and Objectives of the Study More and more teachers happened to transfer from private school to public schools. With this, the researchers made this research to determine the reasons of the teachers why they transfer from private school to public school. Specifically, this study sought answers to the following questions: 1) What are the teachers' reasons in transferring from private school to public school? 2) What are the things they consider in transferring schools? 3) How do the teachers see their life in public school?   Theoretical Framework The researchers used Abraham Maslow’s Hi erarchy of Needs (2014) as framework of this study. Here, it depicted as a pyramid, where solid foundations at the bottom of the pyramid allow for development and progress above it (Buckler, & Castle, 2014). At the bottom/base of the pyramid places the physiological needs wherein it includes major needs of human such as food, water, etc. Above fulfilling the base of the pyramid, humans strive to secure life by seeking for shelter, safety, and to ensure whether the danger is removed or minimized. Next, humans needed to belong by striving for social needs, the need to love and be loved, entering into an intimate relationship to fulfill emotional needs. The next level on top of that is the esteem needs.  These are the need to be competent within one’s field and to be recognized as b eing competent, in the modern day that is usually through certificates, and qualifications but does not exclude competence through experiences that do not necessarily produce pieces of paper (Buckler, et. al., 2014). After all the bottom needs has been acquired, this drives to achieve self-actualization, whereby any individuals achieved its full potential as a human being. In relation to the study, the theory reflects to the possible reasons why teachers transfer from private school to public school. The researcher believes that the Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs may be the possible factors that could affect the teachers’ decision. Figure 1: Abraham Ma slow’s Hierarchy of Needs (  1803)v  Conceptual Framework    Figure 2. Research Paradigm Presented in Figure 2 is the research paradigm of the study. Guided by Abraham M aslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (1803 ), the researchers used a validated guide questions to interview the participants. After having the participants interviewed, the researchers analyzed the data and come up with the answers in relation to the objective of this study. Significance of the Study This study was concerned with the reasons why teachers transfer from private to public. In as much as the researcher found This study used the Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs to identify the  progression from basic needs to higher level growth needs. The purpose of using it was to identify what are the needs of the teachers that could possibly affect the decision that needs to be satisfied. Interview with the Participants using Validated Guide Questions Analysis of Data Reasons why teachers transfer from private school to public school  


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