Chapter 7: How can Digital Media Literacy be Further Integrated in Team and Distance Work Structures and Practices in Order to Support Effective, Stimulating and Meaningful Ways of Working?

Based on the analyses conducted in the LITME@WORK project we will now turn to the question of how digital media literacy (DML) can be further integrated in team and distance work structures and practices in order to support effective, stimulating and
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  Digital Media Literacy in Teamwork and Distance Work: Competences, Discourse and Organizational Design Edited by Jerry Jacques and Anne-Sophie Collard  The electronic version of this book is available in open access on https://www.belspo.be/belspo/brain-be/themes_5_Social_en.stm#LITMEWORK and www.litmeatwork.be ! #$%&&%& '()*%$&)+,)$%& -% .,/'$0 12345%/6,$+ -% 7, 8)%$9%0 3:; <222 .,/'$ =;%79)>'%?@A/,)7 B 6'(C'(,/'$DE%F)+% G%E B H++6BIIGGGD6'(DE%5%6$J-'K+)J( JL +H)& EJJM J$ ,(N 6,$+& +H%$%JL0 )& &+$)K+7N LJ$E)--%( LJ$ ,77 KJ'(+$)%&0 J'+&)-% +H% $%&+$)K+)*% 7)/)+& JL +H% 7,G0 GH,+%*%$ +H% 6$JK%&&0 ,(- (J+,E7N 6HJ+JKJ6)%& J$ &K,(()(9D#$)(+%- )( ;%79)'/DOF;.A 6,6%$ B 4PQA1A:4214A2RQA:OF;. A %7%K+$J()K *%$&)J( B 4PQA1A:4214A2R4A2 5%9)&+$,+)J( JL KJ6N$)9H+B SI1234I3QQ3I3<  Chapter 7: How can Digital Media Literacy be Further Integrated in Team and Distance Work Structures and Practices in Order to Support Effective, Stimulating and Meaningful Ways of Working? Anne-Sophie Collard 1 , Geoffroy Patriarche 2 , Jan Zienkowski 2 , Monique Ramioul 3 , Jerry Jacques 1  and Pierre Fastrez 4 1 CRIDS – NaDI – Université de Namur 2 PReCoM – Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles 3 HIVA – KU Leuven 4 GReMS – Université catholique de Louvain ;,&%- J( +H% ,(,7N&%& KJ(-'K+%- )( +H% _OU^@CZ[5` 6$JY%K+ G% G)77 (JG +'$( +J +H% >'%&+)J( JL HJG -)9)+,7 /%-), 7)+%$,KN =S^_? K,( E% L'$+H%$ )(+%9$,+%- )( +%,/ ,(- -)&+,(K% GJ$M &+$'K+'$%& ,(- 6$,K+)K%& )( J$-%$ +J &'66J$+ %LL%K+)*%0 &+)/'7,+)(9 ,(- /%,()(9L'7 G,N& JL GJ$M)(9D O( +H)& KH,6+%$0 G% +H%$%LJ$% 6$J*)-% , $,(9% JL $%KJ//%(-,+)J(& LJ$ polic and practice. The recommendations formlated here are in the rst instance meant LJ$ +HJ&% GHJ &%%M +J LJ&+%$ S^_ ,+ GJ$M  " (J /,++%$ GH%+H%$ +H%N )(&K$)E% +H%/&%7*%& )( , K7,&&)K K%7%E$,+J$N .Z[Z -)&KJ'$&% J$ (J+D UH%&% $%KJ//%(-,+)J(& ,$%B3? +$%,+ KJ/6%+%(K%& ,& ,E)7)+)%& +J 6%$LJ$/ 6,$+)K'7,$ 6$,K+)K%& $,+H%$ +H,( ,E&+$,K+ *,7'%&b1? se the ML matri in a reeive wa :? =$%?KJ(&)-%$ +H% J$9,()T,+)J(,7 -%&)9( JL +%,/& ,& , &+$,+%9)K L,K+J$ LJ$ J$9,()T,A+)J(&bR? ,KM(JG7%-9% +H% *,7'% JL ,$+)K'7,+)J( GJ$M )( H)$)(9 ,(- K,$%%$ -%*%7J6/%(+b<? focs the team leaders role on facilitatin a shared nderstandin of teamwork and &'66J$+)(9 -)&+$)E'+%- ,$+)K'7,+)J( GJ$Mbk? $%A-%&)9( +$,)()(9 ,(- %*,7',+)J( )()+),+)*%& E%NJ(- )(-)*)-',7 6$,K+)K%&0 J6%$,+)J(,7 &M)77& ,(- -)9)+,7 +JJ7&b  !"#"$%& ()*"% +"$),%-. "/ 0)%123,4 %/* !"5$%/-) 63,4 K*! P? )(+%9$,+% +H% -%*%7J6/%(+ JL S^_ )( , /J$% E,7,(K%- -)&KJ'$&% ,EJ'+ J$9,()T,+)J(,7 KH,(9%DO( LJ$/'7,+)(9 J'$ $%KJ//%(-,+)J(& J( HJG +J )(+%9$,+% S^_ )( +%,/ ,(- -)&+,(K% GJ$M0 G% G)77 ,7&J KJ(&)-%$ +H% *J)K%& JL +HJ&% GHJ +,M% )&&'% G)+H ,K+',7 J$ )/,9)(%- 6%$*%$&% %LL%K+& JL +$,(&)+)J()(9 +J .Z[Z K'7+'$%D SJ)(9 &J0 G% &%%M +J 9)*% *J)K% +J J'$ more critical interviewees as well. ritie is part of a meaninfl and reeive stance J( GJ$MA$%7,+%- KJ/6%+%(K%&D O( L,K+0 +H% )(+$J-'K+)J( ,(- %7,EJ$,+)J( JL -)9)+,7 /%-), KJ/6%+%(K%& K,( J(7N E% /%,()(9L'7 )L )(+%9$,+%- )(+J G)-%$ )(+%$6$%+)*% 7J9)K&D *F:('$& ".L%'&'/-'6 $6 S24N4&4'6 &. A'(7.(L A$(&4-EN$( A($-&4-'6 ($&#'( &#$/ S26&($-& a$NE'6 Or rst recommendation for those who seek to develop ML frther is to make a clear -)&+)(K+)J( E%+G%%( KJ/6%+%(K%& KJ(K%6+',7)T%- ,& ,E)7)+)%& +J 6%$LJ$/ 6,$+)K'7,$ GJ$M 6$,K+)K%& J( +H% J(% H,(- =&%% VH,6+%$ 1? ,(- KJ/6%+%(K%& KJ(K%6+',7)T%- ,& GJ$MA related vales sch as atonom eibilit or sociabilit on the other hand see hapter 5.  clear denition and nderstandin of competences as abilities enablin specic practices is important to a RM polic that vales ML. The matri developed in hapter 1 6$J*)-%& , &J'(- E,&)& LJ$ -%*%7J6)(9 &'KH ,( '(-%$&+,(-)(9DUH% L,K+ +H,+ /,(N /,(,9%$& ,(-IJ$ %/67JN%%& +,7M ,EJ'+ KJ/6%+%(K%& )( ,E&+$,K+ $,+H%$ +H,( KJ(K$%+% +%$/& K,( 7%,- +J KJ(L'&)J(D Z% +H%$%LJ$% &'99%&+ +H,+ W5^ &HJ'7- work with clear denitions of competences that allow for measrement and evalation of KJ(K$%+% ,E)7)+)%& ,(- 6$,K+)K%&D .J+)J(& &'KH ,& \,'+J(J/N] ,(- \+$'&+] G)77 KJ(+)('% +J 67,N , $J7% )( J$9,()T,+)J(,7 K'7+'$% E'+ ,& 7J(9 ,& +H%&% *,7'%& ,$% (J+ 7)(M%- +J , /J$% KJ(K$%+% &%+ JL )(-)K,+J$& +H%N G)77 $%/,)( , 6J+%(+),7 &J'$K% JL KJ(L'&)J(D nalied se of sch terms can lead to contradictions in ob descriptions and ob reirements becase it hinders an obectied accont of what a ob entails. It ma ,7&J 7%,- +J ,( )(KJ(&)&+%(+ -)*)&)J( JL $%&6J(&)E)7)+)%& E%+G%%( )(-)*)-',7 ,(- KJ77%K+)*% 7%*%7& JL J$9,()T,+)J(D XJ$ )(&+,(K%0 GH,+ -J%& )+ /%,( +J GJ$M ,'+J(J/J'&7N )L J(% )& ,&M%- +J KJ77,EJ$,+% ,+ +H% &,/% +)/%p a7&J0 H)$)(9 E,&%- J( KJ/6%+%(K%& '(-%$&+JJ- )( +%$/& JL *,7'%& $,+H%$ +H,( '(,/E)9'J'& YJE -%&K$)6+)J(& ,$% /J$% 7)M%7N +J 7%,- +J arbitrar evalations of emploees as well as to inaccrate epectations on the part of  YJE &%%M%$&D 2.Use the DML Matrix in a Refexive Way O( J$-%$ +J L,K% +H% K'$$%(+ -%*%7J6/%(+& )( GJ$M 6$,K+)K%& ,(- %(*)$J(/%(+&  " #$% &'()*+&, /J$% +%,/GJ$M0 /J$% -)&+,(K% GJ$M &'66J$+%- EN -)9)+,7 +JJ7& ,(- /J$% KJJ6%$,+)*% +,&M&  "  -)9)+,7 /%-), KJ/6%+%(K%& $%>')$%- LJ$ -)&+,(K% ,(- KJ77,EJ$,+)*% work need to be dened more precisel. The shold also be taht to improve
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