Character Sheet - Duergar

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  RACECLASS & LEVELPLAYER NAMECHARACTER NAMEBACKGROUNDEXPERIENCE POINTSALIGNMENT TM & © 2014 Wizards of the Coast LLC. Permission is granted to photocopy this document for personal use. Hit Point MaximumStrengthDexterityConstitutionIntelligenceWisdomCharisma CPEPPPGPSPPASSIVE WISDOM (PERCEPTION) EQUIPMENTOTHER PROFICIENCIES & LANGUAGESATTACKS & SPELLCASTINGFEATURES & TRAITS Acrobatics (Dex)Animal Handling (Wis)Arcana (Int)Athletics (Str)Deception (Cha)History (Int)Insight (Wis)Intimidation (Cha)Investigation (Int)Medicine (Wis)Nature (Int)Perception (Wis)Performance (Cha)Persuasion (Cha)Religion (Int)Sleight of Hand (Dex)Stealth (Dex)Survival (Wis) DEATH SAVESHIT DICENAMEATK BONUSDAMAGE/TYPE Total SUCCESSESFAILURESIDEALSBONDSFLAWSPERSONALITY TRAITS ARMORCLASSCURRENT HIT POINTSTEMPORARY HIT POINTSINITIATIVESPEED PROFICIENCY BONUS STRENGTHDEXTERITYCONSTITUTIONINTELLIGENCEWISDOMCHARISMASAVING THROWS INSPIRATION SKILLS Fighter (8)SoldierHoshi Daizo Wurgrim Earthlord Dwarf/DuergarLawful Neutral +5 +3 18 0 25 I'm always polite and respectful.When I close my eyes I see thefaces of the dead.20 +8 0 Our lot is to lay down ourlives in defense of others. 10 I would still lay down my lifefor the people I served with. +4 8d10 18 I have little respect for anyonewho is not a proven warrior. 0 0+70+100+1+80+3+1 Battleaxe+8 1d8 + 5 slashing +1+3 Warhammer +8 Crossbow, light +3  10 1d8 + 5 bludgeoning 0 +1 0+4 13 0 0000  0 841d8 piercing 0 10 +4 14 Tool Proficiencies: DragonchessSet; Land Vehicles; Smith's ToolsWeapon Proficiencies: Martial;SimpleArmor Proficiencies: Heavy; Light;Medium; ShieldsLanguage Proficiencies: Common;Dwarvish; Undercommon 10 Clothes, common (1);Piton (10); Plate (1);Crossbow bolt (20);Waterskin (1); Shield(1); Rations (1 day)(10); Rope, hempen(1); Tinderbox (1);Hammer (1); Backpack(1); Crowbar (1); Chainmail (1); Torch (10);Emblem (1) Darkvision: 120ft.Number ofAttacks: 2DamageResistances:poison(additionalfeatures & traitson last page)  CHARACTER NAME EYESAGE WEIGHTHEIGHTHAIRSKIN NAME TREASURECHARACTER BACKSTORYCHARACTER APPEARANCEALLIES & ORGANIZATIONSSYMBOL TM & © 2014 Wizards of the Coast LLC. Permission is granted to photocopy this document for personal use. Wurrim Earthlord 4004'10220 lbsGreyGreyGreyDuergar    TM & © 2014 Wizards of the Coast LLC. Permission is granted to photocopy this document for personal use. SPELLCASTINGCLASS    S   P   E   L   L   S   K   N   O   W   N SPELL NAME         P      R    E  P A R   E     D      SPELLLEVELSLOTS EXPENDEDSLOTS TOTAL 1023 678945 SPELLCASTINGABILITYSPELL SAVE DCSPELL ATTACKBONUS CANTRIPS Duerar Intelligence 11+3 InvisibilityEnlarge/Reduce  FEATURES & TRAITS ----------Bonus Actions----------Second Wind. Regain 1d10 + 8 HPs (use once/rest).---------------Actions--------------Action Surge. Take an extra action (use once/rest).-----------Other Traits------------Dueling Fighting Style. When you are wielding a melee weapon in one handand no other weapons, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon.Duergar Resistance. You have advantage on saving throws against illusions.Dwarven Resilience. Advantage on poison saves, resistance to poison damage.Elegant Courtier. Starting at 7th level, your discipline and attention to detailallow you to excel in social situations. Whenever you make a Charisma(Persuasion) check, you gain a bonus to the check equal to your Wisdommodifier. Your self-control also causes you to gain proficiency in Wisdomsaving throws. If you already have this proficiency, you instead gain proficiencyin Intelligence or Charisma saving throws (your choice). .Fighting Spirit. Starting at 3rd level, your intensity in battle can shield you andhelp you strike true. As a bonus action on your turn, you can give yourselfadvantage on weapon attack rolls until the end of the current turn. When you doso, you also gain 5 temporary hit points. The number of temporary hit pointsincreases when you reach certain levels in this class, increasing to 10 at 10thlevel and 15 at 15th level.You can use this feature three times, and you regain all expended uses of itwhen you finish a long rest. .Military Rank. You have a military rank from your career as a soldier. Soldiersloyal to your form er military organization still recognize your authority andinfluence, and they defer to you if they are of a lower rank. You can invoke yourrank to exert influence over other soldiers and requisition simple equipment orhorses for temporary use. You can also usually gain access to friendlymilitary encampments and fortresses where your rank is recognized..Stonecunning. 2X prof bonus on stonework-related history checks.Sunlight Sensitivitiy. You have disadvantage on attack rolls and on Wisdom(Perception) checks that rely on sight when you, the target of your attack, orwhatever you are trying to perceive is in direct sunlight. .
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