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Continued on Page 4. Continued on Page 4. costs and supply to the Government officers for their use. Soon after the GFR

n online campaign by a ADelhi University student saying I am not afraid of ABVP has snowballed into a full-scale war of words between political opponents and triggered heated debates in the social media
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n online campaign by a ADelhi University student saying I am not afraid of ABVP has snowballed into a full-scale war of words between political opponents and triggered heated debates in the social media as top Ministers and senior BJP leaders accused the Opposition of inciting violence on campuses and the Congress hit back against an attempt to curb freedom of speech. With tension mounting, Home Minister Rajnath Singh who is in Varanasi, said his Ministry was keeping a watch on the situation. He also ordered the Delhi Police to act with caution over the Ramjas College issue and ensure the situation remained under control. The social media campaign of Gurmehar Kaur, daughter of Captain Mandeep Singh who died in the Kargil War, on the violence at Ramjas College has gone viral and also become a source of major tension between campuses and students groups. Ramjas witnessed widespread violence last week after the ABVP objected to a seminar because of an invitation extended to JNU students Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid, who were involved in a controversy related to alleged anti-national and pro-kashmir Azaadi slogans last year. The BJP and the Congress have locked horns on the issue of intolerance and freedom of speech. Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu slammed the Opposition for inciting violence on campuses and accused it of subversion, while Rahul Gandhi showed support to Kaur praising her valour for raising her voice against intolerance. Against the tyranny of fear we stand with our students. round 58 per cent voting Awas recorded in 51 Assembly segments across 11 districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh during the fifth phase of polling on Monday. The fifth phase sealed the fate of 607 candidates, including 40 women, in EVMs. Election Commission officials said in Lucknow that polling was by and large peaceful with sporadic incidents of clashes. However State Government officials claimed that polling was incident-free and long queues were witnessed at several polling stations, especially in Terai districts along Indo-Nepal border like Balrampur, Sidharthnagar and Bahraich. Around two lakh policemen were deployed for the elections which included around 200 companies of Central para-forces. EC officials said that till 9 he Centre Government s Town stationery provider has a utility value of just 3 crore while it takes almost 22 crore annually to sustain that organisation. The Government of India Stationery Office (GISO) procures and supplies stationery, worth just 3 crore, for official use. But, the Government spends a whopping over 22 crore every year simply to ensure the 167-year-old organisation continues to function. The Government of India Stationery Office (GISO), a subordinate office under the Minister of Urban Development, was established in As of now, the Government is spending almost 22 crore on GISO For every voice raised in anger, intolerance and ignorance there will be a Gurmehar Kaur, Rahul s office tweeted. You cannot hurt others religious feelings. You cannot question the nation s unity and integrity. You cannot advocate separatism. Dissent, having a different opinion apart from the majority opinion is agreeable but not disintegration. Nobody can advocate disintegration. What is azaadi? What is azaadi of Kashmir? Naidu retorted. Congress subverted people s rights and now they accuse us saying there s no freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is guaranteed am the voting percentage was per cent, which rose to around by 1 pm and was per cent around 3 pm. In 2012 polls, the voting average in these 51 seats was per cent and in 2014 Lok Sabha polls, per cent. In Basti, SP and BJP supporters clashed near Dihrauli booth of Harriya Assembly segment during polling and police had to intervene to control the situation. Continued on Page 4 New Delhi: The right to contest an election from jail does not give anyone the right to be released for campaigning, the Delhi High Court on Monday said while rejecting custody parole to MLA Mukhtar Ansari to canvass for himself in the UP Assembly polls. but purchases only about 3 crore worth of stationery from it for use in offices every year, said an official. The peculiar situation has been in prevalence for the last 12 years and it arose due to the amendments in the General Financial Rules in 2005 that empowered Ministries/Departments to procure stationery directly from agencies other than GISO making it almost redundant. According to sources, the Urban Development Ministry has now taken note of it and directed the GISO to make a presentation about the money it needs to run the unit and the businesses and services they do in monetary terms. The Kolkata-headquartered GISO has offices in Delhi, under the Constitution of India, but it can t be used to create social tensions or hurt the sentiments of people, said Naidu. You want to make universities laboratories for separatist experiments? There is a systematic effort going on you want to have anniversary for Afzal Guru, who was responsible (for) and spearheaded the attack on Parliament, the temple of democracy. And then you appeal to others that freedom of expression is affected, he said. Asked about ABVP s involvement in the protests, Naidu said, ABVP is a nationalist organisation. Other organisations have different views let them express it. Why should outsiders go and disturb peace of campuses? You have such freedom in this country that you can call the PM by name. You compare him with a donkey. Union Minister Kiren Rijiju tweeted that freedom of expression is not a licence to shout anti-national slogans on campuses. Criticise the Government but don t abuse the motherland, he wrote on Twitter. Kaur had last year made a video asking India and Pakistan to amicably settle their disputes. She held a placard saying, Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him. Asking who is polluting her mind, Rijiju said, India never attacked anyone, but a weak India was always invaded. Talking to newspersons, he said, One should not say things which could demor- Continued on Page 4 aking advantage of strained Trelations prevailing between the ruling saffron alliance partners ahead of the BMC Mayoral polls, the Opposition Congress and NCP are planning to drive a wedge between the BJP and Shiv Sena further, by bringing in a no-confidence against the Devendra Fadnavis-led Maharashtra Government during the Budget session of the State Legislature beginning on March 6. It is a litmus test for Sena that is trying outside support to win the arry Jenkins' coming-of- drama Moonlight Bage walked away with the Best Film award at the Oscars but its thunder was stolen by a bizarre announcement mix-up that initially declared La La Land tudents Islamic Movement Sof India (SIMI) chief Safdar Hussain Nagori and 10 other activists of the banned group were on Monday awarded life imprisonment in a 2008 sedition case for the Ahmedabad blasts. Special Additional Sessions Judge BK Paloda pronounced all the 11 SIMI activists guilty under IPC Sections 124(A) (sedition) and 153 (A)(promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion) and also under the relevant provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. On a plea of 10 of the accused lodged in Ahmedabad s Sabarmati Central Jail, they were informed about the court s judgement through video-conferencing. Besides 45-year-old Nagori, the others convicted are Hafiz Hussain (35), Aamil Parvaz (40), Shivli (38), Qamruddin (42), Shahduli (32), Qamran (40), Ansar (35), Ahmed Baig (32), Yasin (35) and Munroz (40). Nagori, Parvaz, Qamruddin, Qamran, Shivli, Ahmed Baig and Hussain were also convicted under IPC section 122 (collecting arms with intention of waging war against the Government of India). In its 84-page judgement, the court observed, It appears Mayoral polls. Similarly, in twin developments that are bound to isolate the ruling BJP and help the Sena capture power in the BMC, the Opposition Congress, NCP, Samajwadi Party and MIM which together have a collective strength of 48 seats in the newly elected BMC are seriously considering putting up their own candidate in the Mayoral polls and the Raj Thackeray-led MNS has indicated that it might go with the Sena in the interest of Marathi people in the metropolis. In the event of the Sena as the best picture winner. It was not the only gaffe at Academy Awards broadcast. The In Memoriam , four-time Oscar-nominated costume designer Janet Patterson, who died last October, was listed among the film industry luminaries. However, the photo shown on the screen was of living Australian film producer Jan Chapman. In an to Variety, Chapman said, I was devastated by the use of my image in place of my great friend and long-time collaborator Janet Patterson. Continued on Page 4 Chennai and Mumbai and is responsible for transparent procurement of stationery and paper-made articles at economical costs and supply to the Government officers for their use. Soon after the GFR from the activities of the convict that they don t have faith in the lawfully and constitutionally established Government of India. Their acts are against national unity and integrity of the country. They are involved in illegal activities by fomenting religious hatred with an aim to create serious danger for the entire humanity. The prosecution has produced 27 witnesses as evidence to prove crime against the SIMI activists. Appealing to the court to award maximum sentence to them, the prosecution argued that the banned SIMI activists have deliberately involved in acts against the government and have spread hatred on the basis of religion. To fulfill their aims, they have distributed objectionable material, collected arms and explosives and imparted terror-training to the youths and also incited them against the country, the prosecution informed the court. It also stated that during probe their relations with other terror outfits too were established. They don t consider Kashmir as an integral part of India and such literature was also seized from their possession which mentioned about waging a war against the country, the prosecution contended. Continued on Page 4 taking on the BJP in the Mayoral poll likely to be held on March 9, the Sena will in all likelihood win the poll either in a triangular contest forced by the Opposition Congress, NCP, SP and MIM or in a situation where the four parties choose to abstain from voting. This is because the Sena has currently a strength 88 members 84 members and 4 Independents who have already pledged their support to the Uddhav Thackeray-led party, as against the BJP s strength of 86 (82 members of its own plus four Independents). Continued on Page 4 amendments, in , the expenses on the organisation were 9.28 crore while the stationery supplied by GISO stood at a mere 1.63 crore. The data accessed by The Pioneer reveals the trend continued in the years thereafter. In , the expenses incurred were 9.46 crore against a supply of stationery worth 1.37 crore. In , it was 9.87 crore against just 0.75 crore. In , the expenses on organisation increased to crore, and the supply was worth 1.43 crore. Then again, the GISO spent crore on its office and manpower while supplying stationery of 4.41 crore in In , the unit did o improve the standard of Tfood being provided to passengers, Indian Railways on Monday decided to take up the responsibility of providing catering services through its own subsidiary, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Indian Railways will now set up 25 mega base kitchens across the country to provide quality meals. The policy has also separated cooking and food distribution onboard trains. As per the much-awaited new catering policy unveiled on Monday by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, the Railways will not issue any new licences to private parties. Also, the licences of the existing private parties, who enjoy a monopoly over catering in trains, will not be renewed. The policy, that has separated cooking and food distribution, envisages fulfilling aspirations of the public regarding good business of 5.52 crore but spent on itself crore. In the subsequent fiscal, the expenses were crore against a supply of 4.06 crore. In , the GISO s expenses further rose to crore even as its supplies fell drastically standing at just 2.46 crore. The upward spending continued in and as well crore and crore respectively. The figures for actual supplies stood at 2.12 crore and 3.35 crore during the corresponding period. Last fiscal, ( ), the expenses increased to crore while the supplies stood at 5.98 core. Officials said after the amendment in Rule 140 of the GFR a compendium of general provisions followed by all healthy and hygienic food in view of regular complaints from passengers. While the food will be prepared at state-of-the-art base kitchens, it would be distributed through service providers from the hospitality industry. The new policy aims to attract reputed food-chain players from the market and weed out contractors, most of who face CBI probe in corruption cases. While staple food like rice, dal, vegetables, etc., will be cooked in the base kitchens, the Railways will buy other items from well known brands to ensure quality. Prabhu said meals for all mobile units will be picked up from the nominated kitchens, owned operated and managed by IRCTC. Zonal Railways will manage static units except base kitchens. Allotment of minor catering units at all category of stations will be done through open tenders. Continued on Page 4 n the absence of any popu- control policy in the Ilation nation, the biotic pressure of environment and wildlife will only increase in the future. Further, climate change has also become one of the factors affecting various aspects of environment and wildlife management. These views were expressed by officials in the inaugural session of the fiveday annual conference of Indian zoos in the provisional state capital Dehradun on Monday. Speaking on the occasion, country representative at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) India, PR Sinha spoke about the major challenge being posed by the risk of inbreeding in the sphere of exsitu conservation of wildlife outside their natural habitat. Expressing his views, principal chief conservator of forests Jairaj stated that the situation wherein some species have been brought to the brink of extinction is a shameful scenario. He also stressed on the need for the available resources to be prioritised to achieve the aims of environmental conservation and wildlife management. Stating that biotic pressure will continue to increase in the future, he stressed on the need to look for solutions to this challenge. The state s chief wildlife warden DVS Khati said that in addition to the Dehradun zoo and Nainital zoo, the state is also developing the Almora zoo and Haldwani zoo. He said that ex-situ wildlife management was about ascertaining how to keep the animals happy, healthy and breeding in captivity. Wildlife Institute of India director VB Mathur, Central Zoo Authority of India (CZAI) member secretary DN Singh and Dehradun divisional forest officer Prasanna Kumar Patro also spoke on the occasion.directors of zoos from across the nation are attending the five-day conference in Dehradun. Government offices while dealing with matters of a financial nature the GISO witnessed sharp decline in its business. The role of GISO reduced. Full powers for procurement of goods were delegated to the Ministries or departments. This led to reduction in supply of stationery, reduction in staff strength, and reduction in budgetary allocation, said the officials, adding prior to 2005, the GISO was running in losses but was not in such dismal state. Also, the GISO saw its staff strength getting reduced by half, from 1214 to 622 in Now it has been further reduced from 399 across the country in But after the Seventh Pay Commission, the expenses on the running GISO almost doubled in ishikesh is all set to host the Rweek-long 29th international yoga festival (IYF) beginning on March 1 at Parmarth Niketan. Aside from the Parmarth Niketan based in Rishikesh, the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board and Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam are jointly hosting the programme. The festival, being observed since 1999, has been drawing the eminent exponents of yoga and yoga enthusiasts from across the world. This year too, IYF will see congregation of over 70 spiritual personalities and Yogacharyas and also over 1,200 participants from 100 countries. Besides, the Prime Minister, himself a Yoga enthusiast, instrumental in spreading it across the world, would address the participants during the programme through video conferencing. Uttarakhand being deemed as the place of origin for Yoga, the festival, being held in a hallowed place of pilgrimage, enjoys a special significance for the yoga enthusiasts from across the world, said the organisers. The week-long festival on the banks of the holy Ganga group of 10 Canadian Awomen underwent week long residential Panchkarma therapy at Himalayan hospital in Dehradun. The hospital authorities claim that all the members of the group have expressed their desire to re-visit the country as they were happy with the results of this form of Ayurveda therapy. The group was led by senior yoga teacher Mirta Romberg from Calgary, n recognition of her relent- endeavour to reduce the Iless dropout rates among the school-going girls, the acting chief education officer of Haridwar district Pushpa Rani will soon be awarded by the Union ministry of human resource development. She said she was prodded to take the initiative after observing a marked increase in the number of girl dropouts, Canada. The group members were keen to undergo detoxification program for purification and rejuvenation. The group underwent used wide range of treatments including Ayurveda massages, steam therapy, shirodhara, purgation therapy, enemas and nasal treatments with light wholesome diet and yoga exercises. Dr Ravindra Kumar Mamgain and Dr Pratibha Mamgain introduced ayurveda, panchkarma therapy and herbs to the visiting group. They particularly among the minorities. The minorities and the OBC people constituting 30 percent of the district s population, I found the Muslim girls being sent to the madrasas for basic education on account of their adherence to the custom of parda, she said. She, however, regretted that despite her counseling them for the past few years, the minority people are yet to shed their inhibition regarding sending their daughters to the regular river will witness demonstrations of various Yoga disciplines like Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Bharat Yoga, also informed about the preventive approach of Ayurveda for keeping one happy and healthy. Dr Mamgain said that Ayurveda evinces lot of global attraction these days as its treatments are noninvasive and non toxic and can be safely used as an alternative or alongside with conventional therapies. Ayurveda therapies are very useful in noninfectious diseases, chronic diseases and lifestyle disorders, he added. schools. She further said she had been inspired by the government scheme Sarkar Apke Deep Yoga, Shintoh Yoga and Kriya Yoga, Somatic Yoga and Dwar. The thought of opening centres known as Shalaghars in the remote localities struck me. Since the girls were not allowed to go to schools I thought of taking schools to their homes. Last year, I started the first Shalaghar in Eikar Khurd village near Pathri area. By May 2016, 90 girls registered. Enthused, I opened the same near Bahadrabad and Shyampur and also at other places, given the availability of resources. The girls are receiving basic literacy programmes for Leela Yoga. Osho style dynamic meditation, Rumi love meditation, Buddhist meditation are some of the Yoga techniques which would be part of the activities during the programme.
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