Cookery 2nd Monthly Exam

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  Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region XI Division of Davao del Norte Tulalian National High School Tulalian Sto. Tomas Davao del Norte Second Monthly Examination TLE 8 September 16, 2019 Test I Direction:Identify the following tools and equipment in column A. Write your answer in column B with a short description of its uses or functions in Column C. Description of uses and functions found inside the box below. (2 points) COLUMN A COLUMN B COLUMN C 1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.   * to maintain the proper temperature for food storage *used to chop, dice, or mince food *used for salad toppings to be broiled or grilled *used to grate foods into fine pieces *used to remove zest or citrus peels in thin strips *used to scrape vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes, and to peel fruits *used to remove excess water from the salad greens *used to mix dressings, marinate ingredients *used where meat, fruits and vegetables can be cut *Used to hold salad ingredients for mixing, or for tossing  9.   10.   Test II. Multiple Choice Direction: Read each item carefully. Choose and write the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet. 1. When preparing a recipe that contains both meat (or poultry or seafood) and vegetables that requires cutting, why do we have to use one board exclusively for the vegetables and the other exclusively for the raw meat a.   To avoid food combination c.To identify the taste of vegetable from the taste of mea b.   to avoid cross-contamination d. To avoid early spoilage of food 2. Which of the following is not a factor to consider in salad preparation? a) Contrast and harmony of colors c) Arrangement of food b) Quality of ingredients d) Proper food combinations 3. Salad ingredients are arranged on plate rather than being mixed together a) fruit salad c) bound salad b) composed salad d) vegetable salad 4. Salads made of mixtures of ingredients that are held together usually with a thick dressing like mayonnaise. a) Green salads c) composed salads b) Vegetable salads d) bound salads 5. Salads that can be served as a full meal because it contains substantial portion of meat, poultry, seafood’s, fruits and vegetables. a) Appetizer salad c) main course salad b) Accompaniment salad d) dessert salad 6. Which of the following considerations are essential in choosing ingredients for high quality salads? a) quality and quantity c) freshness and variety b) texture and color d) crispiness and taste 7. A combination of vegetables, fruits and other ingredients served with a dressing a.) Salad b. Appetizer c. Fruit Salad d. Vegetable Salad 8. What will happen if grains and pastas be marinated too long? a. pastas will become stiff c. pastas will become tender b. pastas will become too soft d. pastas will be overcooked 9. Bound Salad is most often used for traditional mixtures of cooked protein, starch and vegetables items with mayonnaise. Which of the following ingredients is an example of protein? a. iceberg lettuce b. cucumber c. potatoes d. chicken meat 10. Which of the following structures of a salad is an edible decorative item that gives eye appeal and adds flavor to the food? a) Body b) Garnish c) Base d) Dressing . Test III. Direction: Write True if the statement is correct and False  if incorrect 1. Taste of the food that you are using as a base should be identifiable when you taste the salad 2. Canned fruits and other juicy items must be well drained before adding because they will watered down the gelatin 3. To dissolve unflavored gelatin, stir it into boiling water to avoid lumping 4. Add raw pineapple and papaya to gelatin salads because these fruits contain enzymes which dissolves gelatin 5. Some fruits discolor when cut 6. Potatoes for salads should be cooked whole before peeling and cut in order to preserve nutrients 7. Broken or less attractive pieces of fruit should be placed on top of the salad while more attractive pieces arranged at the bottom. 8. If both vegetables and fruits salads are being prepared, vegetables salad should be prepared first 9. Prepare and season each ingredient separately and evaluate the flavor and quality 10. Arrangements maybe plated ahead of time and add delicate ingredients just before serving.   


Sep 22, 2019
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