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  GRADE VI - MATHEMATICS COURSE DESCRIPTION TheStandardsforMathematicsisbuiltonthebestofexistingstandardsandreflecttheskillsandknowledge studentswillneedtosucceedincollege,career,andlife.Mathematicsisacoherentbodyofknowledgemadeup ofinterconnectedconcepts.Learningiscarefullyconnectedacrossgradessothatstudentscanbuildnew understanding onto foundations built in previous years. MathematicsingradeVIcomputationskillswithwholenumbers,decimals,andfractionswillbefurther  developedandreinforced.Studentswilldevelopunderstandingofratioandproportion,andapplytheseskillsin real-lifescenarios.Theystudygraphsandassessthedatagiven.Studentswillalsoapplymeasurementskills, conversionofunits,andtheprinciplesofareainthestudyofbasicgeometry.Algebrareadinessskillsare integrated throughout the course. Bloom’s Taxonomy is used as an aid in the activities, when creating test questions and assignments. The terms defined are:  TIMELINE (GRADE VI) TERM 1 MONTH WEEK STRAND SUB-STRAND UNIT MAY/ JUN 28-02  NUMBERS  Number System, Estimation, Indian and International System, Place Value - Comparing Numbers - Form Smallest and Greatest Numbers - Operations on Large Numbers - Rounding Off & Estimation of Numbers - Indian & International Number System, Place Value, Largest and Smallest Numbers JUN 04-08  Natural Numbers and Whole  Numbers - Natural and Whole Numbers - Successor & Predecessor - Properties of Numbers (Addition & Subtraction) 11-16 (5 DAYS) - Properties of Numbers (Multiplication & Division) - Patterns 18-22  Negative Numbers and Integers along with Number Line - Integers, Representation - Connection of Numbers in Daily Life - Ordering of Integers - Addition & Subtraction of Integers (Use Number Line for Representation for all the topics) 25-30 ALGEBRA Fundamental Concepts of Algebra - Sign, Symbol, Algebraic Form - Constants, Variables, Term (Like & Unlike Terms) - Algebraic Expression and its Types - Products & Factors, Coefficient - Power of Literal Quantities, Polynomial in One Variable and its Degree - Subtraction of Like & Unlike Terms JUL 02-07 Fundamental Operations - Addition & Subtraction of Polynomials - Multiplication (All Combinations) - Division ( Monomial by a Monomial - Expanded form only , Polynomial by a Monomial - EXCLUDED ) 09-13  NUMBERS HCF and LCM - Factors, Prime Numbers, Prime Factors - HCF - Multiples - LCM, Relation Between HCF and LCM 16-21 23-27 Playing with  Numbers - Factors, Multiples - Even & Odd Numbers - Divisibility Tests JUL 30-04 GEOMETRY Fundamental Concepts, Angles - Revision on Point, Line, Ray, Line Segment, Surface, Plane and Straight Line - Parallel Lines, Intersecting Lines, Collinear Points, Concurrent Lines - Open & Closed Figures - Perpendicular Bisector of a Line Segment - Revision on Angles (Interior, Exterior, Angle Formed by Rotation, Using Protractor) - Types of Angles, Adjacent Angles, Vertically Opposite Angles - Supplementary and Complementary Angles JUL/ AUG 06-10 GEOMETRY Properties of Angles and Lines - Properties of Adjacent and Vertically Opposite Angles - Transversal Lines AUG/SEP 13-18(5 DAYS) - Construction of Angles (Using Ruler & Compass) - Construction of Particular Angles - Perpendiculars, Using Set Squares 20-25(3 DAYS) COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC Ratio - Ratio, - Converting into Simple Ratio, Ratio a:b:c (Simplify), (Word Problems on Ratio) 27-01 Ratio, Proportion - Divide a Given Quantity in a Given Ratio - Comparing the Ratio - Increasing or Decreasing in a Given Ratio (Excluded topic, related exercise problems on Pg 103) - Proportion Concept 03-07 Proportion, Unitary Method - Proportion Continued  (Exclude decimal number problems from Exercise on Pages 108 & 109) - Unitary Method   - Using Direct Variation SEP   10-15 (5 DAYS) Buffer 17-22 (4 DAYS) Revision 24-29 OCT 01-06 (5 DAYS) Mid-Term 08-12 (4 DAYS) 13-22 Dussehra TERM 2 MONTH WEEK STRAND SUB-STRAND UNIT OCT 22-26 (5 DAYS) COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC Fractions - Concept, Types of Fractions - Like & Unlike Fractions - Converting a Mixed Fraction into an Improper Fraction - Converting an Improper Fraction into a Mixed Fraction - Converting Unlike Fractions into Like Fractions - Reducing a Fraction to its Lowest Terms - Comparing Fractions OCT/  NOV   29-02 (5 DAYS) - Operations on Fractions (with Combined Operations) - Using ‘of, Using BODMAS (Word Problems on Fractions)  NOV   05-09 (2 DAYS) Diwali (06-08 NOV)  Decimal Fractions - Decimal Fractions - Conversion of Given Fraction into a Decimal Fraction - Conversion of Given Decimal Fraction into a Non-Decimal Fraction - Addition and Subtraction of Decimal Numbers 12-17 COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC 19-23 (4 DAYS) - Multiplication and Division of Decimal Numbers - Using Decimals In (Currency, Measuring Length, Weight) (Word Problems Based on Decimals)  NOV/ DEC   26-01 (5 DAYS) GEOMETRY The Circle, Symmetry Circle - Revision of Circle - Circumcircle of a Triangle - In-Circle of a Triangle (EXCLUDED) Symmetry - Concept of Symmetry - 2-D Symmetrical Objects - Meaning of Reflection Symmetry, Symmetric Point - Locate Symmetric Point to a Given Point with Respect to a Given Line (EXCLUDED) - Constructing Line of Symmetry when two fixed points are symmetric with respect to the required line DEC   03-07 ALGEBRA Percent 10-15 Idea of Speed, Distance, Time 17-21 Substitution - Basic Concept - All About Brackets DEC/ JAN   23-01 Christmas  JAN   02-05 ALGEBRA Framing Algebraic Expressions - Framing a Formula - Evaluation of Algebraic Expression 07-11 Simple (Linear) Equations - Basic Concept, Solving a Linear Equation  -Rules for Solving - Solving ● x+a=b ● x-a=b ● ax=b ● x/a=b - Solving Equations Using More Than One Property - Solving a Linear Equation Using Transposition (Word Problems on Linear Equations) 14-19 (5 DAYS Polygons, Recognition of Solids - Polygons - Sum of Angles of a Polygon - Sum of Exterior Angles of a Polygon - Regular Polygon - Identification of 3D Shapes - Faces, Edges, Vertices for Various 3D Shapes - Drawing Cube & Cuboid 21-25 GEOMETRY Triangles - Revision of Vertex, Angles of a Triangle, Exterior of a Triangle - Types of Triangles (Angles, Sides) - Altitude and Median of a Triangle - Problems to find the value of angle ‘x’ JAN/ FEB 28-02 Quadrilaterals - Construction of Triangles (Include when 3 sides are given, 2 sides and 1 angle only 60 o  is given. Exclude when two angles and included side are given. ) - Interior & Exterior of a Quadrilateral, Types of Quadrilaterals 04-08 MENSURATION Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures - Closed Figure, Region, Perimeter Concept, Unit - Perimeter of Rectangle, Square, Equilateral Triangle - Same Perimeter of Different Shapes (Word Problems on Perimeter) - Concept of Area - Area of Rectangle, Square (Word Problems on Area) FEB 11-16 NUMBERS Sets - Idea of a Set - Elements of a Set - Properties of a Set - Representation of a Set - Types of Sets - Cardinality of a Set 18-22 STATISTICS Data Handling - Data, Raw Data, Representation of Data - Tally Marking - Pictograph - Bar Graph Interpretation and Drawing 25-02 Mean and Median FEB/ MAR 04-08 (4 DAYS) Buffer MAR 11-16 Revision 18-23 Final Exam  25-29 ASSESSMENTS Each term consists of the following assessments Review Paper-30 Individual Assessment-20
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