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Sample template for creating your own style sheet.
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  CUSTOMIZED SAMPLE STYLE SHEET Abbreviation - Common terms can be left in abbreviated form? What is API? VPN? As is or define? -DLP (?) -OS -CD -DVD -PC NERC CIP? -Are government agency names OK or exempted? - Rule of abbreviation: first mention/citation includes full form, followed by abbreviation enclosed in parentheses. Punctuation/Formatting - Oxford comma - Order of parentheses  –  {[( )]} - e.g. and i.e.  –  dotted and with/without comma - “ e.g. ”  and “ i.e. ”   within a parenthesis, spelled out as “for example” and “that is , ” respectively, outside parenthesis. - closed-up En dash (range and relationship) - closed up Em dash (parenthetical) - double quotation (“ ‘xxx’ ”)  - foreign words to be italicized Spelling - U.S. Spelling - Contractions okay aside from books - E-mail vs. email  –  hyphenated - Internet (title case) - lifecycle (n) - end user (n) end-user (adj) - Follow hyphenation in prefixes anti-, non-, pre-, etc. - U.S. dotted (n. and adj.) Others/Grammar -   “While” at the beginning of a sentence should be “although.” “While” pertains to time.  -   “Since” at the beginning of a sentence should be “Because,” unless pertaining to time.    -   “due to,” unless referring to “caused by” should be changed to “because of.”  -   Numbers spelled out when 10<.  References Based on the Chicago Manual of Style   Single author (CMS 15.12) Nairn, Tom. 1997.  Faces of Nationalism: Janus Revisited  . London: Verso. Multiple authors (CMS 15.12)  Geis, Gilbert, and Ivan Bunn. 1997.  A Trial of Witches: A Seventeenth-Century Witchcraft  Prosecution . London: Routledge. Ollivier, M., T. Encrenaz, F. Roques, F. Selsis, and F. Casoli. 2009.  Planetary Systems:  Detection, Formation and Habitability of Extrasolar Planets . Berlin: Springer Edited Book (CMS 15.35)  Sarat, Austin and Stuart Scheingold, eds. 1998. Cause Lawyering: Political Commitments and Professional Responsibilities . New York: Oxford Univ. Press. Group or corporate author (CMS 15.36)  Global Environment Coordination. 1994.  Facing the Global Environment Challenge: A  Progress Report on World Bank Global Environmental Operations . Washington, DC: Global Environment Coordination Division, Environment Dept., The World Bank. Chapter or essay in book (CMS 14.111)  Roell, Craig H. 1994. The Piano in the American Home. In The Arts and the American  Home, 1890 - 1930 , ed. Jessica H. Foy and Karal Ann Marling, 193-204. Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee Press. Article from a reference book (CMS 14.247)   Not usually included in the reference list. (CMS 14.247). Articles (Chicago Manual of Style 15.43-15.47)  Article in a journal (one author) (CMS 15.9)  Bondonski, Ilya. 1989. Caring Among the Forgotten.  Journal of Social  Activism  14 (Fall): 112-34. Article in a journal (multiple authors) (CMS 15.12)  Liker, Andras and Tamas Szekely. 1997. Aggression Among Female Lapwings, Vanellus vanellus.  Animal Behaviour  . 54 (3): 797-802.  Article in a popular magazine (CMS 15.47)  Birnbaum, Jeffrey H. 1998. How to Succeed at Damage Control.  Fortune , March 30, 173-176. Article in a newspaper (CMS 15.47)  It is preferable to include newspaper references in running text (CMS 15.47). Example: In his 8 May 1998  New York Times  article Pact on Israeli Pullback Hinges on Defining Army's Role, Steven Erlanger states... If the newspaper citation needs to be included in the reference list, follow this model: Erlanger, Steven. 1998. Pact on Israeli Pullback Hinges on Defining Army's Role.  New York Times , May 8, sec. A. Note:  Different web browsers break the text in different places of a URL. The URL should begin on the same line as the rest of the citation information, with a break inserted after a slash, if needed. Article from a full-text database (CMS 14.271) Zellner, Wendy. 2003. An Insider's Tale of Enron's Toxic Culture.  Business Week   March 31, 16. s_guidednews.html. Article from an e-journal collection (CMS 14.271) Miguel, Edward. 2004. Tribe or Nation? Nation Building and Public Goods in Kenya versus Tanzania. World Politics  56 (3): 327-362.  Note: if the article has a DOI, use it in place of the page numbers. See Chicago Manual of Style sec. 15.9 for more information and examples. Article from a free web e-journal (CMS 14.245) Shrum, Robert. 1996. Taxing Clinton's Character. Slate , June 25.  Note: if the article has a DOI, use it in place of the page numbers. See Chicago Manual of Style sec. 15.9 for more information and example. Media
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