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1. The RCREEE Regional Workshop on SWH  Certification and Standardization  C tifi ti d St d di ti“Developing the Solar Water  p…
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  • 1. The RCREEE Regional Workshop on SWH  Certification and Standardization  C tifi ti d St d di ti“Developing the Solar Water  p gHeaters Market in Lebanon” By Pierre El Khoury, B.E. M.E.M. y y,The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC)‐ Project Manager November 16, 2009 N b 16 2009 Barcelo Carthage Thalasso Hotel‐ Tunis, Tunisia 1
  • 2. Why? Estimated Current and Future Solar Installations (in m2) (2005-2014) $1,200,000 1,053,988 1,003,988 $1,000,000 783,988 , $800,000 613,988 $600,000 , 493,988 413,988 $400,000 363,988 325,988 287,988 , 249,988 211,988 173,988 $200,000 151,294 131,560 104,000 114,400 $0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2
  • 3. OBJECTIVEn has set an objective to accelerate the market development of ter heating in the country with the following targets:‐ the installation of 190,000 m2 of new installed collector areaver the period 2009‐2014;‐ an annual sale of 50,000 m2 reached by the year 2014;‐ and with expected continuing growth to reach the set targetf 1,050,000 m2 of total installed SWH capacity by 2020. p y y
  • 4. ED for Good Quality ProductsED for Good Quality Productsds and Certifications:ds and Certifications:he direct supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Water,  p y gy preparing (in coordination with Libnor and IRI) a quality  cheme that consists of:uct standards looking at safety, performance and durability of  em components and the system as a whole;em components and the system as a whole; hodology for testing; ification procedure (basically a surveillance system that  p y yees constant quality); 
  • 5. H Focus GroupH Focus Groupgroup on SWH standards and labels was organized during  h of March 2009 joining LCEC, IRI, Libnor, LSES, LASI,  h f M h 2009 j i i LCEC IRI Lib LSES LASI d solar suppliers/installers/contractors
  • 6. operation with Libnoroperation with Libnor In cooperation with Libnor, the  In cooperation with Libnor the following EN standards have been  pp approved: EN 12975‐ 1 and 2 EN 12976‐ 1 and 2 EN 12976 1 d 2 EN 12977‐ 1, 2, and 3
  • 7. ndards Becoming Mandatory..ndards Becoming Mandatory..
  • 8. ting Facilityting Facilityg facility will be g facility will be at the facilities  dustrial h Institute (IRI) 2010 ity is part of a  the Greek  the Greekment
  • 9. allers Certification allers Certificationg and Recognition of SWH Installers:g and Recognition of SWH Installers: nstallation part, a set of criteria will be developed for showing w‐how and building the capacity of the installers to install  g p yacceptable level:pment of the course for SWH installers to be recognized as a  t f th f SWH i t ll t b i d rained Installer”: play a quality logo in their promotion; play a quality logo in their promotion; included in a publicly accessible list and included in the  awareness campaigns; p g ng incremental promotional value for these companies or 
  • 10. rk on 4 Axesrk on 4 Axesnching of the new initiative: y and financing mechanisms: enabling environment to g gmote SWH marketrmation and communication: marketing and awareness ti d i ti k ti dng on SWH strengthened nical and pilot projects implementation in addition to ication and quality control schemes established q y
  • 11. islative and Financingislative and Financingas already drafted a draft energy conservation law The energy law.ervation law will set the national policy framework for energyency and renewable energy in Lebanon: y gybuilding code;mandatory installation of SWH;financial ifi i l incentives; tiparticipation in big collective systems.
  • 12. rketing and Communicationrketing and Communication ‐ MEW and LCEC launched a national campaign in 2006 ‐ Similar national campaigns will be launched in the coming years
  • 13. hnicaltraining activities to HVAC engineers, technicians, and training activities to HVAC engineers technicians anddent plumbers;technical training to be embedded in the curricula of al schools; of solar seminars and training courses in Lebanon can transfer ow for the various target groups: producers, importers, ow for the various target groups: producers importers s, planners, architects, mechanical and HVAC engineers,  , consultants and housing associations. g
  • 14. ning Activities in 2008ning Activities in 2008uary April June July October08 2008 2008 2008 2008
  • 15. t Projects Implementation t Projects ImplementationPublic Hospital – 2000 Liters of hot water public Hospital – 6000 Liters of hot water Public Hospital – 4000 Liters of hot waterh Rassi Public Hospital – 4000 Liters of hot Public Hospital  4000 Liters of hot 
  • 16. lective Systems & Data Logginglective Systems & Data Loggingogging Systemsogging Systems Ambient Temp. llective systems:  Cold Water Tank Solar Water Heater Units at 1‐minute  Kwhr Kwhr Meter. Air Relief Valve allowing for  Water Tankcontrol  °C Inside Tank Water Temperature °C Cold Water Inlet Flow Water Meter lit/min °C Hot Water Temperature Outlet Temperature O l T FM Pyranometer Watts/m 2 Solar Radiation Solar Tubes Panel Omega Logger Analog Inputs 220vac, 50 Hz PS
  • 17. tners or Success Criteriatners or Success Criteria nistry of Energy and Water nistry of Energy and Water nistry of Environmentcité du Liban (EDL) ( ) se Standards Institute (Libnor)rial Research Institute (IRI) l of Ministers l f Mi i tbanese Parliament‐ Committee on Energynstallersof Engineers and Architects (OEA)  g se Solar Energy Society (LSES)
  • 18. xt Steps..xt Steps..he standards mandatoryhe standards mandatorythe testing facilityhe needed personnel pa national label the labelotential for Arab cooperation on a standardized label for a Arab market?Arab market? ng Solar Keymark?
  • 19. Thank you!Th k !
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