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  PHIMCO INDUSTRIES, INC. vs. PHIMCO INDUSTRIES LABOR ASSOCIATION(PILA)G.R. No. 170830; Augu! 11, "010#ACTS : PHIMCO is a corporation engaged in the production of matches. RespondentPhimco Industries Labor Association (PILA is the du!" authori#ed bargainingrepresentative of PHIMCO$s dai!"%paid &or'ers. hen the !ast co!!ective bargainingagreement &as about to e)pire on *ecember +,- ,/- PHIMCO and PILA negotiatedfor its rene&a!. 0he negotiation resu!ted in a dead!oc' on economic issues- main!" dueto disagreements on sa!ar" increases and benefits.PILA staged a stri'e. PHIMCO fi!ed &ith the 1LRC a petition for pre!iminar"in2unction and temporar" restraining order (0RO- to en2oin the stri'ers frompreventing 3 through force- intimidation and coercion 3 the ingress and egress of non%stri'ing emp!o"ees into and from the compan" premises. 0he 1LRC issued an e)%parte0RO- effective for a period of t&ent" (45 da"s.LA found the stri'e i!!ega!6 the respondents committed prohibited acts during the stri'eb" b!oc'ing the ingress to and egress from PHIMCO$s premises and preventing thenon%stri'ing emp!o"ees from reporting for &or'. He observed that it &as not enoughthat the pic'et of the stri'ers &as a moving pic'et- since the stri'ers shou!d a!!o& thefree passage to the entrance and e)it points of the compan" premises. 0hus- LAdec!ared that the respondent emp!o"ees- PILA officers and members- have !ost theiremp!o"ment status.On appea!- the 1LRC set aside the LA$s decision. 0he 1LRC did not give &eight toPHIMCO$s evidence- and re!ied instead on the respondents$ evidence sho&ing that theunion conducted a peacefu! moving pic'et. PHIMCO fi!ed a motion for reconsiderationin the i!!ega! stri'e case. In a para!!e! deve!opment- the LA in the union$s i!!ega!dismissa! case ru!ed the respondents$ dismissa! as i!!ega!- and ordered theirreinstatement &ith pa"ment of bac'&ages. PHIMCO appea!ed LA decision to the1LRC. Pending the reso!ution of PHIMCO$s motion for reconsideration in the i!!ega!stri'e case and the appea! of the i!!ega! dismissa! case- the t&o cases &ere conso!idated.0he 1LRC rendered its *ecision in the conso!idated cases- ru!ing tota!!" in the union$sfavor. It dismissed the appea! of the i!!ega! dismissa! case- and denied PHIMCO$smotion for reconsideration in the i!!ega! stri'e case. ISSUE : hether the CA correct!" ru!ed that the 1LRC did not act &ith grave abuse ofdiscretion in ru!ing that the union$s stri'e &as !ega!. HELD : 0he stri'e &as i!!ega! for the commission of prohibited acts.  *espite the va!idit" of the purpose of a stri'e and comp!iance &ith the procedura!re7uirements- a stri'e ma" sti!! be he!d i!!ega! &here the $%&' %$o*%+  are i!!ega!.0he means become i!!ega! &hen the" come &ithin the prohibitions under Artic!e 48/(eof the Labor Code &hich provides:1o person engaged in pic'eting sha!! commit an" act of vio!ence- coercion orintimidation or obstruct the free ingress to or egress from the emp!o"er9s premises for!a&fu! purposes- or obstruct pub!ic thoroughfares.0o stri'e is to &ithho!d or to stop &or' b" the concerted action of emp!o"ees as a resu!tof an industria! or !abor dispute.   0he &or' stoppage ma" be accompanied b" pic'etingb" the stri'ing emp!o"ees outside of the compan" compound. hi!e a stri'e focuses onstoppage of &or'- pic'eting focuses on pub!ici#ing the !abor dispute and its incidents toinform the pub!ic of &hat is happening in the compan" struc' against. A pic'et simp!"means to march to and from the emp!o"er$s premises- usua!!" accompanied b" thedisp!a" of p!acards and other signs ma'ing 'no&n the facts invo!ved in a !abor dispute.It is a stri'e activit" separate and different from the actua! stoppage of &or'. hi!e theright of emp!o"ees to pub!ici#e their dispute fa!!s &ithin the protection of freedom ofe)pression and the right to peaceab!e assemb!e to air grievances-   these rights are b" nomeans abso!ute. Protected pic'eting does not e)tend to b!oc'ing ingress to and egressfrom the compan" premises. 0hat the pic'et &as moving- &as peacefu! and &as notattended b" actua! vio!ence ma" not free it from taints of i!!ega!it" if the pic'eteffective!" b!oc'ed entr" to and e)it from the compan" premises.ith a virtua! human b!oc'ade and rea! ph"sica! obstructions (benches and ma'eshiftstructures both outside and inside the gates- it &as pure con2ecture on the part of the1LRC to sa" that ;t<he non%stri'ers and their vehic!es &ere ) ) ) free to get in and outof the compan" compound undisturbed b" the pic'et !ine. 1otab!"- aside from non%stri'ers &ho &ished to report for &or'- compan" vehic!es !i'e&ise cou!d not enter andget out of the factor" because of the pic'et and the ph"sica! obstructions therespondents insta!!ed. 0he b!oc'ade &ent to the point of causing the bui!d up of trafficin the immediate vicinit" of the stri'e area- as sho&n b" photographs. 0his- b" itse!f-renders the pic'et a prohibited activit". Pic'ets ma" not aggressive!" interfere &ith theright of peacefu! ingress to and egress from the emp!o"er$s shop or obstruct pub!icthoroughfares6 pic'eting is not peacefu! &here the side&a!' or entrance to a p!ace ofbusiness is obstructed b" pic'eters parading around in a circ!e or !"ing on the side&a!'. CITIBAN, N.A. -. COURT O# APPEALS &'+ CITIBAN INTEGRATED GUARDSLABOR ALLIANCE (CIGLA)G.R. No. 108/1. No-%$% "7, 18#ACTS : In ,=+- Citiban' and >! 0oro ?ecurit" Agenc"- Inc. (hereafter >! 0oro enteredinto a contract for the !atter to provide securit" and protective services to safeguard and  protect the ban'9s premises- situated at =@/, Paseo de Ro)as- Ma'ati- Metro Mani!a.nder the contract- >! 0ore ob!igated itse!f to provide the services of securit" guards tosafeguard and protect the premises and propert" of Citiban' against theft- robber" oran" other un!a&fu! acts committed b" an" person or persons- and assumedresponsibi!it" for !osses andBor damages that ma" be incurred b" Citiban' due to or asa resu!t of the neg!igence of >! 0oro or an" of its assigned personne!. Citiban' rene&edthe securit" contract &ith >! 0oro "ear!" unti! ,5. On Apri! 44- ,5- the contractbet&een Citiban' and >! 0oro e)pired. On une @- ,5- respondent Citiban' Integrated Duards Labor A!!iance%?>DA%0PA?BE?M (hereafter CIDLA fi!ed &ith 1CMF a re7uest for preventive mediationciting Citiban' as respondent therein for a!!eged unfair !abor practice- dismissa! ofunion officersBmembers and union busting committed b" Citiban'.On une ,5- ,5- petitioner Citiban' served on >! 0oro a &ritten notice that the ban'&ou!d not rene& an"more the service agreement &ith the !atter. Citiban' then hiredanother securit" agenc"- the Do!den P"ramid ?ecurit" Agenc"- to render securit"services at Citiban'9s premises. 0his !ed respondent CIDLA to fi!e a notice of stri'edirected at the premises of the Citiban' main office on une ,/- ,5.In order to protect its interests- Citiban' fi!ed &ith the Regiona! 0ria! Court of Ma'ati acomp!aint for in2unction and damages see'ing to en2oin CIDLA and an" personc!aiming membership therein from stri'ing or other&ise disrupting the operations ofthe ban'. Respondent CIDLA vehement!" opposed such fi!ing as the same is not &ithinthe 2urisdiction of the regu!ar courts being a !abor dispute. ISSUE : (ahether or not the regu!ar courts have 2urisdiction over the Comp!aint fi!ed b"Citiban'.(bhether the controvers" invo!ves a !abor dispute. HELD : (aGes- the regu!ar courts have 2urisdiction over the Comp!aint fi!ed b" Citiban'.0here &as no emp!o"er%emp!o"ee re!ationship bet&een Citiban' and RespondentCIDLA. 0he Labor Arbiter has no 2urisdiction over a c!aim fi!ed &here no emp!o"er%emp!o"ee re!ationship e)isted bet&een a compan" and the securit" guards assigned toit b" a securit" service contractor. In this case- it &as the securit" agenc" >! 0oro thatrecruited- hired and assigned the &atchmen to their p!ace of &or'. It &as the securit"agenc" that &as ans&erab!e to Citiban' for the conduct of its guards.(b1o- the controvers"%in%issue is not a !abor dispute. Artic!e 4,4- paragraph , ofthe Labor Code provides that a !abor dispute inc!udes an" controvers" or matter  concerning terms of conditions of emp!o"ment or the association or representation ofpersons in negotiating- fi)ing- maintaining- changing or arranging the terms andconditions of emp!o"ment- regard!ess of &hether the disputants stand in the pro)imatere!ation of emp!o"er and emp!o"ee.If at a!!- the dispute bet&een the Citiban' and >! 0oro securit" agenc" is one regardingthe termination or non%rene&a! of the contract of services. 0his is a civi! dispute. >! 0oro&as an independent contractor. 0hus- no emp!o"er%emp!o"ee re!ationship e)istedbet&een Citiban' and the securit" guards members of the union in the securit" agenc"&ho &ere assigned to secure the ban'9s premises and propert". Hence- there &as no!abor dispute and no right to stri'e against the ban'. SMC2EU -. HON. BERSAMIRAG.R. No. 87700. u'% 13, 10#ACTS : ?MC entered into contracts for merchandising services &ith Lipercon and*9Rite (L*- independent contractors du!" !icensed b" *OL>. In said contracts- it &ase)press!" understood and agreed that the emp!o"ees emp!o"ed b" the contractors &ereto be paid b" the !atter and that none of them &ere to be deemed emp!o"ees or agentsof ?MC. 0here &as to be no emp!o"er%emp!o"ee re!ation bet&een the contractorsandBor its &or'ers- on the one hand- and ?MC on the other. Petitioner ?MC>%P0DO (nion is du!" authori#ed representative of themonth!" paid ran'%and%fi!e emp!o"ees of ?MC. 0heir CFA provides that temporar"-probationar"- or contract emp!o"ees are e)c!uded from the bargaining unit and outsidescope of CFA. nion advised ?MC that some L* &or'ers had signed up for unionmembership and sought the regu!ari#ation of their emp!o"ment &ith ?MC. niona!!eged that this group of emp!o"ees- &hi!e appearing to be contractua! &or'ers ofsupposed!" independent contractors- have been continuous!" &or'ing for ?MC for aperiod of 8 months to , "ears and that their &or' is neither casua! nor seasona! as the"are performing &or' or activities necessar" or desirab!e in the usua! business or trade of?MC- and that there e)ists a !abor%on!" contracting situation. It &as then demandedthat the emp!o"ment status of these &or'ers be regu!ari#ed. 0his &as not acted upon b"?MC- and so nion fi!ed a notice of stri'e- and then a second notice. ?eries of pic'ets &ere staged b" L* &or'ers in various ?MC p!ants and offices.?MC R0C to en2oin the nion from: representing and or acting for and in beha!f of theemp!o"ees of L* for the purposes of co!!ective bargaining6 ca!!ing for and ho!ding astri'e vote to compe! p!aintiff to hire the emp!o"ees or &or'ers of L*- among others.  ?MC fi!ed a verified Comp!aint for In2unction and *amages before respondentCourt to en2oin the nion from- among others- staging a stri'e and from manning thestri'e area andBor pic'et !ines andBor barricades &hich the L* &or'ers ma" set up atthe p!ants and offices of ?MC &ithin the bargaining unit referred to in the CFA. nion fi!ed a Motion to *ismiss ?MC9s Comp!aint on the ground of !ac' of 2urisdiction over the caseBnature of the action- &hich motion &as opposed b" ?MC-&hich &as denied b" respondent udge and- after severa! hearings- issued In2unction.R0C reasoned that the absence of >R%>> re!ationship negates the e)istence of !abordispute- so court has 2urisdiction to ta'e cogni#ance of ?MC9s grievance. Hence- thisaction. ISSUE : hether or not the R0C correct!" assumed 2urisdiction over the controvers"and proper!" issued the rit of Pre!iminar" In2unction.  HELD : 1O. A !abor dispute can neverthe!ess e)ist Jregard!ess of &hether thedisputants stand in the pro)imate re!ationship of emp!o"er and emp!o"ee- provided thecontrovers" concerns- among others- the terms and conditions of emp!o"ment or achange or arrangement thereofK 0he e)istence of a !abor dispute is not negated b"the fact that the ?MC and L* &or'ers do not stand in the pro)imate re!ation ofemp!o"er and emp!o"ee. In this case- the matter regarding the terms- tenure andconditions of the emp!o"ees$ emp!o"ment and the arrangement of those terms as &e!!as the matter of representation bring these issues &ithin the scope of a !abor dispute.Hence it is the !abor tribuna!s that have 2urisdiction and not the regu!ar courts As the case is indisputab!" !in'ed &ith a !abor dispute- 2urisdiction be!ongs tothe !abor tribuna!s. ?o- Labor Arbiters have srcina! and e)c!usive 2urisdiction to hearand decide the fo!!o&ing cases invo!ving a!! &or'ers inc!uding: ;a< unfair !abor practicecases6 ;b< those that &or'ers ma" fi!e invo!ving &ages- hours of &or' and other termsand conditions of emp!o"ment6 and ;c< cases arising from an" vio!ation of A48 LC-inc!uding 7uestions invo!ving the !ega!it" of stri'er and !oc'outs. ?MC$s c!aim that the action is for damages under Artic!es ,- 45 and 4, of Civi!Code is not enough to 'eep the case &ithin the 2urisdictiona! boundaries of regu!arCourts. 0hat c!aim for damages is inter&oven &ith a !abor dispute. 0o a!!o& the actionfi!ed be!o& to prosper &ou!d bring about sp!it 2urisdiction &hich is obno)ious to theorder!" administration of 2ustice. ?C recogni#es the proprietar" right of ?MC to e)ercise an inherent managementprerogative and its best business 2udgment to determine &hether it shou!d contract outthe performance of some of its &or' to independent contractors. Ho&ever- the rights ofa!! &or'ers to se!f%organi#ation- co!!ective bargaining and negotiations- and peacefu!concerted activities- inc!uding the right to stri'e in accordance &ith !a& e7ua!!" ca!! forrecognition and protection.
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