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DISPATCH FIFT S a n D i e g o N a v y / M a r i n e C o r p s D i s p a t c h w w w. a r m e d f o r c e s d i s p a t c h. c o m N a v y M a r i n e C o r p s C o a s t G u a r d
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DISPATCH FIFT S a n D i e g o N a v y / M a r i n e C o r p s D i s p a t c h w w w. a r m e d f o r c e s d i s p a t c h. c o m N a v y M a r i n e C o r p s C o a s t G u a r d A r m y A i r F o r c e ARMED FORCES Serving active duty and retired military personnel, veterans and civil service employees AT EASE FIFTH EAR NO. 35 THURSDA, FEBRUAR 11, 2016 Dispatch Weekly Contest For your chance to win a prize, see contest details on page 3. Military Crisis Line Top Sailors from the West Coast Health our heart health.. 9 Auto Matters & More Harry Potter World coming Welcome back USS Higgins SAN DIEGO (Feb. 8, 2016) - Vice Adm. Nora Tyson, commander of 3rd Fleet, introduces herself to the Sailor of the ear (SO) candidates for fiscal year 2015 during the SO Finalist Recognition Week kickoff event. SO candidates from Commander, 3rd Fleet; Commander, Naval Surface Force, Pacific Fleet; Commander, Naval Air Force, Pacific Fleet; and Commander, Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet will spend 2015 SO Finalist Recognition Week in San Diego attending various historic, educational and recognition events. Navy photo by MC3 Trevor Kohlrus Classifieds Around Town Supercross at Petco Park Base Movies The Revenant Concerts Beyonce May See story page 10 USS Boxer ARG set to deploy SAN DIEGO - More than 4,500 Sailors and Marines from the Boxer Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) and 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) are scheduled to depart San Diego for a deployment to the 3rd, 5th and 7th Fleet areas of operations (AOO) Feb. 12. Before being certified to deploy, the individual ships and units of the ARG/MEU team were required to complete and pass four integrated and advanced training exercises that were designed to test and evaluate their capabilities during battle-force scenarios and real-world situations they may face while deployed. 3rd Fleet and I Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) certified Boxer ARG and the 13th MEU to deploy after the ships and units successfully completed PHIBRON-MEU Integrated Training (PMINT), Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX), Certification Exercise (CERTEX) and Sustainment Exercise (SUSTEX). Boxer ARG is comprised of Amphibious Squadron (COMPHI- BRON) 1 and the 13th MEU. COMPHIBRON 1 is composed of its command ship, USS Boxer (LHD 4), amphibious transport dock USS New Orleans (LPD 18) and amphibious dock landing ship USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49). The Boxer ARG, 13th MEU team has truly excelled in their preparation for deployment, said Capt. Keith Moore, commander, Amphibious Squadron One. The Sailors and Marines of the ARG/ MEU team are well trained and ready to deploy in support of all missions. The 13th MEU is comprised of a ground combat element, Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment; an aviation combat element, Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 166 (Reinforced); a logistics combat element, Combat Logistics Battalion 13; and a command element. WELCOME BACK We thank our Heroes! SERVE WITH PRIDE. RIDE WITH POWER. Triumph salutes all of our active duty and retired military personnel. and to thank you for performing such a great service to your country, we want to help you get a high performance Triumph motorcycle. Save Big on 500 VOUCHER* *SEE STORE FOR DETAILS Motorcycles Now! 1890 Auto Park Place Chula Vista, CA Department of the Navy releases Fiscal ear 2017 budget proposal WASHINGTON - The Department of the Navy (DoN) released its proposed 165 billion (Base and Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO)) budget Feb. 9 for fiscal year (F) This budget is part of the 583 billion (Base and OCO) defense budget President Barack Obama submitted to Congress on the same day. Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Budget Rear Adm. William Lescher briefed media at the Department of Defense budget press conference about the Navy and Marine Corps portion of the budget. This year s budget submis- sion was guided by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson s Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority, which reflects the character of the security environment and accounts for the forces at play in the maritime system, the force of the information system and the force of technology entering the environment. It makes key investments in people, platforms, installations, and research and development, so that the Department of the Navy can execute the Defense Strategy. The Department of the Navy focuses on increasing readiness and support for personnel in the new budget, by adding billets for base security and officer manning, providing a 1.6 percent pay raise, investing in Sailor 2025, and improving how the Navy matches sailors with jobs in the fleet to ensure the Navy attracts, trains and retains the very best talent America has to offer. The Department of the Navy F17 budget includes a 45 billion (Base and OCO) procurement budget focused on improving high-end capability across all warfare areas. The F17 budget buys seven new ships in F17 including two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, two Virginia-class submarines, two littoral combat ships, and one America-class amphibious assault ship to prioritize stability in major combatant shipbuilding as the fleet grows to 308 ships in F21. Additionally, the F17 budget fully funds the Ohio-class Replacement SSBN and maintains the Ohio Replacement Program as the Navy s top priority in strengthening naval power at and from the sea. The budget funds 94 aircraft in F17. F-35 FDP production increases by 13 aircraft from the PB16 acquisition plan, accelerating the 5th Generation Fighter transition. In combination with the five additional F-18s in F16, two in F17, and 14 in F18, these investments help to mitigate the department s strike fighter shortage. The P-8 Poseidon profile reflects the plan to accelerate procurement of one additional P-8 in F16, and maintains the production plan to complete the buy in F19. Reflecting the continued need to expand key capabilities to meet dynamic changes in the security environment of today, this year s submission includes 17.3 billion for research and development supporting the Navy-Marine Corps team of the future through technological advantages designed to counter adversaries in all environments The Department of the Navy released its proposed 165 billion (Base and Overseas Contingency Operations) budget Feb. 9 for fiscal year This budget is part of the 583 billion defense budget President Barack Obama submitted to Congress on the same day. The budget submission was guided by national level mission guidance that defines the missions the Navy and Marine Corps will execute as well as the dynamic operational environment. It makes key investments in people, platforms, and research and development, so the Department of the Navy can execute the Defense Strategy. Navy photo and across all spectrums. The Department of the Navy budget includes a 55 billion (Base and OCO) request for operations and maintenance, emphasizing the balance of today s needs with future priorities when COVER operating forward in an everevolving security environment. To view the proposed F17 DoN budget documents, visit fmb/pages/fiscal-ear aspx. USS Higgins crewmembers at work, and play, during their recent independent deployment. Navy photo 2 THURSDA, FEBRUAR 11, NatioNal city blvd WHEEl alignment WaS X % OFF NatioNal city blvd Military Special only oil & FiltER change WaS X FREE FREE FREE FREE 2940 NatioNal city blvd FRoNt brake SPEcial Frank Motors is now hiring part-time & full time employees. Apply on-line WE HoNoR our MilitaRy!! National Military AMLEP boarding teams issue citations off West Africa ATLANTIC OCEAN - A combined Ghanaian boarding team completed a second boarding with support from the United States Coast Guard aboard USNS Spearhead (T-EPF 1), Feb. 6, as part of Africa Maritime Law Enforcement Partnership (AMLEP). The joint Ghanaian boarding team issued the commercial fishing vessel Zhong Lu u 1003 a citation and return to port order for a restricted area violation. USNS Spearhead (T-EPF 1) escorted the vessel toward the port of Tema where it was handed off to the Ghanaian Navy for escort into the harbor, where Ghanaian Fisheries authorities will investigate the boat for further violations. Operations are being conducted from the Military Sealift Command expeditionary fast transport vessel USNS Spearhead (T-EPF 1), in coordination with the Ghanaian maritime operations center. Vessel queries and boardings have commenced and the operation s objectives are to detect and enforce maritime law against illegal activity while also increasing proficiencies of the forces that are participating in the operation. AMLEP is companion to and nested within the international collaborative capacity-building initiative Africa Partnership Station (APS). APS, like AMLEP, seeks to build maritime security capacity in order to increase maritime safety and security. USNS Spearhead deployed from Norfolk, Dec. 30, and is on a scheduled deployment to the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations to support APS and conduct AMLEP operations. U.S. 6th Fleet, headquartered in Naples, Italy, conducts the full spectrum of joint and naval operations, often in concert with allied, joint, and interagency partners, in order to advance U.S. national interests and security and stability in Europe and Africa. Armed Forces Dispatch (619) Published by Western States Weeklies, Inc. PO Box , San Diego, CA Publisher...Sarah Hagerty The Dispatch is published weekly on Thursdays, by Western States Weeklies, Inc., as a commercial, free-enterprise newspaper. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Department of the Navy and is in no way associated with the Department of the Navy. The editorial objective of the Dispatch, however, is to promote support for a strong military presence. The opinions and views of writers whose materials appear herein are those of the writers and not the publishers. Appearance of advertising does not constitute endorsement by the Dispatch or Western States Weeklies, Inc. Consumers should make informed decisions when purchasing products and services, and when considering business opportunities, and research before investing. Subscription by mail is 65 per year to CONUS or FPO address. Navy installations begin enforcement of REAL ID Act by Ed Wright WASHINGTON - Navy installations worldwide will no longer authorize base access for individuals who do not have an approved U.S. government-issued credential or state driver s license that is compliant with the REAL ID Act of Driver s licenses from Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington, and American Samoa are not compliant with the congressionally-mandated REAL ID Act of 2005 and therefore personnel seeking base access from these states will require a secondary form of identification. Washington and Minnesota enhanced driver s licenses, however, which do meet the REAL ID Act requirements, will be accepted. Navy installations will require visitors who present a driver s license from a non-compliant state or territory to provide an additional form of identification. Examples include a U.S. passport or passport card; employment authorization document (card); foreign passport with an I-551 stamp; federal, state or local government ID, Social Security card without restrictions; student ID with photo; original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued in the U.S., or a Native American Tribal document U.S. citizen identification card (Form I-179). Information about the Real ID Act has been shared with our installations and we are working with our security personnel to ensure awareness of base access changes, said Capt. Anthony Calandra, director Department of Defense Police Cpl. O.K. Harris checks personnel and visitor identification at the Washington Navy ard. Navy photo by MC2 Kiona Miller of public safety for the Navy Installations Command. We are implementing this process in accordance with the Department of Defense (DoD), which recently announced that all DoD installations would comply with the Act. Installation commanding officers (COs) may waive DoD access control requirements for special situations, such as air shows or other public events. Visitors may also enter Navy installations under a Trusted Traveler procedure. This procedure allows a uniformed service member or Government employee with a valid Common Access Card (CAC), a military retiree (with a valid DoD identification credential), or an adult dependent of at least 16 years of age (with a valid DoD identification credential) to present their identification token for verification while simultaneously vouching for any vehicle occupants. A contractor who has been issued a CAC may, with the permission of the CO, be authorized as a Trusted Traveler. The number of people a Trusted Traveler is allowed to vouch for and/or sponsor at any one time is determined by the installation commander or designated representative. Procedures for currently a u t h o r i z e d i d e n t i f i c a - tion cards for access onto Navy installations such as the DoD CAC, DoD uniformed services identification and privileges cards, federal personal identification verification cards or transportation workers identification credentials will not change. The REAL ID Act grew out of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Congress tightened up issuance processes and documentation needed to get a driver s license. Compliant cards must have specific security features to prevent tampering, counterfeiting or duplication of the document. The licenses also must present data in a common, machine-readable format. For REAL ID Act background and information, see house-bill/418. For questions and answers, visit gov/real-id-public-faqs. Navy Installations Command comprises more than 52,000 military and civilian employees across 70 installations under 11 regions worldwide supporting the fleet, fighter and family. The Armed Forces Dispatch wants you to be a WINNER! Win four vouchers to enjoy CIRCUS VARGAS Presents Performing now through March 7 Del Mar and San Diego Rules: Fill out the entry form below and send it to us at: Dispatch Newspaper/Circus Vargas, P.O. Box , San Diego, CA Entries must be in our office by Wednesday, Feb. 17, One entry per family. Must show ID upon pickup. Entries may also be submitted via to Subj: Circus Vargas. Include all information requested below in online entries. Winners notified by telephone. Armed Forces Dispatch Newspaper/Circus Vargas Deadline is Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016, at noon. Please answer all questions to be eligible. ILLUMINOUS name address city, state, zip phone What radio station do you listen to? Active duty military (which base): Military spouse/family member Civilian Retired military THURSDA, FEBRUAR 11, From World War II to Afghanistan: USO marks 75th anniversary Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, talks with service members after a USO show at Bagram Airfield. DoD photo by D. Myles Cullen by Jim Garamone WASHINGTON - Talk about the United Service Organizations and people think it is some holding company. But mention USO, and all Americans know it is a way for them to connect with service members. Retired Army Gen. George W. For a chance to win a great prize, fill out the contest entry form on page 3. Casey Jr., the chairman of the USO Board of Governors and former Army chief of staff, estimated that the USO has served more than 35 million Americans over its history. The USO marked its 75th anniversary yesterday at a gala here. Medal of Honor recipients, USO volunteers, active duty personnel, veterans, members of Congress, and stars of stage, screen and music gathered to mark a milestone for an organization founded as America geared up for World War II. Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, called the group a family that stretches around the world. J.D. Crouch, the organization s chief executive officer, thanked the celebrities for joining in the celebration and for entertaining American service members around the world as ambassadors from the American people. ou light up our service members lives, he said, and you remind Americans of the debt of gratitude that we all owe to those who serve. The USO came into being during a dark time in history. The United States was not at war, but the rest of the world seemed to be. Hitler s troops stood on the English Channel and launched nightly air raids against London. In the Pacific, Japan eyed the colonial possessions of France and the Netherlands two of the countries Germany had conquered in its 1940 blitzkrieg. In face of such threats, the United States instituted a military draft, calling hundreds of thousands of men to the colors, and Americans wanted to reach out to their young men. President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked charitable organizations to band together to provide morale and recreation services to service members. Six civilian organizations answered the call: the Salvation Army, the MCA, the oung Women s Christian Association, the National Catholic Community Service, the National Travelers Air Association and the National Jewish Welfare Board. These organizations chartered the USO in New ork on Feb. 4, Japan attacked the United States on Dec. 7, 1941, and America entered the war. The Army, Navy and Marine Corps grew, with more than 12 million Ford tests DC, emergency response during 1st GQ drill NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - The crew of Pre-Commissioning Unit Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) held their first all-hands general quarters (GQ) damage control drill Feb. 4. As the first shipwide drill aboard the new aircraft carrier, Ford focused on damage control and emergency responses - a significant step in certifying the crew as they train to fight and take ownership of the ship. GQ is a meeting of the minds, said Damage Controlman 1st Class Letitia McKelvey. It allows departments who don t normally work together a chance to become a team. They build teamwork and learn how to rely on each other for help. This teamwork is important when a ship is underway. At sea, Sailors are responsible for all shipboard efforts. There is no other support coming to aid in damage control efforts. The crew itself serves as fire department, hospital and any other emergency response personnel who would usually be called upon. - by MC3 Kristopher Ruiz men and women in uniform by And the USO grew as well; by the war s end, about 1.5 million Americans had volunteered for the USO. Actor-comedian Bob Hope a man who would be virtually synonymous with the organization held the first camp show in 1941, and for the next five decades, he was the face of the organization. The organization changed just as the American military changed, and it is continuing to change. And wherever the military went, the USO went, too. There were USO centers in Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. The USO also has centers at most major airports that provide a place for service members and their families to gather their wits as they travel, and the organization also helps service members as they transition out of the military. - for the full story, link to and find the National News section. USS Eisenhower rescues distressed mariners at sea ATLANTIC OCEAN - USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) (Ike) rescued distressed mariners at sea, Feb. 7. Ike received a distress call via bridge-to-bridge communications from the U.S.-flagged sailing vessel (S/V) Selket at approximately 7 p.m. The vessel was located 40-miles from Miami, with reports of a broken mast and smoke in the engine room. Due to the state of the sailing vessel and rough seas, Ike launched a helicopter from embarked Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 9 Tridents to rescue the crew of five. The mariners were medically evaluated aboard Ike before being transferred to U.S. officials at U.S. Coast Guard Station Opa Locka. Assisting mariners in distress is the responsibility of all vessels at sea, even warships. Responding to mariners in
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