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  Educators MCQs ã MCQs Important Teaching Aptitude M for All Educators Jobs  June 24, 2019 ã 1 Comment ã 202 Views About UsPrivacy PolicyDisclaimerOur AuthorsSubscribe UsContact Us CSS was never that easy CSS / PMSHomeDaily DoseFPSC ExamsMCQsInspirationE-MagazineJobsEBooksCSS / PMSHomeDaily DoseFPSC ExamsMCQsInspirationE-MagazineJobsEBooks  ______is not a level of teaching learning. (a) Differentiation level(b) Memory level(c) Reflective levelWritten by Shahzad F. Malik CSS / PMSHomeDaily DoseFPSC ExamsMCQsInspirationE-MagazineJobsEBooks  (d) None of theseAnswer: a The Father of Psychoanalysis is______. (a) Sigmund Freud(b) Jean Piaget(c) Jerome S. Bruner(d) None of theseAnswer: a In pedagogy computer is used to __ ____. (a) Motivate the learner(b) Provide feedback(c) Interact with the learner(d) All of the aboveAnswer: d Spare the rod __ spoil the child. This assumption is related to that type of discipline which habeen advocated by ______. (a) Naturalist philosophy(b) Pragmatist philosophy(c) Victorian Era philosophers(d) None of theseAnswer: c The proponent of the Cognitive Theory of teaching is______. (a) N. L. Gage(b) Jerome S. Bruner(c) B. F. Skinner(d) None of theseAnswer: a CSS / PMSHomeDaily DoseFPSC ExamsMCQsInspirationE-MagazineJobsEBooks  The determinant of teaching skill training is______. (a) Components(b) Pupil-teacher(c) Supervisor(d) None of theseAnswer: a For a good communication ______ is required. (a) Clarity of thought(b) Speaking without pause(c) Speaking in a mild tone(d) None of theseAnswer: b ______ is an approach to educational planning. (a) Manpower approach(b) Social Demand approach(c) Both a & b(d) None of theseAnswer: c Institutional planning should be based on______. (a) Aims and needs(b) Time-table(c) Administration(d) None of theseAnswer: a Teacher behaviour ought to be ______. (a) Administrative(b) Instructive(c) Idealistic(d) None of theseAnswer: c CSS / PMSHomeDaily DoseFPSC ExamsMCQsInspirationE-MagazineJobsEBooks
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