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  Inglés. 4º Primaria Repaso Primer Trimestre.PRESENT CONTINUOUSNombre: ________________________________   Affirmative I am (I´m) playing.You are (you´re) eatingHe is (He´s) reading.She is (She´s) sleeping.It is (It´s) running.We are (we´re) speaking.You are (you´re) working.Theyare(they´re) studying.  AFFIRMATIVE Negative I am not playing.You are not (you aren´t) eatingHe is not (He isn´t) reading.She is not (She isn´t) sleeping.It is not (It isn´t) running.We are not (we aren´t) speaking.You are not (you aren´t) working.They are not (theyaren´t) studying Interrogative  Am I playing?  Are you eating? Is he reading? Is she sleeping? Is it running?  Are we speaking?  Are you working?  Are they studying?  Subjet + to be + verb +ing ...NEGATIVESubjet + to be + not+ verb +ing ...INTERROGATIVETo be + Subjet + verb +ing ?   Inglés. 4º Primaria Repaso Primer Trimestre.Nombre: ________________________________  Fill in the blanks with amis or are 1.Ann ______ reading a book.2.My sister _______ playing tennis.3.We _________ listening tomusic.4.My brother _______ sleeping.5.They ________studying.6.I ________ doing my homework.7.You ________ speaking.8.They _________cleaning the house.9.Tom _________ going to the cinema.10.My mother __________ running PRESENTCONTINUOUS Chosse the correct answer  1.We are cooking/is cooking dinner.2.My aunt  are driving/is driving the car.3.I are reading/am reading a comic.4.They are sleeping/ is sleeping. 5.You is studying/are studying. 6.Ann is doing/are doing her homework.7.My brother  are playing/is playing. 8.She is speaking/are speaking. 9.Mary is singing/are singing. 10.My father  are working/is working. Fill in the blanks with the present continous 1.Sarah ___________________________________ (watch) a film.2.I ___________________________________ (study) for my English exam.3.We ___________________________________ (play) the guitar.4.My brother ___________________________ (read) the newspaper.5.They __________________________________ (go) to the cinema.6.Peter ________________________________ (clean) the house.7.My sister _____________________________ (speak) with her friend.8.We _____________________________________ (eat) an apple.  Inglés. 4º Primaria Repaso Primer Trimestre.Nombre: ________________________________  Turn the sentences into negative 1.Ann is watering the plants. _____________________________________________ 2. We are listening to music. ______________________________________________ 3.My father is driving. ____________________________________________ 4. I am playing basketball. ____________________________________________ 5. They are eating in my home. _____________________________________________  PRESENTCONTINUOUS Complete the sentences with am,-is or are. Write short answer. 1.______________ Sarah watching the TV? Yes, ___________________/ No, ________________________.2.______________ youstudying? Yes, _____________________________, No, ___________________________.3.______________ they playing football? Yes, ___________________, No, __________________________.4._______________ your sister sleeping? Yes, __________________, No, _____________________________.5._______________ Peter going to the cinema?. Yes, ________________. No, _____________________.6._______________ the childreen doing theirhomework? Yes, _____________.No, _____________.7._______________ your mother working? Yes, ____________________. No, ___________________.8._______________ Mary Reading a book? Yes, _________________. No, ________________________. Turn the sentences into interrogative 1.My aunt is living in this house. _____________________________________________ 2. They are playingtennis. ______________________________________________ 3.My mother is driving the car. ____________________________________________ 4. You arestudying English. ____________________________________________ 5. My brother is speaking. _____________________________________________   Inglés. 4º Primaria Repaso Primer Trimestre. What are they doing? You can use this verbs: dance, read, play, watch,play, cook, play. Nombre: ________________________________   _____________________  ____________________  PRESENT CONTINUOUS  _____________________  ____________________  _____________________  ____________________  _____________________  ____________________  _____________________  ____________________  _____________________  ____________________  _____________________  ____________________ 
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