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  System Acceptance 2 MAINS AND PROTECTIVE EARTH CONNECTION OF OPTION L EQUIPMENT Optional equipment Is all equipment that Is not powered via the Power Distribution Definition: Unit of the X-ray system. Purpose: To ensure that optional equipment Is connected In accordance with I EC 60601-1-1 ã Switch OFF the system and the optional equipment. Check that the optional equipment Is connected via an Insulating mains transformer: -Thi~ can be via a built-in insulating mains transformer (e .g .: HaemoSphere), or via a multiple portable socket outlet (MPSO) with insulating mains transformer. Check that the Protective Earth (PE) of the optional equipment is connected to the Protective Conductor Bar (PCB): -This can be checked by measuring the resistance between the PE of the optional equipment and the PCB. The expected value is approximately 0.6 Ohm. -Use a Multimeter, do not use an Earth Bonding Tester. MEB CCB L N PE L oc al Mains MPSO II[ Philips Equipment Multimeter Optional Equipment I I Optional I Equipment I - _ igure : Test setup for Connection of Optional Equipment MEB - Mam Ea rth Bar CCB = Central Con duct or B ar PCB = Prot ec tive Conductor B ar PPCB = Ph ilips Protective Conductor ar NOT ECB = Equipotential Conductor Bar A connection between the PE of the optional e u. . when the optional equipment is fully in q /~mde~t and the PCB s not required su a e orm the X ray system. . CSIP Level 1 . Th is_ ocument a nd the Info rmation conta i ned In 1nfo rmat1on of Ph i lips Med ical S ys tems ( P hillps ) ; s p roprieta ry and co n fide ntia l 1 2004-07-01 2 2005-01-15 whole or in part , adap te d, mod ified , d isclose d to ol ~ r ma yd~ot be rep ro du ~d , copied In written pe rm i ssio n of t he P hillps Les, o r s sem l na t ed wi t ho ut t he pr io C · h © ga apa rt ment opyng t c 2005 Koninkli j ke Philips Electron i cs N V ALL RIGHTS RESERVED · · r 4522 98 3 7 3 2005-02-01 4 2005-07-15 , 10 I 5 2005-11-25 560-3 l A4  3 Purpo se: PROTECTIVE E d gr rJ To check ti RTH RESIST NCE on t f:l r~ 0~rtheã that th ia t th o ac L Ill , 3qu 1 pm o earth Cl  l  n lblo con cJu cllvo p oAA of th 1 J p ,, P limits : reolotoneo le Wilhln op tJ c lO cntlon. (IEC 60A0 1ã1) 5 200111 0h A Ill . ccessible COnd . uct,ve P arts ã Switch the s t e · Sea Meae ur1n g Rocord n, OF F. Switch the rna· . ins circuit b r ea ker OFF Measure With · aceess ·b th e Earth B a speci fi ed le conductive P rt nding Tester the pr ot ec tlvo Aarth resistance tJ etween a and the PPCB. CCB J  c L I- C§] PPCB Ph ilips Equipm ent - ss ibl e ucti ve rts Earth Bondlng Tester Figure : Test setup for Protective Earth Resistance ME = Main Earth ar CCB = entral Conductor Bar PPCB = h lips Protective Co nductor ar PCB = Protecti ve Conductor Bar ECB = Equipotential Conductor Bar Repeat the measurement for all other specified accessible conductive parts. 1 I 2 I CSIP Level 1 d co nf iden ti al 3 . n cont i ned in it is prop rie ta~/~oduced   cop i ed in Ths oa rme ~_  ~:a~:t~;~ s Ph ili ps ~:~;ni:d:~   ntted vlithout lhe prlo ,nformat lOfl of Pt 111 1ps modified , di sck)sed I? . , oepartmenL 4522 98 3 7 4 5 wtlCMl O ,n pa rt . adap ted, ,m issi on of the Phd1psh~l ps Electronics N.V . wn tten pe K ninklijke p Copyright © i~t Rf HTS RESERVED 10 I 56 0-4 - 2004-07-01 1 2005-01- 15 2005-02- 01 2005-07- 15 2005-11-25 I A4    System Acceptance . d that INSULATION . I ted from the building construction an . 1p11ent s lnsu a 1 1 1) To check that the Pl11llps equ i_ s eclficatlon. (IEC 6060 -- Purpose: the insulation resista nc e Is wl th p Limits: 10 kOhm. Switch the system OFF. Switch the mains circuit breaker OFF. Disconnect the wi re between PCB a nd ppC . Disconnect all non-Philips equipmen t. For systems with EP-Workmate lntegrati~ : rt f om the local mains (Figure 4 ). Disconnect the Main Cart and the Slave a r and ppC . . ter the insulation resistance between PC Measure with the Insulation Resistance Tes ME EC CC Insulation Resistance Tester Philips Equipment Figure 3: Test setup for Insulation B PPCB = Ph ilips Protective Conductor ar ME Main Earth Bar CC Central Conductor ar d t B PC rotective conductor Bar ECB quipotential Con uc or ar Reconnect all non-Philips equipment. For systems with EP-Workmate Integration: . Reconnect the Main Cart and the Slave Cart to the local mains. Continue with the Earth Leakage Current measurement (Chapter 5). - ff you do not continue: Reconnect the wire between PCB and PPC . NOTE In case the measured value is not according to specification  the mains has to be disconnected completely to investigate if a resistance between the neutral and protective earth in the system circuitry is the cause of the low insulation . The mains circu it breaker does not disconnect the neutral. CSIP Level 1 1 2004-07-01 Th is document and the I nform at io n co nta ined in t Is pr oprie ta ry and confidentia l information of Philips Med i cal S ys tems (  Ph ili ps') a nd may not be re produced , copied In whole or in part , adapt ed, mod i fied , di scl osed to other s or d isse mi na ted wi thout th e pr io r w ri tten pe rmis si on of th e Ph ill ps Leg al De partment. 4522 981 3 7 2 3 4 2005-01 - 15 2005-02-01 2005-07-15 Copyr ight© 2005 Koninkli j ke Philips Electronics N.V. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 5 2005-11-25 10 I 560 -5 I A4  System A cceptance L N PE Local Ma· ms ~L _N ~P II[ . instructions Electrical safetY l\fleasunn9 Insulati on Resistance Te ster EP-Workmate Main Cart Philips Equipment M Cabinet Table sase ' ,-- ----   --- --- . \ Floor \ \ Inlet \ , ___ __ _ \ _ __ __ connection QD \Y present \ EP-Workmat for EP- Workmate \ [ Slave a~ Room layo tfacinties \ _ ___J _ _____ _L __: Figure 4· T est setup f or lnsul t· on test with EP W orkmate option CSIP Level 1 4522 981 3007 T hO -moot aod the l of tiOO o,ot,Oed lo It Is pmpããã~ aod ° U l ,n t o< mã 1 ol Ph lliP  Medical Systemã (' Philips  ) od may oot be copi,d 10 . . .. o ;o pa n  ado pted   mod lliod   '' '''to, .. ~ ° '' '  '''' ã 'ãã prlm w ri tt en pe rm i ss i on of the Phil i ps Legal Department. cop yr ig ht © 2005 Koninkli j  e Philips Electronics N.V. LL RIGHTS RESERVED n1ioo 1---- 5  ;; ; 60 ~_-;; 6   ~l 2004-07- 01 2005- 01 -15 2005-02-01 2005-07-15 2005-11-25 A
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