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Empirical Findings Suggesting Comparability Among the Turin Shroud (TS), QuantaGraphy [trademarked], and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

The Turin Shroud (TS) has a spatially-encoded 3-D-appearing image when analyzed by either analog or digital systems that discern shading differentials. To date, there has not been put forth any conventional hypothesis of image-formation that’s
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  1) [Title Slide] Empirical Findings Suggesting Comparability Among the TurinShroud (TS), QuantaGraphy TM,  and Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) Joseph G. Marino and M. Sue Benford(†) For the accompanying PowerPoint slides for this paper, see htps://_for_Empirical_Findings_Suggesng_Comparabiliy_Among_he_Turin_Shroud_TS_QuanaGraphy_rademarked_and_Magnec_Resonance_Imaging_MRI_   2) SLIDE – MITCHELL, HELLER AND LYNN]  In the background paper previously presented, it was revealed that images from the De La Warr camera invented in the 1950s vary from X-rays in that they produce a spatially-encoded three-dimensional (3-D) effect, similar to those possible via MRI. It was also shown that there could be a correlation between the De La Warr images and the images from the TS. It was mentioned that notable scientists, such as the late Apollo astronaut and quantum-hologram (QH) theorist Edgar Mitchell, and the late biophysicist John Heller, a member of the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) both believed in the validity of DelaWarr’s work. Another STURP member, the late Dr. Don Lynn, who was head of NASA’s Galileo, Mariner, Viking and Voyager  projects, reviewed some of the De La Warr images and the subsequent 3-D renderings and  provided invaluable critique of several earlier versions of this paper. 3) [SLIDE – MITCHELL QUOTE]  Listen to what the late astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell wrote regarding the possible connection  between the De La Warr images and the TS:There is simply no doubt that what De La Warr was tapping into was the quantum hologram (QH). He is describing exactly the properties that the formalism suggests should be there. The fact that he was achieving resonance using an array of devices to 1  record acoustic frequencies, magnetic frequencies, visual photographic effects and frequencies is precisely the properties the QH should have, because the information is carried in the phase relationships between the wave forms. The fact that there are  preferred polarizations and preferred directions with regards to the Earth’s magnetic field for many of the specimens, organs, organisms, conditions, experiments, etc., demonstrates the complex interactions between all level of chemical, electromagnetic andquantum properties. The fact that a complete mapping can be visually presented in 3-D isalso a QH property […]. It is also demonstrating that one is dealing with different scale sizes of matter and energy, but not different kinds of stuff […]. It is reasonable that if theShroud is indeed a human image, that it was deposited by the same type interactions that   you propose    (our emphasis) (Mitchell 2000). 4) [SLIDE – STURP]  STURP had been given in 1978 five days around the clock to do non-destructive testing on the TS. The team determined that the image is comprised of "yellowed surface fibrils of the linen that are at more advanced stages of degradation than the non-image linen. The chromophore is a conjugated carbonyl" (Jumper et al  . 1984:447). The group acknowledged thatno plausible explanation has been postulated as to how the body image got on the cloth (Jumper et al  . 1984:474). 5) [SLIDE – CHARACTERISTICS OF TS]  Although disagreements abound about the TS, many scientists agree on various key points about its image:*There are no significant traces of paint, pigment, dye, ink or stain *The image is purely superficial, penetrating only the top two microfibrils *No directionality to the image as with brush strokes *No outline to the image as would be necessary for it to be a work of art *No cementing of fibrils as would occur with the application of any liquid substance *Uniform intensity on both front and back images. No variations in density 2  *No particles between the threads, which excludes any kind of powder rubbing *No liquids used to create image except for the blood images. No paint binder *The original is a "negative" capable of producing a photographic positive that appears to  be a crucified man 6) [SLIDE – JACKSON’S OBSERVATIONS ABOUT SHROUD]  Dr. John Jackson, a physicist who was a co-founder of the STURP team, made some interesting observations about the image (Jackson 1991):*[…] [I]t seems as though the image formation mechanism acted through space, between the body and the cloth, such as for diffusion or radiation. However, these mechanisms must be excluded, because, although they can discolor the cloth at a distance, they cannotform a high resolution, sharp image, such as what we find on the TS.*[…] [I]t thus seems as though we are looking at the internal skeletal structure of the hand imaged through the intervening flesh tissues onto the TS cloth.*[…] [I]t follows that whatever mechanism produced the image of the body onto the cloth, it must be a radically different mechanism than any physical mechanisms that have  been considered to date. For what process is capable of rendering internal body structure into the image patterns that we see on the TS? *Immediately, we recognize that the image must have been generated by some principle whereby body structure became encoded into varying shades of intensity on the cloth.Further analysis revealed that, when the body image was generated, the TS apparently deformed to a somewhat flatter draping configuration, laterally positioning the image of the sides of the face several centimeters inside the bloodstain pattern. The fact that there is a several centimeter discrepancy between the locations of the bloodstains in the hair and the sides of the face are  problematic for image-formation theorists who attempt to relate the cloth and body correlation asessential to the image itself (Jackson 1991:338). The DelaWarr process eliminates the need for such a correlation between the image and the actual physical body as the images are produced holographically from a portion of the bioenergetic, not the physical, body. 3   Further problems exist for researchers in attempting to explain image-intensity discrepancies  between the frontal and dorsal images of the TS that may be explained by a bioenergetic radiation mechanism (Jackson 1991:331). Scientific calculations determined that there should bea nearly 2-order of magnitude difference in pressure between frontal and dorsal cloth contact regions. However, this was not reflected in the relief amplitudes, or plateau effects, generated via the VP-8 analyses of the frontal and dorsal images. This unexpected result suggests a  pressure-independent mechanism may have created the TS image (Jackson et al  . 1984:2244-2269). Clearly, the DelaWarr QuantaGraphy TM  process is "pressure independent." Three other notable similarities exist between the DelaWarr images and the TS. First, both were created (putatively in the Shroud's case, definitely in the DelaWarr case) in complete darkness without use of any visible light source. In the case of the TS, the darkness is implied bythe sealed tomb enclosure; whereas, the DelaWarr system is encased in total darkness while the images are produced. Second, the image-creation process involves substantial amounts of vibration to the encasement structure around the test object (camera with DelaWarr; tomb with TS). The DelaWarr system utilizes a vibrational device during the "exposure" time which is required in order to facilitate the "fixing" of the image clearly. According to the New Testament (Mt. 28:2) an "earthquake" shook the tomb of Jesus' around the time his tomb was discovered empty. Such an earthquake, if it indeed did occur, may also account for the rolling away of the heavy stone at the entrance to the tomb. This argues for an acoustic optical transduction process to be in operation in both phenomena. Third, the TS and the DelaWarr images both require(d) clear human (or perhaps super-human in the Shroud's case) intentionality in order for the images to appear. As noted previously, the TS image is a negative capable of producing a photographic 4   positive. However, according to Italian scientist and TS researcher, the late Giovanni Riggi di  Numana, this image is not a photographic negative but, rather, a "magnetic negative" (Riggi di  Numana 1994).   7) [SLIDE—2D OF TS FACE]   This is a 2-D negative of the face on the TS. 8) [SLIDE—BRYCE 3D FACE] This is a 3-D of the negative of the face on the TS using Bryce4 software. 9) [SLIDE – MRI MACHINE] Comparison with MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most advanced diagnostic imaging systems available today. MRI images are formed by the combination of a strong magnetic field and radiowaves interacting with the hydrogen protons in the body. Patients are enclosed in a magnetic field created by a large magnet, which causes the spinning nuclei of hydrogen atoms within the  body to change their axes of rotation. Altering the magnetic field by sending radio waves through it further affects the behavior of the hydrogen protons by causing them to move out of alignment. When the radio signal stops, the protons relax back into alignment and release energy. These changes in excitation and relaxation are recorded by receivers (antenna coils), then mathematically reconstructed by a sophisticated computer into spatially-encoded two and three-dimensional pictures of the body (“What is Magnetic Resonance?” 2001). MRI and the De La Warr Images: Blinded comparison 5
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