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  FARRAGUT NORTH By Beau Willimon Final Version - 11/4/08  11/4/08 CHARACTERS STEPHEN BELLAMY – 25, Press Secretary for Presidential Candidate Governor MorrisPAUL ZARA – late 40s, Campaign Manager for Governor MorrisMOLLY – 19, an intern on the Morris CampaignBEN – early 20s, Deputy Press Secretary for the Morris CampaignTOM DUFFY– late 40s-early 50s, Campaign Manager for the rival Pullman CampaignIDA HOROWICZ – mid 30s, a traveling political reporter for the  New York Times. FRANK – a reporter for the  L.A.   Times . A WAITER  Note: FRANK and WAITER may be played by the same actor. SCENARIO ACT I, Scene 1 – January. The bar of the Hotel Fort Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa.ACT I, Scene 2 – Later that evening at a small, dingy restaurant in East Des Moines.ACT I, Scene 3 – Early the next morning in Stephen’s hotel room.ACT I, Scene 4 – Later that morning, the Des Moines airport.ACT II, Scene 1 – Later that afternoon at a campaign event in Cedar Rapids, IowaACT II, Scene 2 – A few hours later, Molly’s office at the Headquarters in Des Moines.ACT II, Scene 3 – Later than evening, Paul’s room at the Hotel Fort Des MoinesACT II, Scene 4 – An hour later at the same dingy restaurant as Act I.ACT II, Scene 5 – Late that night, Stephen’s room at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. NOTE: A backslash ( / ) indicates where the following line is meant to begin by overlapping the current one.  2  11/4/08 ACT I SCENE 1  January. Early evening. The bar of the Hotel Fort Des Moines. The décor is faux opulent. PAUL, IDA, BEN and STEPHEN sit at a table, drinking. PAUL has a roll-away suitcase beside him. STEPHENI played you. Like a fucking fiddle.IDA Now Stevie…STEPHENIt’s true.IDAYou didn’t /  play me. STEPHENLike a well-tuned fiddle. IDA( to PAUL ) It was the first race I ever covered. STEPHENShe was gullible.IDA(  flicking him off  ) You see this? STEPHENPutty in / my – IDA( to STEPHEN  ) You didn’t play me, you convinced me. You  persuaded me. There’s a difference.I knew exactly / what I was doing. PAUL( to STEPHEN  ) Come on, come on. Back to the story.STEPHENRight. So this was what – oh-four?BENOh-two.STEPHENOh-two. Thank you Ben.  3  11/4/08 BENWe studied Cabrisi vs. Goldman in one of our Poli. Sci. classes.STEPHEN No shit?BENYeah. I even wrote a paper on it.STEPHENThere ya go – I’m already a footnote in history.BENWell it’s not like the paper was published or anything. I mean the only person who read it was / the – STEPHEN( cutting him off  ) So right, this was oh-two.PAULYou were…jesus….you were twenty. I keep forgetting that.STEPHENJust turned twenty. My third – no – my fourth campaign. PAULTwenty fucking years old.IDAWe couldn’t even buy him drinks.STEPHENI managed to sneak my fair share.IDAYou managed to sneak more  than your fair share.PAULSo the race…STEPHENThe race. Tight, tight fucking race. And this was New York politics – nasty . Just as rough and tumble as anything you see out here in Des Moines.IDABut not as cold.STEPHENFuckin Iowa.  4
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