Five Element Vastu

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    NORTH EAST, RUDRA, most auspicious corner.   Jupiter (Guru), yellow, squares and regular linear shapes, good for Educational Institutes, astrologers,  jewellery, showrooms, and beauty parlour owners should use this orientation. PRAYER & MEDITATION SEAT, DESIGN STUDIO, DISCUSSION ROOM  EAST- INDRA who gives us life, wealth and prosperity. Sun (Surya), Red and Orange, Star, Tetrahedron and Hexagon, good for Traders, Industry, Share and Stock brokers,  ADMINISTRATION, OFFICE, CONFERENCE  ACCOUNTS ROOM, TAXATION STAFF, POWDER ROOM  SOUTH EAST :  AGNI. Venus (Shukra), Bright White, Ellipitical and in the shape of a half-moon. Dealers in gold and precious gems, the show business, cars and other conveyance manufacturing units and showrooms, and building material outlets, should use this orientation for optimum results, MEETING ROOM, GENERATOR, COMPUTER SERVER Meditation room, Place of worship, Green, Mirror, Underground boring, Lotus plant  Living area, Drawing room, Children’s bedroom Bathroom Bedroom, Store, Kitchen, Inverter, Fire corner, Computers room Water- The Moon signs of Cancer, Scorpion and Pisces.  Lend on a mental plane than the physical. They are thinkers and creative people. Suitable for sailors, wine merchants, those in the shipping business, merchant navy, marine engineers, etc. Such natives deal in chemicals, petroleum and all sorts of liquids. Fire-The Moon signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius  Fiery signs lend vitality and energy to a native. Successful engineers, surgeons, politicians, trade union leaders and social activists are found to be fiery natives. NORTH -  KUBER, who has a store of wealth and prosperity. Mercury (Budh), Green are rectangles and polylines suitable for merchants, professionals, shops and Finance Company.   CASH ROOM, DOCUMENT ROOM CASHIER RECEPTION, MARKETING STAFF, PURCHASE COUNTER, PANTRY, CAPSULE LIFT, TOILET, SILENT POWER, INVERTE Space - BRAHMASTHAN Sky is considered to be omnipresent. Natives should choose their education and profession, considering these elements for a grand success. CONFERENCE ROOM, DEAPARTMENT, LAW, VISITOR’S AREA, OPEN  AREA, HALF, PARTITION CUBICLES, NO heavy FURNITURE, TOILET, SOUTH - YAMA, who has power over justice and death. Mars (Mangal) is vermillion red is triangle advantageous for Steel and Metal Industries and Chemical dealers. GYM, PANTRY, ELEVATOR, DIRECTOR’S ROOM, STAIRCASE, TOILET, LIFT ROOM Entrance, Verandah, Treasury, plants, Rainbow, Mirror, boring Low ground level, Underground boring, Fountain Refreshment. Courtyard, Open area, No heavy furniture, Children’s bedroom Bedroom, Furniture, Heavy electronic equipments.  NORTH WEST Belongs to Vayu (Wind), Moon (Chandra) is Pearl White or Off White are square and rectangles very good for showrooms, cinema halls, export firms and media companies. RECREATIONAL ROOM, SALES DEPARTMENT DISCUSSION ROOM  WEST -  Belongs to VARUN who wields power over rain and water, Saturn (Shani) is navy blue are circular and elliptical beneficial for furniture shops and showrooms, shoe shops, the hardware business and engineering firms.   LIBRARY, RECORD ROOM , DIRECTOR’S CABIN, STAIRCASE, LIFT  SOUTH WEST Belongs to Niruti, Dragon’s Head (Rahu) and Dragon’s Tail (Ketu) is grey/brownish with red tint are squares and stable forms recommended for nursing homes, pharmaceutical factories, real estate firms and agency firms.   MANAGING DIRECTOR’S ROOM, MULTI PURPOSE ROOM Store, Granary, Guest, Bedroom, Toilet Indian style, plants, Places for entertainment and Rainbow, Kitchen and Pantry Dining space, Bedroom, Study room, Master bedroom, Wardrobe, Dressing room, Store for heavy goods, Overhead water tank high land, Toilet (English style)  Air-The Moon signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius  denote intellectuals & grants intuition make good astrologers, advisors, lawyers, scientists, philanthropists, writers, accountants, and advisors of all kinds such as management consultants. #( Dikpati, represented, planet, colour, shapes, suitable for etc) Earth-The Moon signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn denotes stability make a native practical, methodical, preserving and prudent in his actions. Earthy signs govern professions such as administration, civil service, property, buildings, agriculture, mining and food items.  How to use the Five Elements to attract money, growth and success Vastu is a bridge between Man & Nature. Everything in this world is made up of five basic elements -They are: Akash, in turn, condenses into air. From air is born fire, which in turn transmutes into water. Water’s final transformation is into earth. Earth, therefore, is the most complex of all the elements. Akash (Space):  or Cosmic Energy, Hearing, Ears, and is represented by sound. It represents the space in which everything takes place Central Region. The chief feature of Akash (Space):  It is the unending (Ananth) regions remote from the Earth, in which not only our Solar System but the entire Galaxy exists. Its effective forces are light, heat, gravitational force, waves and magnetic field. Aakash or space is infinite and limitless. It is related to our sense of hearing. In a structure, the space element is related to the centre portion or the Brahmasthan. It is the source of cosmic radiation and cosmic energy. The sky element means cosmic energy. It is important that the Brahmanthan be kept open, clean and light.Sound with ether element There is no sound propagation through a vacuum. Sound requires a medium. Speech is conveyed to the ears through air. Vibration of successive particles of a medium is propagated as a sound wave. These impulses are then carried by the auditory nerves to the relevant centre in the brain which interprets it as sound. Thus akash or space or ether is considered to be a conveyor of sound. Feeling expansive and light-Space element is dominant. By space it means everything that encompasses us, the mind which is the vessel to receive all impressions, the heart which accepts love. the space occupied by the cell denotes the space element 1. Vasudeva means ‘’that in which all things abide ’’indicating the element ether. Vishuddha or throat chakra-It represents faith in ourselves, trust in others, creativity. It indicates ether element. Ajna or brow chakra- It represents knowledge, dignity, intuition. It indicates ether element. Sahasrara or crown chakra- It represents perfect balance, oneness with the universe. It indicates ether element. Space -Space represents expansion and enhancement and dominates the Western direction. When it is in a balanced state, it induces knowledge and awareness to understand new and creative ideas. For eg- the Brahmasthan or the central portion should be built in such a way that light enters its centre and it should always be kept open.  Vayu (Air):  Wind Intensity and Direction, Touch, Skin, is represented by touch, represents the gaseous state of matter and is responsible for the respiratory system. Northwest 3) air-expansion or vibration, The atmosphere of the Earth is about 400 kms deep, and consists of 21% oxygen (Prana or Vaayu), 78% nitrogen, carbon-dioxide, helium, other kind of gases, dust particles, humidity and vapour, in certain proportions. The life of human beings, animals and plants depends upon this.The Air is vital for our survival. Our sense of sound, touch and feel are related to Air. The air on earth is a mixture of various gases like nitrogen, oxygen, helium, hydrogen, etc. Oxygen is vital for human beings and nitrogen is essential for the growth of plant life, which in turn provides oxygen. The correct percentage of different gases, atmospheric pressure and humidity levels is important for life forms on earth. Air represents a cheerful, amiable, gentle, neat, courteous and perceptive person. Music, art, balance, extension and expansion are implicit in air. If balance of air is disturbed, it affects the lungs, kidneys and blood disorders. Hippocrate, the father of medicine, in whose name the oath is taken, said that never touch a part of the body with iron whose controlling sign is being aspected by the moon. When moon is in Taurus and if you carry out the Tonsils operation, it amounts to introducing the air element and stemming the rising of the water element. Touch is associated with air element. Here it represents electromagnetic energy whose distinguishing feature is movement. When energy impinges on the skin as heat or electrical sensation, the impulses are carried through the sensory nerves to the corresponding centre in the brain. Touch is essential for this knowledge and the quality is attributed to vayu or energy in motion. Feeling of wanting to keep moving, keep running away-Air element is dominant. By air, it not only implies the rarified force that exists in the universe but the energy that allows digestion, removes wastes and ensures circulation in the human body. It regulates thoughts in our mind through steady breathing. the gases regulating the functioning of the cell is the air element and 2. Sankarshana means ‘complete attraction’ or squeezing together indicating the element of Aeriality.  Anahata or heart chakra-It represents love, forgiveness, compassion to all. It indicates Air element. Air  -Air represents growth and is associated with movement, joy and happiness. Air dominates the East direction. When air is in a balanced state, it induces courage and perseverance to achieve your goals. For eg-placement of doors, windows etc should be in the East or North east direction to get maximum benefit Air element includes internal air elements like respiratory system (breathing),intestinal system(wind in the bowels and other regions) of the body.  Air   is considered to be moist and warm and associated with differentiation and flexibility and therefore psychologically associated with the qualities of discrimination, critical thinking and knowledge.  Air Signs - ideas, concepts-deals with the mind. They are Libra, Gemini and Aquarius.  Air is about breath, thoughts and currents. Too much air leads to too many thoughts, highly strung and too much dissipation of energy through excessive talk, work etc. Too little air implies not being objective, becoming easily bored and apathetic. The ways to create an air balance is to cultivate healthy ways to burn off excess energy and keep the mind calm. Cups-Element is Air and signifies ideas, concepts, abstract thinking etc.    Agni (Fire):  Solar radiation, Sight, is the organ representing sight. It represents form without substance and is responsible for digestion and perception. Eyes, Southeast 4) fire-heat or energy content  Agni represents the light and heat of fire, lightning, volcanic heat, energy, seasons and other such aspects of the Solar System. It also represents enthusiasm, passion and spirited vigour. The sun is the most vital source of energy and light. It is the soul of the universe. The formation of day and night, and the change in seasons, is brought about by the movement of the Sun in relation to the movement of the earth. The Fire element is related to our sense of sound, touch and sight. It is difficult to imagine life on earth without the Sun. An increase in the fire element leads to love of power and rashness. The fire element means solar radiation. Its main characteristics are shabda (sound), sparsha (touch) and roop (form). Shapes and forms are associated with fire element. Light energy in the visible spectrum is received and recognized by the eye. Thus this element represents that entity which provides definition to any material object. The perception of rupa or form is associated with this element. Feeling of passion, fired by ambition-Fire element is dominant By fire it does not only mean the Universal energy that radiates heat and light but the inner fire that removes the cloak of ignorance and destroys all our doubts and allows the Truth to shine despite all obstacles. the metabolic processes regulating the cell is the fire element, 3. Prad yumna means ‘the radiant one’ indicating the element fire.  Manipura or Solar plexus chakra- it represents power and wisdom. It indicates Fire element. Fire -Fire is the driving force behind all life processes and South is the direction of fire. When it is in a balanced state, it induces power, confidence, fame recognition and money. For eg-geysers, fireplace and kitchen in the South/South east direction would provide maximum benefits. Fire element includes internal fire mechanisms that provide digestion, warmth and other metabolic processes. Fire  is considered to be hot and fiery and is associated with metabolic processes and therefore psychologically associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness and passion. Fire signs - inspired, outgoing, active-deals with the spirit. They are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Fire creates warmth and passion. Too much fire means taking unnecessary risks and surging forward without consideration for others. Too little fire means there’s no joy in life, things seem repetitive, mundane and superficial. The ways to create a balance are to be enthusiastic about ideas but follow them diligently one at a time, feel joyful of life etc. Wands-Element is fire and signifies action, movement, fertility etc.
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