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  1  2 Hello friendsIÕd like to take this opportunity to share with you some information about my Full Moon Magic  live streamed concert series - which will be taking place every Full Moon in 2018 - and to give you a bit of background about my thoughts on Magic, my role as a spiritual teacher and guide, and my complete and undying love and gratitude for all of Nature, and especially for our Lady Moon. WHY I OFFER THESE CONCERTS WeÕve found ourselves living in a tumultuous and challenging time of change. Mother Earth is in crisis, crazy politicians are doing their best to divide our hearts and turn people against each other, and the gap between haves and have-nots is widening. Added to this is the ever-shifting and uncharted realm of social media, changing the very way that we communicate with each other, and altering our sense of closeness and community. IÕm sure IÕm not alone in finding all of this unsettling. Thankfully, after a quarter of a century of dedicated spiritual journeying as a Nature Lover and Pagan Witch, I have a pretty good idea of at least one effective way that we can nurture ourselves and our global community, and connect in with something bigger, deeper, and more sustaining than the endless dramas of the Overculture. We can choose to witness and honour the cycles of Nature together. This is what humans have been doing since the beginning of our story - and for a very good reason! When we connect in with NatureÕs cycles, we transcend our isolation, our divisions, our differences. We become One Tribe, witnessing the great flow of Life through its endless changes. The Moon provides an easy and powerful way to witness NatureÕs cycles, regardless of where we are on Earth. All we need to is look up, and over the course of a month weÕre reminded that all of Nature (including ourselves) moves through an endless cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth. And the moment of the Full Moon is the high point of the whole shebang - a perfect circle of shining beauty. What a great time to celebrate together! For the past seven years my husband Timothy Van Diest and I ran an online school called Ô Living a Life of Magic  Õ. Each year, hundreds of folks worldwide would commit to a 13 month  journey of focused ritual every Full Moon. WeÕd provide informative booklets , guided meditations, videos and group discussions, all relevant to the astrological sign that the Full Moon was in each month. It was really powerful stuff, and we created a lot of Magic together. But now I feel that itÕs time to share these teaching more widely, not only with folks who identify as Pagan, but with anyone who is on a path of Self Growth and Love. These Full Moon ritual concerts are a joyous way for us to unite and celebrate the Moon, Magic, and Music together, and send a ripple of hope and Love across our planet. WHY ARE THEY FREE TO VIEW?  Although itÕs important to me that we make a living from what we love doing, and that our energies are appreciated and rewarded, Timothy and I want to make sure that everyone, regardless of income, can share in our circle of Magic. Thankfully, the wonder of the internet (and TimÕs tech know-how) means we can share my music and teachings all over  3 the world, at a fraction of the cost of touring - and less jet lag! That said, we do encourage those of you who enjoy the concerts and can afford to contribute to Ôshare the loveÕ and donate a little something to help support us and keep us on our path. WeÕre dedicating lots of our time this year to this adventure, and every little bit helps :) MONTHLY BOOKLETS The Full Moon changes astrological sign each month, reflecting a different energy and a specific vibe of Magic and healing. Starting with the Full Moon in March (the Virgo Full Moon), monthly booklets will be available to download for a small fee. Each booklet will be filled with articles, photos, personal stories, mythology, and ritual suggestions to help enrich your experience of each Full Moon. The booklets are adapted from our Living a Life of Magic   course, and are designed in such a way that you can essentially take yourself through your own 13 month sacred Lunar journey. The articles that follow are a bit of an introduction to these booklets, and give a hint of whatÕs to follow in the coming months. HereÕs a list of what youÕll find in this little ÔwelcomeÕ PDF: MY THOUGHTS ON MAGICAS ABOVE, SO BELOWTHE SACRED CIRCLEOUR BEAUTIFUL MOONTHE LUMINARIESASTROLOGY AND THE MOONLEO FULL MOON RITUAL FOCUSLUNAR CYCLE DIAGRAM: NORTHERN HEMISPHERELUNAR CYCLE DIAGRAM: SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE I hope you find the information useful and enjoyableBlessings of Love and MagicWendy  4 MY THOUGHTS ON MAGIC Magic occurs at those moments when we feel a deep connection with the Universe. Sometimes this sense of ÔOnenessÕ happens spontaneously, through a profound experience such as falling in Love, or witnessing spectacular wilderness. But we can also choose to develop and direct this Universal energy of connection through focused ritual and positive thought. Magic isnÕt ÔsupernaturalÕ. It works with  the energies of Nature, not against them. But it is  special. Magic is the workings of Spirit, of Love. This is why I spell Magic with a capital ÔMÕ - to distinguish it from Õstage magicÕ - which is also cool, but is a different thing all together. :) By observing and honoring NatureÕs cycles, we are tapping in to the flow of Magic. We can observe, for example, whether the overall energies of Nature are moving toward increase or decrease by witnessing the waxing and the waning of the Moon or the changing of the seasons. And we can observe these cycles within ourselves, too - times of stillness and reflection, times of creativity and action. Often Magic works in ways that may seem illogical to our rational minds. It often involves a leap of faith, a trust in the great mystery of Life and of hidden energy. Here on the Earth plane we work our Magic spells and rituals. The energy we raise vibrates and creates change on the etheric or astral realms, and that change is mirrored back to us. The more we practice Magic, the more strange and wonderful occurrences and coincidences occur to delight and inspire us.I practice Magic and Ritual in a very intuitive and improvised way. For me, Magic is a daily practice, rather than something reserved just for the Full Moon or seasonal Sabbats. Magic is something that flows through every moment of my life, and is especially present for me when I sing.  Although I regard myself as Pagan (which is a general term covering Nature focused  5 spiritual paths) I donÕt follow any particular organised form of Paganism (e.g: Wiccan, Heathen, Druid etc) . Instead, I just do my best to keep growing, learning and evolving on my spiritual journey as a human being. I think that the most important aspect of the way that I practice my spirituality is simply being open to the wonder of Life and of Nature. I witness the flow of energy around events and people, and the interconnectedness of all. And I spend lots of time in wilderness - just observing, and enjoying, and singing little songs of connection to the trees and the sky and and the mountains and the deserts and the creatures ! . . Oh, and IÕm also pretty obsessed with Greek Mythology!
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