Genocide of Jews & Bosnian Muslims by Serbian Nazi Collaborators in World War II

Genocide of Jews and Bosnian Muslims by Serbian Nazi Collaborators in World War II +++ In just a few days of February 1943, the Serbian Chetniks under the leadership of Draza Mihailovich committed genocide of close to 20,000 Bosniak Muslims in the Podrinje area (around Srebrenica region) - mostly women, children and elderly. Serbian Chetniks themselves admitted killing over 9,000 people in this genocidal campaign alone. +++ Serbs portray themselves as the major Balkan victims of the Second World
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  Genocide of Jews and Bosnian Muslims by Serbian Nazi Collaborators in World War II +++In just a few days of February 1943, the Serbian Chetniks under the leadership of DrazaMihailovich committed genocide of close to 20,000 Bosniak Muslims in the Podrinje area (aroundSrebrenica region) - mostly women, children and elderly. Serbian Chetniks themselves admitted killingover 9,000 people in this genocidal campaign alone.+++Serbs portray themselves as the major Balkan victims of the Second World War, but conceal theChetnik collaboration with Nazi fascists, including systematic genocide that they had committedagainst several peoples, including the Bosniaks and Jews. Although Serbian historians contend that the persecution of the Jews of Serbia was entirely the responsibility of Germans and began only with theGerman occupation, this is self- serving fiction. Fully six months before the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia, Serbia had issued legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy and universityenrolment. 94 percent of Serbia's 16,000 Jews were exterminated, with the considerable cooperation of the Serbian government, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Serbian State Guard, the Serbian police andthe Serbian public. The largest proportion of anti-fascist Bosnian partisans were Bosniaks Muslims,who were being slaughtered by all sides (Ustashas, Chetniks and Nazis). Attempts to form a pro-AxisBosniak division failed when the Bosniak Muslim conscripts revolted against the Germans at a training base south of Le Puy, France in September 1943.+++While it is true that during the War, both the Partisans and pro-German Serbian-Nazi Chetniksaided Allied pilots in escaping, they did so because they were paid in gold for each one. However, only NAZI collaborator and fascist Draza Mihailovic received Medal, due to intensive Serbian lobbying and propaganda in the U.S. The full article starts below:  PHOTO: Serbian Chetnik Commander Pavle Djurisic reporting to the Chetnik GeneralDraza Mihailovich on the extermination of over 9,200 Bosniak Muslims (including women  and children) on February 13, 1943. May their souls rest in peace. T he Chetnik apologists like to argue that Draza Mihailovic didn't know anything about genocidalcampaigns his forces were committing against the Bosniak Muslim population of Bosnia-Herzegovina.A closer look at the above document reveals that Draza Mihailovic was well aware of genocide hisforces were committing in 1943.In the above document, Serbian Chetnik Commander Pavle Djurisic reported directly to the Chetnik General Draza Mihailovic about the successes of Chetnik operations in the extermination campaignsagainst the Bosniak Muslim population in the area of Pljevlje, Cajnice, and Foca region. This is theregion of   Podrinje where Srebrenica is located.In his briefing to the Serb General Draza Mihailovich, the Chetnik Commander Pavle Djurisic writes,(note: this is a translation of key points from Serbian cyrillic), quote: All Moslem villages in three mentioned locations [municipalities of Pljevlje, Cajnice,and Foca] were burned down, and not even one home remained intact.... Duringmilitary operations, we engaged in total destruction of Moslem population withoutregard to their sex or age. Our victims include 22 dead, of which 2 by accident, and 32wounded. We killed about 1,200 Muslim soldiers and about 8,000 of their women,elderly and children. Therefore, it is perfectly clear that Draza Mihajlovich knew what was going on, but he did nothing tostop the genocide of Bosniak Muslim civilians. He was complicit in Genocide against the Bosniak Muslim population of Podrinje in 1943. While the Serbian Chetniks admited killing 9,200 people inthis genocide, the documented killings show close to 20,000 Bosniaks massacred, 98% of thembeing civilian men, women, children, and elderly. (See: Srpski zlocini nad BosnjacimaMuslimanima 1941. - 1945 . by Semso Tucakovic). Attempts to Deny 1943 Genocide This genocide of Bosniak Muslim population in Podrinje occured in February of 1943. Since then, theleftist apologist genocide deniers have been actively denying any wrong-doings of Serbian Chetnik forces who collaborated with Nazi fascists in World War II. The most vocal Draza Mihajlovic'sapologist and opinionist (he doesn't deserve to be called historian) - Lucien Karchmar - even came upwith a list of philosophical reasons attacking the evidence against Chetnik crimes. In his book  DrazaMihailovic and the Rise of the Chetnik Movement, 1941–1942 , Lucien Karchmar devotes his study inapologizing for Draza Mihailovich's crimes and dismissing each piece of historical evidence presentedas a fraud or forgery. That's exactly how Chetnik-apologists write history to justify, downplay or denycrimes of Chetniks against the Bosniak Muslim population of Bosnia-Herzegovina; not to mentionChetnik collaboration with Nazi fascists.Instead of reading Lucien Karchmar's make-belief stories about Chetnik innocence, one might read the book written by a respected Serbian historian Nikola P. Ilic who did a great job documentingcollaboration of Chetniks with Fascists. The book is titled (in Serbian)  Kolaboracija Cetnika saOkupatorima i Kvislinzima u Srbiji. Draza Mihailovic's people with NAZI Fascists   PHOTO: Chetnik Draza Mihailovich's commanders with the German nazi fascists: 1)Colonel Lucic, 2) Major Dongic, formerly of the Yugoslav Army, Chetnik commander,cooperator with the Germans and Nedic's men, 3) Ilija Trifunovic-Bircanin, DrazaMihailovich's commander for Dalmatia, 4) Milorad Ljanovski, 5) Daka Tesanovic, Chetnik commander, and 6) Lieutenant Ignjatovic. - A German officer is shown by a cross. PhotoCredit: The United States holocaust Memorial Museum. (Public Domain)According to Serbian scholars, Dr. Jovan Marjanovic & Mihail Stanisic , The collaboration of  Draza Mihailovic's Chetniks with the enemy forces of occupation , 1976, quote:The Serbian chetniks of Draza Mihailovic were represented as fighters against the occupier,while in fact they were the allies of the Nazi fascists in Yugoslavia....The documents in thiscollection indicate clearly and unequivocally that the Chetniks collaborated with theoccupiers, both in the military and political sphere, as well as in the domain of economicactivity, intelligence and propaganda...Serbia's Union of Anti-Fascistshas - on numerous occasions - protested growing falsification of historycommitted by Chetnik apologists who present Chetniks as anti-fascists who fought alongside allies. Serbian Lobbying and Medal for a Fascist Draza Mihailovic was the only NAZI fascist to be awarded the Legion of Merit for his contribution to the Allied victory. So, how did he receive this medal? According to the respected British historianand world renowned scholar of Balkan history, Dr. Marko Attila Hoare, quote:Mihailovic continued his opportunistic game of seeking to collaborate with both Axis andAllies. In this context, he assisted the US airborne evacuation of about two-hundred andfifty airmen from Chetnik territory in August 1944. This simply meant that the Chetniksallowed the Americans to use their airstrip for the evacuation - scarcely a particularly heroicaction - while at the same time, Mihailovic sent a delegation along with the departing US planes in a fruitless effort to win back Allied support. Yet it was for the rescue of US airmenthat Mihailovic would posthumously receive the Legion of Merit. On other occasions,however, Mihailovic’s Chetniks rescued German airmen and handed them over safely  to the German armed forces - were he so inclined, Chancellor Gerhard Schroedercould follow Washington’s example and decorate Mihailovic for saving the lives of hiscountry’s servicemen. Yet none of Mihailovic’s intrigues saved him or his Chetnik movement from destruction at the hands of the victorious Partisans: the revolution in thewestern Balkans - Europe’s second and last successful Communist revolution - succeededthanks to British and American military intervention, which enabled the reestablishment of Yugoslavia. This is a fact that Milosevic’s left-wing supporters usually prefer not tomention.The Left Revisionists, November 2003]Draza Mihailovich's apologists like to point out that: an independent American commission concluded in 1946, these Allied airmen were instructed by their American and British superiors to look for any signs of collaboration, they were given freedom of movement by Mihailovic forces, and yet not one of these hundreds testified of Mihailović collaboration with the Axis. In fact, this was far from so called independent American commission and the medal for Nazicollaborator Draza Mihajlovic was result of intensive lobbying by Serbian-Americans who werepart of Chetnik forces. These included Lieutenant Nick Nikola Lalich (an American of Serbianheritage), Captain George Musulin (also an American of Serbian heritage), Pro-Serbian USArmy Colonel Robert H. McDowell (friend of Nikola Lalich) and Ruth Mitchell, the sister of thelate Gen. William (Billy) Mitchell. They lobbied for Draza Mihajlovich's medal, and he got it as aresult of their lobbying, and as a result of testimonies of many other pro-Serb oriented membersof Chetnik forces who emigrated as refugees to the USA and other countries to avoidprosecution for war crimes.  PHOTO: In the Ranger Mission, the U.S. Army Lt. Col. Robert H. McDowell with thehelp of Lieutenant Nick Lalich (Nikola Lalich, an American of Serbian heritage), gatheredintelligence on Nazi troop movements and wrote a report on Draza's Chetniks movement.McDowell wrote a report that he never saw any type of collaboration between Mihailovichand the Germans , however the photo of Draza Mihailovich and pro-Serbian US Army Lt.Col. McDowell with Ustasha's and German Nazis was recorded in this photograph taken atDvori near Bijeljina, September 28 1944. 1) Draza Mihailovich, 2) Pro-Serbian US ArmyColonel Robert H. McDowell (friend of Nikola Lalich, an American of Serbian srcin who
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