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Greek and Roman Deities PowerPoint(1)

PowerPoint on Greek and Roman Deities for doctoral seminar on NT Archaeology.
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  Historical & Archaeological Research of the NT  John R. Neal GREEK AND ROMAN   DEITIES  Chart of Greek and Roman DeitiesGreek NameRoman NameDescription ZeusJupiterFather of the gods and men in a patriarchal sense (i.e., center of family life, authority, & discipline). Sky & weather god -Depicted by the thunderbolt (Acts 14:12).HeraJunoShe is wife of Zeus; associated w. marriage & women.PoseidonNeptuneSea god, god of water & earthquakes caused by underground rivers; breakers of horses & Zeus’ brother; Symbol the trident.  Apollo--------The ideal/all Greek boy; had ideally type of young Manly beauty, and is associated w. music, archery, prophecy, medicine, flocks&herds, law, civilization, & later the sun. Attributes  –  the lyre and bow. ArtemisDianaTwin sister of Apollo; chaste goddess of countryside & wild animals, who also presided over childbirth. AthenaMinerva  Virgin goddess of wisdom, fine & skilled arts, protector of Athens. Sprang forth fully armed from Zeus’ head. HermesMercuryMessenger god who presided over roadways & all who used them (travelers & robbers) and thus honored by stonepiles (herms). The god of herdsmen, conductor of souls to Hades. Divine rogue & trickster who embodied Greek concept cleverness (Acts 14:12). AresMarsWar god GREEK PANTHEON  Greek NameRoman NameDescription  AphroditeVenusLove goddess; goddess of beauty & fertility; the personification of the sexual instinct and motherof  Eros (sexual love)DemeterCeresAgriculture/grain goddessDionysusBacchusWine god; god of revelry HephaestusVulcanGod of fire & related crafts (metals)HadesPlutoBrother of Zeus, god of death & held power over the underworld. Even though he was not an Olympiangod, He was still important in the scheme of things.Foerster, o)/roj , in Theological Dictionary of the New Testament  , vol1, 475-79; W.L. Liefeld, o(\roj, u(yhlo/j ,  NIDNTT, Ed. Colin Brown, vol3, 1009; Merrill C. Tenny,  New Testament Survey, Rev. ed. By Walter M. Dunnett, 66; Everett Ferguson, Backgrounds of Early Christianity (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1987, Repr. 1990), 60. GREEK PANTHEON CONT.  Roman Deities (some lesser deities)NameOriginDescription  AsclepiusGreekgod of healing  AttisPhrygiangod of growth, fertility, & vegetationBacchusGreek (Dionysus)god of wineBelonaGreek (Enyo) or Etruscangoddess of war & battles (festivals celebrated March 24 and June 3 (  Dies Sanguinis  , Day of Blood)BubonaCelt (Epona)goddess of horses & cattleCeresGreek (Demeter)goddess of corn, agriculture, & grain; Festivals: Feb. 2; April 1, 11-19; Aug 23; Sept 1; Oct 4-5; Nov 8; Dec 3CupidGreek (Eros)god of loveCybelePhrygian (Magna Mater)Latin for The Great MotherDis/HadesGreek (Pluto)god of underworld & treasure in form of gems& Metals of earthEndovelicusIberian/Celt (Hispana)The god of health & welfareFanusGreek (Pan)god of wilds & fertility; Festivals: Lupercalia on Feb 15 and Faunaliaon Dec 5FuriesGreek (Erinyes)goddess of vengeanceHerculesGreek (Herakles)god of victory & commercial enterpriseIsisEgyptiangoddess of the earth JanusItalli, Latin, or Etruscan (Ani) god of gates, door, beginning, & end; He was worshiped at beginning of harvest, Planting, births, & marriages. Month of January Named for him.MithrasPersiangod of sunOpsGreekgoddess of fertile earth, abundance, sowing, harvest,& wealth. Festivals: Aug 10; Opalia  –  Dec 9; ROMAN DEITIES AND LESSER DEITIES  CHIEF DEITY  –  ZEUS  WIFE HERAATHENA (SPRANG FROM HIS HEAD)POSEIDON (ZEUS’ BROTHER)

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Sep 22, 2019
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