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  1.Character Creation Overview 1.1 Magi Character Creation is per Laws of Ascension. Once the final character is approved you may spend an additional 60xp as character build points. Half of these points may only go to Backgrounds and Abilities. All the Traditions are available for play. As are Hollow Ones. Orphans, Disparates, and Technocrats require severe Storyteller discretion. 1.1.2 Beginning Resonance Mages require to begin the game with one Resonance trait. They may choose to begin the game with additional Resonance Traits equal to their Arete Rating (a total of three at Disciple). 1.1.3 Trait Caps Traits are based on a staggering scale. Prioritize the categories as Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. The Primary category has a maximum cap of 10+Arete+1, The Secondary category has a maximum cap of 10+Arete. The Tertiary cap has a maximum cap of 10+Arete-1. 1.1.4 Merits Flaws There are Restricted merits and flaws and there are Disallowed ones. Restricted ones require a backstory and Storyteller adjudication. Disallowed ones are just that, not allowed. Restricted Merits Immunity 6 or less Avatar Companion Dual Traditions Legendary Attribute Unaging True Love Manifest Avatar Unbondable Shattered Avatar Resistant Pattern Any Merits not listed in the Laws the Ascension Companion  book. Furthermore, Storytellers reserve the right to disallow any that they feel don't fit into the spirit of the game. Restricted Flaws Phylactery Anachronism  Monstrous Aging Primal Marks Any Flaw not listed in the Laws the Ascension Companion . Furthermore, Storyteller's reserve the right to disallow any that they feel don't fit into the spirit of the game. Disallowed Merits Any Technocracy based Merit for Tradition characters. Any Tradition based Merit for Technocracy characters. True Faith. Shapechanger Kin. Ghoul Twin Souls Disallowed Flaws Mayfly Curse Any Technocracy based Flaw for Tradition characters. Any Tradition based Flaw for Technocracy characters. Sleepwalker 1.1.5 Backgrounds Node:  Not available at character creation. Chantry:  Not available at character creation. Avatar : All Mages need at least a dot in this background, or else your Seekings are going to be downright laconic. Familiar:  Refer to Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition creation of the familiar. As it takes at least an Adept to create one, please write up a brief summary of how you obtained yours. Influences:  All traits are capped at 2 for character creation. Any Tradition that provides a bonus to an Influence may bring said Influence to 3. Enhancement/Blessing/Totem/Wonder : These backgrounds are all up for Storyteller adjudication. The emphasis on dynamic and persistent characters should be the focus of these backgrounds, and not gaming the system. Please provide a write up of what said trait does, and how you obtained your special ability. 1.1.6 Beginning Rotes At the beginning of play a Mage gets one Rote per number of Spheres the character starts with. At Character Creation, you may buy additional rotes for 1xp apiece.  These Rotes can be conjunctional effects and players are encouraged to come up with creative uses for different spheres. Not just the effects that are listed in the book. 1.2 Sorcerers Rules are based out of the Laws of the Hunt Revised Book Except where noted below 1.2.1 Attribute Trait Caps : As a Sleeper: Primary; 13 Secondary; 12, and Tertiary; 11 As a Partially Awakened (Sorcerer, Psychic, Kinfolk, etc): Primary; 14, Secondary: 13, Tertiary; 12 1.2.1 Other Instead of 3 Backgrounds you get 5. As of now all Merits and Flaws that are not out of Laws of the Hunt Revised are subject to severe discretion. For merits in that book the Disallowed one is: Ghoul. All other will be storyteller d iscretions but not restricted (Don’t do anything stupid and you’re golden). For those that are looking to start with any type of Numina you can choose up to five levels of Paths. You may spend three in one path for a level three rating (first intermediate) or break them up into multiple paths. You get one spell or ritual per level. Instead of the 10 freebies you get 5, subject to freebie costs. The advantages for your association remain in place. If you take a Scholar Association (Arcanum) you may choose two lores for free. Sorcerers are not required to spend half their beginning xp on Backgrounds and Abilities. 1.2.2 Backgrounds Besides the basic ones inside the Laws of the Hunt Revised these Backgrounds are available to Mortals. Unless otherwise specified, these are only available to Mortals. Mana:  In order to regain your pool of Mana, you must meditate in your chosen style for ten minutes. You then may spend a trait of Meditation or Mental trait to regain one point of Mana. A Sorcerer cannot gain Mana from something that contains a specific type of energy (Gnosis, Vitae, Sekhem), unless they have the requisite level of Mana Manipulation. Occult Library:  Different than the Mage Background, an Occult Library enables the holder to research a bit of knowledge or lore that they currently do not possess. Furthermore, at every odd level they gain a bonus trait to research. At every even level they gain a retest to research. These bonuses and retests only apply to a challenge when the user has access to the library. Only one person can use a library at a time. A Mage may be able to buy this background, but it is separate than the Mage Background: Library. Equipment:  This was a kinfolk only background, but now it is available to any Mortal. Arsenal:  This background is featured in Laws of the Reckoning but is now made available to any hunters and hunting organizations in the World of Darkness. Any independent hunter can take  up to two levels of this during character creation, and those aligned with hunting organizations can take up to three. Warning Extensive use of high-grade demolitions and militaristic armaments can and will alert the government. Even in New Hampshire. Journal:  This is meant for long lived and Immortal characters who have been around for at least a few centuries. While many have forgotten their various lives, a few have made a point to chronicle significant events that they may find useful for modern times. For every point in this background, the player may access their Journal and gain a dot of a Knowledge that they don’t have a rating in. 1.3 Downtime and Experience Spending Magic Rotes: If you do not have a teacher or the influence to be taught a rote, it takes 2 weeks to learn a basic level rote, 4 weeks to learn an Intermediate, and 6 weeks to learn an advanced one. These times are cut in half if you have a Teacher or the Influence to spend. Rotes never cost xp, just time. Sphere and Rote learning: You can never learn a sphere at the same time you are researching a rote. Ritual Casting and Magic Items: You have a number of these actions equal to your Arete rating. There is a time requirement on both of these things, and you cannot do two things at once. Experience Awards 4xp-Attendance (Online or Live Action) 1-3xp-Good Roleplaying 1xp- Event Rsvp 1xp-Costuming 2xp-Downtime Actions 1xp- Long Distance Travel 2-4xp- Contributing to game 2xp-OWBN Council Position or Storyteller Staff (HST, AST, Narrator, etc) Note: The max XP that a player can gain a session is 8xp. 2 Basic House Rules 2.1 Challenge Permutations When making Attribute Challenges add your rank of the appropriate Ability to the test. Always add your permanent rating. Furthermore, all static challenge difficulties increase by two. When a power calls for an Attribute challenge against a temper (Willpower, Gnosis, etc), you double the permanent rating of the temper. 2.2 Martial Arts Martial Arts are per Laws of the East, save for the modifications outlined below. Each level of Martial Arts cost 2xp to learn.


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