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  BOOK 14 LESSON 1GRAMMARPLURAL COUNT NOUNS Count nouns are that may be preceded by a  or an  in the singular  .  a  book a  man an apple a fishCount noun can be made plural. Regular plurals  are formed by adding A: es  to words ending in these letters: ch, ce, s, z, ge, sh, x/  Box es Sandwich es  dress es inch es  pag es  wish es B: es  and changing the y  to i  to words adding in a consonant + y famili es  Duti es  Citi es  Librari esC: s  to other words:   book s chair  s table s word s boy s* Irregular plurals  by adding: plurals have different forms.SINGULAR/PLURAL Fish/ Fish deer/ deer child/ children foot/ feet tooth/ teeth Man/ men  woman/ women knife/ knivesNote:  the -es  or -s  that is added to count noun to form. the plural has three different pronunciations./ iz / BoxesDressesSandwichesDishes Pages Quizzes HorsesChancesClasses Services/ s /bookssuits cooks cops boots crops recruitsranksbasics/ z /tablessonswordswindowsboysduties jobstimes claves eggs. BOOK 14 EL PERSEVERANTE TRIUNFA1  JUST / SOONJust  and soon  are adverbs of time. Just  is used to indicate recent completion in the past.  John  just arrived form New York. Soon  is used to indicate expected completion in the near future . His brother will arrive from Los Angeles soon. BOOK 14 EL PERSEVERANTE TRIUNFA2  AS... AS COMPARISONS. We uses as ... as  construction with adjectives an adverbs to make comparisons, look at the examples.1. Jack is twenty years old. Bill is twenty years old. Jack is as old as  Bill.( = They are same  age.)2. Fred is rich. He is richer than his brother John. John isn’t   as rich as  his brother Fred. (= Fred is richer  )3. Linda finished her work is t5wo hours. Betty finished in the same time. Betty worked as fast as  Linda worker. (= Betty and Linda worked at the same speed .)4. Bob studies hard every night. Mary sometimes studies. Mary doesn’t study as hard as  Bob does. (= Bob studies harder   than Mary.) BOOK 14 EL PERSEVERANTE TRIUNFA3  FUTURE PROGRESSIVE. The future progressive is formed with. Will + be + Verb-ing. It is used to express an action that will be in progress.At or up to a particular time in the future.We’ ll be leaving at noon on Friday.Tom won’t be leaving  until midnight tonight. FLIGHT 327 WILL BE ARRIVING IN TWENTY MINUTES. BOOK 14 EL PERSEVERANTE TRIUNFA4
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