COLEGIO DEL SAGRADO CORAZÓN ENGLISH WORKSHOP (3 rd QUARTER TERM) Student´s name:______________________________Course:_____Date:_____________ Test 5 - Module 5 VOCABULARY A. Choose a, b or c. 1. Suzanne has got a terrible cold and a . a. surgery b. runny nose c. treatment 2. What is the exact of the missing ship? a. medication b. development c. location 3. Try to relax and take a deep . a. vitamin b. phobia c. breath 4. W
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    COLEGIO DEL SAGRADO CORAZÓN ENGLISH WORKSHOP (3 rd QUARTER TERM) Student´s name:______________________________Course:_____Date:_____________ Test 5 - Module 5 VOCABULARY A. Choose a, b   or c  . 1.  Suzanne has got a terrible cold and a . a.  surgery b.  runny nose c.  treatment 2.  What is the exact of the missing ship? a.  medication b.  development c.  location 3.  Try to relax and take a deep . a.  vitamin b.  phobia c.  breath 4.  While driving in the countryside, we saw a of sheep. a.  flock b.  swarm c.  team 5.  When Beth realised that Ben was lying to her, she was . a.  convenient b.  furious c.  embarrassing 6.  The doctor something for my headache. a.  prescribed b.  examined c.  hurt 7.  The liked Andy’s presentation. He’s very good at public speaking.   a.  ambulance b.  survivor c.  audience 8.   Be careful! Don’t your drink on my new dress. a.  wave b.  sip c.  spill  B. Complete the sentences with the prepositions in the box. of in into out up down of up 1.  We have run out coffee. We need to buy some. 2.  Jim is so annoying sometimes! He drives me the wall. 3.   I can’t talk to you right now because I’m a hurry. 4.  Laura was not looking in front of her while walking down the street and bumped a wall. 5.   I’m afraid the doctor is booked for next Monday. 6.  The firefighters were able to put the fire after six hours. 7.  I made a complete fool myself when I fell down the stairs. 8.  James feels dizzy and I think he should lie for a while.  C. Complete the dialogue with the phrases in the box. a.  I went red as a beetroot b.  they were laughing their heads off c.  I nearly jumped out of my skin d.  I wanted the ground to swallow me up  A: I had an awful day at school today! B:  What happened? A:  My friends and I were sitting around in the classroom telling jokes before the lesson. Some were really funny and ( 1 ) . But then I saw a spider on my desk and ( 2 ) . B:  Oh no! A:  Yeah, a boy tried to kill it but the spider got away and jumped in my hair. B:   That’s terrible! What did you do?    A:  I started screaming! Then as I was running to the WC, I bumped into my teacher and all the books and papers he was carrying went up in the air! I was so embarrassed! ( 3 ) . When I realised that it wasn’t a real spider ( 4 ) . B:  At leas t you weren’t white from fear anymore.   GRAMMAR A. Complete the text with the full infinitive, bare infinitive, or the  – ing form of the verbs in brackets. My friend Daniel was really tired of ( 1 ) (work) in that Italian restaurant. He couldn’t ( 2 ) (get) along with the chef and his boss always made him ( 3 ) (work) long hours. So, one day he decided ( 4 ) (start) his own business, his own restaurant. At first, he wanted ( 5 ) (work) together with his brother, but Adam wasn’t interested in ( 6 ) (try) anything like that. Daniel didn’t have a lot of money, so he had to avoid (7 ) (find) a very expensive place. After about two weeks, he found the perfect place. He called his friend Betty ( 8 ) (ask) her to help him choose the right tables and chairs. He wanted everything to be perfect. Now, after almost a year, he is happy ( 9 ) (say) that his business is very successful and he is thinking of ( 10 ) (open) a second restaurant soon. B. Circle the correct words. 1.  The Tower of London is visited / visit  by thousands of tourists every year. 2.  Mary broke / was broken  her leg in a skiing accident two months ago. 3.  Alice was   thrown / threw  in the swimming pool by her brother. 4.  The building was   surrounded / surrounded  by police cars. 5.  David turned off / was turned off   his computer before he left the office. 6.  Students don’t allow / aren’t allowed  to bring their mobile phones into the classroom. 7.  Chocolate eats / is eaten  all over the world. 8.  The patient gave / was given  a special treatment for his bad cold. 9.  The e-mails sent / were sent   by John’s secretary.   10.  The shopping centre destroyed / was destroyed  by the fire last night. C. Read the situations and the prompts below and write sentences giving advice. Use should, shouldn’t, had better   or had better   not. 1.   It’s very cold and rainy today.  go out / these clothes . take / umbrella . 2.  Patty has terrible toothache make / appointment / dentist . eat / sweets . 3.  Alan failed his school exams. watch / TV / all the time . study / harder . 4.  Kelly is late for work again. wake up late . leave /house/ earlier . 5.  Sam lied to his sister. apologise to her . lie to people . 6.   Jason wants to borrow his father’s car for   Saturday night. ask / father first .    take / keys / without asking . READ Read the text and write T for True, F for False or NM for Not Mentioned . 1.  Gerd was asleep when the burglars broke into the house. 2.  Gerd bit the first burglar on the leg. 3.  The burglars were afraid of Gerd. 4.  Gerd woke up the family. 5.   It wasn’t the burglars’ first burglary.   6. Fido woke up Megan’s parents first.   7.  Fido is younger than Gerd. 8.  Fido got a special present.  WRITE Read the e-mail below and write a letter to Mary giving her advice . People don’t normally think of rats as heroes. In fact, rats have a pretty bad name as they are usually found in dirty places. Here are two stories that will hopefully change people’s minds about rats. Birgit Steich of Stuttgart, Germany and her family were asleep in their home one night when two burglars broke in. Gerd, the pet rat, who was hiding behind a bookcase jumped and landed with all four feet and sharp teeth on the face of one burglar. When Gerd was finished with the first burglar, he jumped on the other burglar’s leg and bit him hard on the leg. The family woke up from all the screaming and immediately called the police. When the police arrived, they discovered that these two burglars were wanted for many other burglaries. In Devon, England the Gumbley family was asleep in their home when Fido, an eight-month-old pet rat, smelled smoke in the middle of the night. Instead of running outside to safety, the rat went straight to nine-year- old Megan’s room. He started scratching the door until she woke up and realised that the house was on fire. Megan went to her parents’ bedroom and everyone managed to get out safely. Fido got a big piece of cheese for being a hero!   Hi! I’ve got a huge problem and I need your advice. There’s this new guy who came to work last week. He thinks he knows everything and he’s really bossy sometimes. I can’t stand working with him. He gets on my nerves and we have to work together all the time. What should I do? Mary    COLEGIO DEL SAGRADO CORAZÓN ENGLISH WORKSHOP (3 rd QUARTER TERM) Student´s name:______________________________Course:_____Date:_____________ Test 6 - Module 6 VOCABULARY A. Circle the correct words . 1.  My grandfather enjoys playing golf but I find it really normal / monotonous.   2.   We’ll have the ride / chance  to go parasailing during our h oliday. It’ll be great!   3.  What time do they usually rehearse / applaud  for the play? 4.  The police want to find all the differences / details  of the mysterious death of the famous actor. 5.   Sue didn’t like the film we saw yesterday. She found the cast / plot  unrealistic. 6.  Barton takes the ball and, yes, he scores / swings ! 7.  Pauline has cheered / changed   her mind and won’t come to the theme park with us.   8.  The hero finally takes revenge / action  for the death of his wife. 9.  Who stars / sets  in the new Tim Burton film,  Alice in Wonderland  ? 10.  There are a lot of children who have srcinal / imaginary  friends .  B. Complete the sentences with the prepositions in the box. in down across on back up out from 1.  Denise came some old school photos. 2.  You should book advance for the trip to Mexico. 3.  They tried to stop Jack going out in the rain. 4.  Mr Rowland checked of our hotel at noon today. 5.  I always depend my brother to help me with my Maths homework. 6.  Mark has never let any of his friends. He’s always been there for them.   7.  My father should give smoking. It’s not healthy.   8.  When will you bring me my digital camera?  COMMUNICATION Complete the dialogues with the phrases in the box. There is one extra phrase which you do not need to use. a.   I’m going to thrash you!   b.  I got a 50% discount. c.  What shall we do for the rest of the afternoon? d.   I’ve changed my mind.   e.  Check this out!  1. A:   I’m bored. ( 1 ) .   B:   Let’s play a tennis game on my new game console. I’m really good at it.   A:  Just good ? I’m the best. ( 2 ) .   B:  Yeah, yeah, OK. 2. A:  ( 3 ) .  B : What is it? A:   It’s my new aquarium.  
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