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   TEST DE EVALUARE INITIALAAnul scolar 2018-2019Limba englezaClasa a VIII-a L1  Pentru rezolvarea corecta a tuturor cerintelor din Partea I si din Partea a II-a se acorda90 de puncte. Din ofciu se acorda 10 puncte.   Timpul eectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute.PARTEA I ____ ( 60 de puncte)A.Read the statements 1-10. Say whether they are true or alse. (10x2p=20p)1.The frst stadium was built in 776 BC. 2.Wars stopped during the Olympic Games. 3.In the past, gladiators used to fght in stadiums. 4. Stadiums had not been built beore the 19 th  century. 5.Nowadays, only ootball, baseball and rock concerts are held in stadiums. 6.Only ootball matches were played at Wembley stadium in the past. 7.Mark Spitz came frst in fve dierent sports. 8.Lasse Viren led the 2000m race rom the start. 9.Many stadiums used to be castles in the past. 10.Stadiums are very common in cities nowadays. Legend has it that the frst sports stadium was built to hold the Olympic Games, which were created by the Greeks thousands o years ago. The frst recorded date is 776 BC but the stadium existed beore them. Athletes came rom many cities to compete, and fghting between nations stopped during the games. Stadiums, then become part o Greek and Roman culture and thousands o spectators oten gathered to see the athletes take part in sporting events or to watch gladiators fght. However, stadiums disappeared with the all o the Roman Empire and were not used again until towards the end o the 19 th  century. Since then, thousands o stadiums have beenbuilt in big cities all over the world, and everything rom ootball and baseball games to rock concerts are held in them. They have once again become places where legends are created and history is made. Wembley stadium in London was probably one o the most amous ootball stadiums in theworld. Many great events rom the spectacular 1966 World Cup to huge pop concerts and athletics championships were held there. In 1950, the historic World Cup between Brazil and Uruguay was played beore a crowd o 200.000 spectators in the gigantic Maracana Stadiumin Rio de Janeiro. The Olympiastadion in Munich was built or the 1972 Olympic Games whichwas when the amous swimmer Mark Spitz won seven gold medals and established fve world records. At the same games, in this stadium, Lasse Viren also became a hero. While in fth place in the 2000m race, he ell to the ground, but got up and eventually won a gold medal and set a world record. Stadiums are now a part o urban lie, oten standing tall in our cities like majestic castlesdid in the past. B.Circle the correct item (10x2p=20p).1.Mr. Brown is always………… with his students.a.patient b. responsible c. confdent2.A (an) ………diet includes lots o ruit and vegetables.a. elegant b. healthy c. modern  3.Mum…………. a flm at the watching b. watches c. watch4.Julie doesn’t take ……..sugar in her tea.a.many b. a lot c. much5.….. don’t you go to the doctor?a.What b. When c. Why6.I………to the sports club every Saturday.a . am going b. goes c. go7.We have tea but we……. to buy some sugar.a . should b. must c. need8.Are you amiliar………this book? b. with c. at9.I was watching TV when Cindy…………………a.arriving b. was arriving c. arrived10.They………..too ast and crashed into a wall.a.was driving b. have been driving c. were drivingC.Complete the exchanges. (5x4p=20p)a.In a wayb.I strongly believec.Why don’t you lie down or a whiled.I can’t stand ite.My back aches1.A: How do you eel about classical music?B: 2.You don’t look well. What’s wrong?B:3.Would you agree that Shane can be a bit selfsh at times?B:4.I’ve got a terrible headache.B:5.……………………………………..that lie is easier these days.B: Yes, you’re right.PARTEA a II-a (30 depuncte)D.You have just come back rom a holiday. Write a letter to a penriend telling him/her about your holiday (80-100 words). Write about:-Where you went and who with;-What you saw and did;-How you elt.   TEST DE EVALUARE INI Ţ IAL Ă  Limba englez ă  Clasa a VI- a L1BAREM DE EVALUARE Ş I DE NOTARE ã Se puncteaz ă  oricare alte formul ă ri/ modalit ăţ i de rezolvare corect ă  a cerin ţ elor. ã Nu se acord ă  punctaje intermediare, altele decât cele precizate explicit prin barem. ã S e acord ă  10 puncte din ociu. PARTEA I (60p) A. Reading comprehension (10x2p=20p)1.F; 2. T; 3. T; 4. F; 5. F; 6. F; 7.F; 8. F; 9 .F; 10. T B. Checking understanding and grammar: multiple choice (10x2p=20p). C. Checking understanding: gap fll(5x4p=20p) a II-a (30p)D.Writing skill practice8 points or correct grammar structures and connectors8 points or the use o appropriate vocabulary12 points or covering the aspects demanded by the task2 points or the general impression   Competen ţ e corespunz ă toare nivelurilor taxonomiceTeme/Con ţ inuturi/Concepte-cheie/Unit ăţ i tematiceVericareacorectitudiniiinformatiilorprezentate intr-untextDeducerea dincontext a unorcuvinte siidenticareatimpurilor verbaledin contextSurprinderea în ţ elesului unuicuvânt dintr-un context Relatarea unei experiente personale e-mail/letterExercitii de tip A/F pe baza unui text20 pActivit ăţ iCurente/ cotidiene si generale;timpuri ş i aspecteverbale20 pActivitate decompletare a unorspa ţ ii libere cu cuvintedate20pCopilul despre sine:Experiente personale30 pTOTAL20 p20 p20p30 p Matrice de specifca ţ ii
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