Involutions upon the Saturnian and Neptunian Karmic Influences

Involutions upon the Saturnian and Neptunian Karmic Influences: including elaborations of the interstellar conventions enhancing Chaos and other spiritual Movements, as they are affected by, and may be detrimental or beneficially collaborating along with the Masonic 'points chauds' 97[+] Degree Initiatic Occult System. Also introducing the 'Golden Bolt' divinatory sub-system in fully actuated circulation. This upload to the Von Kotterhausen library is the final edition that recaps and serves as completion point of a single Motion in Time, borne from the motives of the first upload on through the Equinox and Eclipse work, Lifting the Veil and all other field work prior. It serves as official documentation and provides creative solution blueprints that are confirmed and tested, based in true gnosis that is the personal to interpersonal experience and all willfully shared collected data from the author's archives.
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  Involutions upon the Saturnian and Neptunian Karmic Influences:  including elaborations of the interstellar conventions enhancing Chaos and other spiritual Movements, as they are affected by, and may be detrimental or beneficially collaborating along with the Masonic 'points chauds' ! #$ %egree Initiatic &ccult System (lso introducing the ')olden *olt' divinatory sub+system in fully actuated circulation On opening this work, it should be clarified and agreed upon that for any person or  persons who are occult involved – from dabbling to savvy – that the 'hot points', while being an initiatic priestly masonic system, are as commonplace in every mystical science as is the influences of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Mars, the elements, other galaxies, etc.So, the thrust of this work then is less about whether or not the person reading is involved in the occult, chaos magick, freemasonry andor !helema, olden #awn, an atheistic $ merely institutionally trained academic, or is 'washed in the blood of the %amb of od', but rather that everything listed and not listed has and is coming into contact and will be, and so public knowledge of the scribe work here is of interest to the &ommunity – occult and the bourgeoisie – to define better closure in the matter and the provision of relief to haunted parties.  !he title is lengthy, but this will be the most brief and have an element of immediacy, as so much of the foundation work is proven. or that very reason, the longer title, to be able to get around all the official formalities and drawn out introductions. %et's begin by the vehicle of the olden (olt spread and the very first that will be portrayed here and now, and that it isn't all the way throughout a drawing of cards divinatory event, but a premeditated structure based on specifics cards given in other ways by collaborators mentioned in both %ifting the )eil and further notes, which leaves a wide berth, but was as open source and *uality as everything else given up to now. +ecall the second rune which was documented on the actual artscience of &erridwen's &auldron, which was 'wesome -ower' changing into '+ecruiting llies'. exagram /0 and 1, respectively. 2t was an exciting moment to have those for the exact placement and time in all of the 3kstasis $ )ortex material. !hen, remember the inverted 4night of 5ands, who came back up in a larger picture of things to come after in another whole dimension, drawing the 4night of &ups right afterwords, writing the 'urther 6otes on %ifting !he )eil'. !hese two knights together became the 3kstasis  )ortex  metaeonic undertaking as &ups, and the !helemaMasonic hot points  ancient 'n primitive rite. (y this time, the 4night of wands was not in the inverted use, but the dignified, but came across this way so that the falling out and other dramas could be diagnosed and met with determination and foresight to the head and insight to the heart of the undoings. ll this is based in where vulnerabilities had occurred and where strengths could be better positioned and are more naturally suited. 2f we put no real effort or value in looking into all of that, why even bother getting involved at all7 8ust to show how graceful and composed we might present ourselves as we screw up in every way possible over and over until the end of days. 6ot on my '!o9do list', and it can be safely assumed we are all on the same page about that.  2n the way the hot points are spoken of above, it is fair to reflect the nature of art, science and mysticism garnered through 3kstasis and the )ortex are of the 'cool spirits' andso form some type of partnership in the familial link between the nationskingdoms, and in  graduation of that fact, not only all cool or hot ones as 'off9setting' to one another or the obvious, but that the )ortex – known also as the %apis – has necromantic functions, and so by default, that the 'dead cool' are in particular what we want to look at. 6ot only is it ancestral and cosmic, but is concerned primarily with honouring the 'slain warrior', in the vein and attrubutions of 6eith and rtemis and St. enevieve. ll other aspects of Maiden and the &auldrom mentioned, even in her function at the crossroads betwixt the living anddying and goings9on bardo related. s well as the true function of ghuede not going disrespected, as far as is concerned here. #o so at your own futility and ultimate tragedy in the 5ork. or, among them all, it is now of some displeasure that those negatively affected in the hot points system are being neglected, and as the dead are going dishonoured, disavowed, and disowned but for a leveraging of their service to promote a motto of 'Only the Strong', the one giving all this work now has been '&alled orth' and cleared as well as imbued with all the acting powers – by none other than yourselves, no less, a '#ead &hief' in your own encampment and resulting accepted 'new ghuede', to use a familiar term. Or even, 'resurrected :as a heavily upgraded and armed; archform'. 2 am one of the allen, andthe status of which among the collective of ought need no mentioning. <et, was elected for the task at hand under phenomenal or impossible or miraculous circumstances and events.2t turns out, some introduction was needed anyway...+ather than be intimidated and threatened, the mnemonic task is introduced as both opportunity and realignment as well as conveying all upgrades with certain understandings and responsibilities stipulated, ensuring the integrity of !helema and Masonry, as well as 5icca or &haos or anything else retain its srcinal intent and integrity.!hat should suffice as fair to everyone involved, which, is everyone with :especially occult; stature without exception.  &onsider it more as an invitation, but also basis for establishing the integrity of these streams of consciousness, and how we have been influencing each other, and will continueto do so to the end of days and then some, and how we might cultivate the best available approaches to one another, doing as little in=ury as possible> hopefully only reinforcing andsupporting each others' work and times, as we must all agree we are part of each others' 5ork and !imes . oldEn Bolt Oversoul Framework !he 3(O9rame begins with the +ider95aite deck draws that were the two 4nights aforementioned, but then what came through by way of communicating with the dead were offered o me through the !hoth deck, though not my first inclination for certain reasons, including being less comprehensively 'ready' with on the spot meanings or interpretations, 2 am definitely familiar with this deck, and can praise its craftsmanship and virtue, as well as preciseness and pragmatic potency. 2t simply is not the favoured choice in my own pursuits. !he parties offering the cards were doubtless 'into it', but also the collaborating deities had decided that it would bring further accord and diplomacy in the matters, to extend  your welcome here, and that you should feel comforted and reminded that all you exude in life is also received in other worlds and all bardos... 2t is called the Oversoul ramework as it's imperative and a centrifugal factor to every divination and psychic episode from here on out. (e it known or unknown, it is best to be discriminatory in knowing, as there is great honour in the reserved feeds of spreads that the practitioners engaging might be good enough to offer back. %et's feel free to start with Our %ady of &haos, then...
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