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   Applicant information Local & Community Empowerment Internship Centre for Sustainable Energy Page 1 Centre   for   Sustainable   Energy   Applicant   information   for   the   post   of    Internship   (Local   &   Community   Empowerment)   ref    LACE   01   At   the   Centre   for   Sustainable   Energy   these   are   exciting   times.   The   sustainable   use   of    energy   is   rarely   out   of    the   news,   whether   it   is   in   the   context   of    climate   change,   fuel   poverty,   renewable   energy,   or   low ‐ carbon   lifestyles.   In   this   context,   CSE’s   mission    –   to   share   our   knowledge   and   practical   experience   to   empower   people   to   change   the   way   they   think   and   act   about   energy    –   has   never   been   more   relevant.   We   now   have   the   opportunity   to   create   a   paid   internship   position   to   work   in   our   Local   &   Community   Empowerment   team   and   with   other   members   of    the   organisation   to   help   us   deliver   and   develop   our   activities.   The   internship   will   focus   on   providing   great   work   experience   and   an   opportunity   to   build   valuable   skills.   This   document   provides   information   on   CSE,   the   role,   and   how   to   apply.   What   we   do   CSE   was   founded   in   1979   as   the   Urban   Centre   for   Appropriate   Technology   and   in   2009   celebrated   30   years   of    helping   people   change   the   way   they   think   and   act   on   energy.   Over   the   years,   CSE   has   become   one   of    the   UK’s   leading   energy   agencies,   building   on   strong   local   and   regional   experience   to   develop   energy   initiatives   of    national   significance.   For   example:   ã   We   piloted   the   first   telephone ‐ based   energy   advice   service,   which   subsequently   became   the   model   for   the   Energy   Saving   Trust’s   national   network   of    advice   centres;   ã   Our   research   and   analysis   work   has   shaped   local,   regional   and   national   programmes   to   alleviate   fuel   poverty   and   enhanced   understanding   of    consumer   attitudes   towards   energy   use;   ã   We   have   a   national   reputation   for   excellent   training   in   energy   awareness   and   renewable   energy;   ã   We   developed   the   PlanLoCaL   project    –   a   flagship   programme   to   help   communities   engage   with   the   planning   system   and   develop   community ‐ owned   renewable   energy   installations.   Further   information   about   CSE   can   be   found   on   our   website:   Our   Operations   Staff    members   work   in   the   following   operational   teams:   ã   Household   Energy   Services   ã   Local   &   Community   Empowerment   ã   Research   &   Analysis   ã   Finance   &   Human   Resources;   and,   ã   Development   &   Communication.   Local   &   Community   Empowerment   Enabling   local   authorities   and   communities   to   develop   effective   responses   to   the   threat   of    climate   change   and   the   misery   of    cold   homes   has   always   been   central   to   CSE’s   work.   We   see   this   as   fundamental   to   achieving   the   social   change   required   to   transform   our   energy   system   to   suit   a   low     Applicant information Local & Community Empowerment Internship Centre for Sustainable Energy Page 2 carbon   future   and   to   deliver   a   fair   and    just   distribution   of    the   costs   and   benefits   of    such   a   transformation.   It   is   a   core   aspect   of    our   current   three   year   strategy.   The   increasing   national   political   emphasis   on   localism   and   community ‐ and   neighbourhood ‐ led   planning   provides   even   greater   impetus   for   this   work   and   creates   a   significant   opportunity   to   re ‐ engage   communities   with   local   place ‐ shaping   policy   and   decision ‐ making   and   embed   strong   sustainable   energy   priorities   into   that   work.   Empowering   local   authorities   and   communities   to   respond   effectively   to   the   opportunities   inherent   in   the   localism   agenda   requires   a   combination   of    advisory   support,   training,   strategic   knowledge   and   other   capacity   building   resources.   The   Local   &   Community   Empowerment   Team   develops   and   delivers   our   ‘low   carbon   localism’   work,   including   the   development   of    low ‐ carbon   planning   resources   ,   our   training   work,   strategic   support   activities   for   local   authorities,   and   other   existing   and   future   community   energy   project   support   work.   Examples   of    projects   within   the   Local   &   Community   Empowerment   team   are:   i)   PlanLoCaL   The   PlanLoCaL   (Planning   for   Low   Carbon   Living)   programme   is   a   programme   of    work   which   began   in   2009   and   includes   the   development   of    a   suite   of    major   resources   for   communities   to   help   them   engage   in   the   development   of    low ‐ carbon   local   plans,   as   well   as   a   DVD   resource   pack   that   supports   communities   in   the   development   of    community ‐ owned   renewable   energy   projects,   and   a   further   resource   pack   on   community ‐ led   energy   efficiency   and   Green   Deal   projects.   The   programme   also   includes   action   research   projects   in   developing   planning   policy   guidance   on   heritage   and   energy   efficiency,   as   well   as   work   to   develop   the   UK’s   first   Renewable   Energy   Action   Area.   The   programme   has   been   variously   funded   by   the   Department   for   Communities   and   Local   Government,   The   Department   of    Energy   and   Climate   Change   and   the   Joseph   Rowntree   Foundation.   ii)   Green   Open   Homes   This   project   is   funded   by   the   Department   of    Energy   and   involves   the   development   of    a   national   web ‐ hub   for   communities   wishing   to   run   ‘open ‐ doors’   projects   to   showcase   energy   efficiency   and   renewable   energy   projects   at   the   domestic   level.   The   project   also   includes   direct   financial   support   to   cover   some   of    the   running   costs   of    such   local   projects,   to   help   communities   across   England   to   emulate   the   success   of    pioneering   projects   in   this   area,   such   as   Bristol   Green   Doors.   These   projects   adhere   to   basic   principles   of    behaviour   change   which   demonstrate   that   people   are   more   likely   to   make   novel   or   complex   changes   to   their   homes   if    the   process   is   explained   to   them   in   a   peer ‐ to ‐ peer   learning   environment,   and   therefore   meeting   a   local   person   who   has   retrofitted   their   own   home   and   is   willing   to   demonstrate   this   in ‐ situ   is   more   powerful   than   generic   information   campaigns.   iii)   Less   is   More   CSE   is   working   with   Distribution   Network   Operator   (DNO)   Western   Power   Distribution   to   pilot   interventions   in   10   communities   attached   to   their   distribution   network.   Working   in   partnership   with   a   range   of    community   groups   and   energy   charities,   the   project   aims   to   get   communities   working   together   to   reduce   peak   demand   at   the   substation   level.   The   project   is   funded   by   Ofgem’s   Low   Carbon   Network   Fund   and   aims   to   produce   a   replicable   method   for   reducing   peak   and   overall   energy   demand   on   subsections   of    the   national   electricity   network.     Applicant information Local & Community Empowerment Internship Centre for Sustainable Energy Page 3 Job   details   The   main   focus   of    this   role   is   to   assist   in   delivering   the   Local   &   Community   Empowerment   projects.   The   Local   &   Community   Empowerment   Team   has   a   very   ‘front ‐ facing’   role   and   as   such   the   intern   will   be   expected   to   assist   with   the   delivery   of    public   consultation   meetings   and   training   sessions,   along   with   engagement   with   elected   politicians,   civil   servants   and   local   authority   officers.   The   nature   of    the   work   often   means   evening   and   weekend   events.   The   role   will   also   involve   some   administrative   tasks   such   as   data   inputting   and   general   admin   based   project   support.   We   are   looking   for   someone   who   is   an   excellent   communicator,   a   ‘people   person’   with   an   enthusiasm   for   pushing   forward   the   development   of    local   low ‐ carbon   activity,   who   is   keen   to    join   a   busy   team   at   the   forefront   of    CSE’s   work.   Person   specification   Essential   skills   and   experience   ã   An   understanding   of    sustainable   energy   and   fuel   poverty   and   a   commitment   to   CSE’s   work   ã   Commitment   and   enthusiasm   for   public   engagement   and   community   consultation   work   ã   A   basic   understanding   of    renewable   energy   systems    –   solar,   biomass,   wind,   AD   and   hydro   ã   Strong   communication   skills,   both   written   and   verbal   and   the   ability   to   present   to   a   wide   range   of    audiences   ã   Competent   using   Microsoft   Office;   Word,   Excel   and   Outlook   on   a   regular   basis   ã   Strong   administrative   skills   and   a   willingness   to   undertake   routine   administrative   tasks   with   high   levels   of    accuracy   and   reliability   ã   Experience   of    updating   and   maintaining   electronic   information   systems   ã   Excellent   time   management   and   organisational   skills   ã   Ability   to   work   flexibly   and   manage   competing   priorities   ã   Self    motivation   and   initiative,   with   the   ability   to   work   unsupervised   and   as   part   of    a   team   ã   You   will   need   to   be   able   to   make   12   months   commitment   to   the   internship   and   understand   that   work   is   likely   to   be   required   outside   of    the   9 ‐ 5   office   routine.   ã   Clean   driving   licence   (car)   and   a   willingness   to   drive   to   meetings   and   events   as   required   (due   to   the   remote   nature   of    venues   etc).   Car   ownership   not   required.   Desirable   skills   and   experience   ã   An   understanding   of    energy   efficiency   measures   and   technologies   for   domestic   properties   and   community ‐ scale   buildings   (such   as   village   halls).   ã   An   understanding   of    the   Green   Deal   ã   Experience   of    programming   databases   and/or   web   design   Pay   and   conditions   This   paid,   full ‐ time   (37.5   hours   per   week)   internship   is   for   a   fixed   term   of    12   months.   The   salary   for   the   role   will   be   £295   per   week.   You   will   be   entitled   to   25   days   paid   holiday   (plus   statutory   holidays).   We   will   pay   fees   and   expenses   for   attendance   on   relevant   training   courses,   and   any   expenses     Applicant information Local & Community Empowerment Internship Centre for Sustainable Energy Page 4 incurred   in   the   course   of    work   will   be   reimbursed   in   accordance   with   CSE’s   standard   staff    expenses   policy.   Application   procedure   Applications   should   be   made   on   the   application   form,   available   at   Your   application   should   demonstrate   how   your   skills   and   experience   relate   to   the   person   specification   (above).   CVs   and   supporting   letters   will   not    be   considered   as   part   of    the   application   process .   The   front   sheet   of    the   application   form   containing   personal   information   will   be   removed   prior   to   the   details   of    the   form   being   read   by   the   selection   panel.   Please   email   your   completed   application   form   to   The   closing   date   for   applications   is   12.00   noon   on   Monday   4   August   2014 .   If    you   have   not   heard   from   CSE   by   Monday   11   August,   please   assume   that   your   application   has   been   unsuccessful   Interviews   will   take   place   on   20   and   21   August   at   our   office   in   Bristol.   We   expect   the   intern   to   begin   work   some   time   in   September   2014.  
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