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  LESSON PLAN IN TLE COMPUTER HARDWARE AND SERVICING GRADE 8 I.   OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to: a.   Identify the components of a system unit; b.   Describe the function of each component of a system unit II.   SUBJECT MATTER: Topic: COMPONENTS OF A SYSTEM UNIT References: Computer Hardware Servicing Module Materials: Jigsaw Puzzle LCD Projector Laptop III.   PROCEDURES: TEACHERS ACTIVITY LEARNERS ACTIVITY A.   Classroom Routine Opening Prayer Our father who are in heaven……..  (The teacher will call one student to lead the Prayer) Good Morning Class! Good Morning Ma’am ! Please be seated. Thank You Ma’am.   Who are absent today? There’s no absent Ma’am.   Review/Recall Class, last meeting we’ve discussed the Computer is a data processing machine…  meaning of personal computer. Anyone from the class who can give me the summary of what we’ve discussed?  Ok! Very good! Energizer/ Drill Jigsaw Puzzle Class I have here a scrambled pictures. All You have to do is to arrange them into its correct form. I will group you into three groups. You are given five minutes to do the activity. The first group who can solve the puzzle will be given a reward. Are you ready? Yes Ma’am    B.   ACTIVITY Class do you have any idea about the components of a system unit? Kindly Answer the Pre  –  Test. PRE  –   TEST Direction: Match the pictures in column A With its corresponding name in column B. Column A Column B 1. 2. 3. a.   Adapter b.   motherboard c.   primary storage  4. 5. 6. 7. d.   system unit e.   power supply unit f.   central processing unit g.   expansion bus   Class let us check the result of your pre  –  test. C.   ANALYSIS TEACHER’S ACTIVITY   STUDENT’S ACTIVITY   There are different components of a system unit. Do you know what’s in the picture?  You are correct! Very Good! How about this picture? That’s right!  How about this picture? You are correct! System unit  –  the main part of a microcomputer, sometimes called chassis. Motherboard/ Mainboard/ System Board - the main circuit board of a computer. It contains all the circuits and components that run the computer. CPU (Central Processing Unit)  –  the processor is the main “brain or heart” of a computer performs all of the instructions and calculations that are needed and manages the flow of information through a computer.
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