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  CRAIG’S HOUSE  1. True or false?  1. Craig lives in a house. 2. There are four rooms. 3. There is a balcony. 4. It isn't possible to see the sea. 5. There are three beds. 6. It is expensive to live there. 2. Answer the questions 1. Who lives with Craig? 2. What can they see from the balcony? 3. What furniture do they have? 4. Where's the small bed? 5. Why does Craig like living there? 3. Complete the text Hello. My name's Craig. I live in Valencia, Spain with my ___________ lady, Angeles, and we live in a ________________. Erm… our flat has four rooms, no _________________, but we have a balcony and a lovely view of the sea. There are only the two of us living in the flat, and we have some lovely  ______________ , a ________________ desk and a computer. We don't have a television. There's a big bed, and a small bed in the _________________ room. I like it because there's a _________________ from the sea, and it's also very  _____________.  Andie’s job  1.  Andie is a) a taxi driver b) an office worker c) a social worker 2.  She speaks a) Spanish b) Danish c) Turkish 2. Answer the questions 1.  What does Andie like about her job? She likes working with 2.  What does she dislike (not like) about it? 3.  Andie discribes her work as a)exciting b)boring c)serious d)interesting 4. In her job, Andie speaks Spanish a)sometimes b)never c)only with children d)every day 5.  If Andy changed her job, she would maybe like to work in a)teaching b)the police  c)the sea d)men’s clothes   3. Complete the text - Hello Andie, welcome to Mansión Inglés. Andie, what do you do for a ? - I’m a social worker.  - Really? Erm..what do you like about your ? - Erm..I like working with families and kids.  - Ah-huh..and is there you dislike about it? - It’s very stressful.  - Why is it stressful? - Because we have to fill out a lot of papers, and because it’s very serious .  - Right. you speak any other ? - Spanish.  - Really? - !  - you your Spanish for your job? - Yes every day, . I work with a lot of Spanish speaking  families. And it’s a big asset that I speak Spanish in my job.  - Hmm..okay. And finally, if you were not a social worker, what do you think you would like to do, as a career change? - I have no . Maybe..erm..oh gosh..maybe teaching or erm..oh.. policy. I’d like to work in policy.  - Right, thank you very much.    Buying a Sandwich 1. Check the words you heard crisps bacon cheese milk tomato ham Kit Kat Coke biscuit bread lettuce sugar eggs 2. Answer the questions a) What does the man ask at first? b) What king of bread does the man ask? c) The man ask three more things apart the sandwich, what else? d) What is the problem at the end? e) Name three ingredients of the sandwich f) What is the price?
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