Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Preliminary Program

May Singapore SpineWeek Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Preliminary Program 1 Monday, May 16th Scientific Program Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room ASSI F-MARC PASS CAOS AFRICA SPINE 10.00
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May Singapore SpineWeek Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Preliminary Program 1 Monday, May 16th Scientific Program Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room ASSI F-MARC PASS CAOS AFRICA SPINE Break ASSI N-SPINE PASS CAOS AFRICA SPINE Lunch break + Industry workshops ASSI N-SPINE PASS AFRICA SPINE Break ASSI N-SPINE PASS AFRICA SPINE 2 3 Room 1 Room 1 Session 1: Trauma Chairs: Bhojraj S. (IN) & Hardikar S. M. (IN) The thoracolumbar AOSpine injury score Vialle L. (BR) Role of MISS in thoracolumbar fractures Is there any advantage? Defino H. (BR) Burst fractue without neurodeficit Is there role of surgery at all? Kekre P. (IN) Neglected cervical facetal dislocations How to go about it Mulukutta R. (IN) Discussion Session 2: ASSI position statement Protocol for radiological evaluation in SCI Working towards a consensus Chhabra H.S. (IN) & panel Break Association of Spine Surgeons of India Session 3: Lumbar degenerative Chairs: Kekre P. (IN) & Ingalhalikar V.T. (IN) Lateral approach for lumbar interbody arthrodesis Indications, techniques and adverse events Bains R. (US) Choice of fusion levels in complex lumbar canal stenosis The importance of sagittal parameters Hegde S. (IN) Current classification systems for spondylolisthesis and treatment recommendations Chadda R. (IN) Minimally Invasive Lumbar TLIF surgeries without use of dedicated percutaneous implant system A feasibility study Sree Harsha C.K., Venkata Ramakrishna T. (IN) Single incision mini-open TLIF A modified minimally invasive technique Clinico-radiological comparison with traditional open tlif a prospective randomized study Gupta P., Acharya S., Kalra K.L., Chahal R.S., Palukuri N. (IN) Reduction of high grade spondylolisthesis: A technique by posterior only approach using monosegmental, non-reduction polyaxial pedicle screw instrumentation Vijay S., Mahesh B.H., Upendra B.N., Arun K. (IN) Level of concomitant back pain as a predictor of outcome after single level lumbar micro-decompressive surgery A study of 995 patients Sethi G., Choudhry M.N., Fischer B., Divecha H.M., Leach J., Arnall F., Verma R., Yasin N., Mohammad S., Siddique I. (UK) Lunch break + Industry workshops Session 5: Tumor Chairs: Hedge S. (IN) & Mulukutla R.D. (IN) Management algortithm for the metatstatic spine When should surgey be avoided Zaveri G. (IN) Spinal tumors in children Presentation, evaluation and treatment Chatterjee S. (IN) Vertebral hamangiomatous lesions Evaluation and guidlelines of management Shetty A. (IN) Discussion Association of Spine Surgeons of India Session 6: Research/publications Sacropelvic instrumentations What has changed in the recent years? Sengupta D. (IN) Discussion Case Discussions Session 4: Free papers I: Lumbar degenerative/minimally invasive spine surgery Chairs: Kekre P. (IN) & Ingalhalikar V.T. (IN) Comparative study of various minimally invasive lumbar discectomy procedures and open discectomy based on clinical outcome, muscle injury markers and postoperative imaging changes Venkata Ramesh C.V., Chandramowliswara P.B., Ravi K., Lakshmi A.Y., Venkataramana B. (IN) Most cited papers from India Garg B. (IN) International Research Awards won by Indians Upendra B.N. (IN) How to build up a database for spinal research Agarwal D. (IN) Discussion 4 5 Room 1 Room 1 Session 7: Free papers II: Miscellaneous Are we ready for transfusing intraoperative salvaged blood in metastatic spine tumour surgery Kumar N., Zaw A.S., Ahmed Q., Lee V., Kumar A., Wong H.K. (SG) Cageplasty: A novel technique for the trans-pedicular reconstruction of central body lesions Agnivesh T., Dalvie S.S., Saini P., Shethna S.P., Shah Y. (IN) Do thoracolumbar fractures warrant more than fixation Avinash K., Satish K., Sachin K., Selvamari M. (IN) Vacuum Assisted Closure (V.A.C.) in postoperative infections after instrumented spine surgery Padalkar P. (IN) Challenges in comprehensive management of SCI in India & Asia: Findings of a survey of experts, patients and consumers Saurabh V. (IN) Discussion Session 8: Free papers III: Complications in spine surgery Predictors / risk factors of poor outcome following an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion - A study of 498 patients Gagan S., McLaughlin S.I., Rajat V., Naveed Y., Saeed M., Irfan S. (IN & UK) Complications of transforaminal lumber interbody fusion (TLIF) Kundnani V. (IN) Prevention of PJK and PJF Biomechanics research Basankin I.V., Takhmazyan K.K., Afaunov A.A., Shapovalov V.K., Malakhov S.B., Ponkina O.N. (RU) Comparison of incidence of adjacent segment pathology between single level posterolateral & interbody fusion group of patients Mehata H., Bhojraj S., Chaddha R., Nene A., Nagad P., Patel P., Kashikar A., Akbary K., Kumar N. (IN) Lumbar fusion in elderly with comorbidities, is it safe? Vijay S., Mahesh B.H., Upenra B.N., Kumar A. (IN) Discussion Association of Spine Surgeons of India Session 9: Cervical spine / CVJ Chairs: Acharya S. (IN) & Dave B. (IN) Congenital AAI and basilar invagination Related embroyology, evaluation and current treatment protocols Srivastava S. (IN) C5 palsies after cervical decompressions Incidence, pathogenesis, prognosis and tips of prevention Acharya S. (IN) Access related complications of anterior cervical surgery Babu N. (IN) Choice of surgery in OPLL How to deal with the surgical complications? Kawaguchi Y. (JP) Discussion Association of Spine Surgeons of India Debate Free band pedilce screws in the cervical spine is absolutely safe For and against Bijawara M. (IN) & Kumar V. (IN) Session 10: Free papers IV: Cervical spine Perforations and angulations of 324 cervical medial cortical pedicle screws: A possible guide to avoid lateral perforations with use of pedicle screws in lower cervical spine Mahesh B., Upendra B., Vijay S., Arun G.C. (IN) Identification and validation of self-screening tests for endemic cervical myelopathy Naresh-Babu J. (IN) Transforaminal approach in the cervical spine along with use of cervical pedicle screws Is it safe? Mahesh B., Upendra B., Vijay S., Arun K.G.C. (IN) Is lordosis mandatory for planning a posterior decompressive laminectomy in multisegmental cervical spondylotic myelopathy? Evaluation of results with respect to cord shift, postoperative kyphosis and neurological recovery Minimum 5 yr follow-up Patel P.M., Bhojraj S.Y., Nagad P., Kashikar A.K., Kumar N., Akbary K., Prasad G., Hrushikesh M., Jain A. (IN) Break Evaluation of spinal cord compression on T2-weighted sequences in patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy using flexion-extension MRI Phadke K., Moolya S., Chhabra H.S. (IN) Discussion 6 7 Room 1 Room 2 Session 12: Free papers V: Cervical spine Fusion subsidence and alignment in cervical stand alone cage up to 3 levels Dalvie S., Kothari M.K., Tikoo A., Saini P., Shethna S., Shah Y. (IN) Accuracy of a dynamic surgical guidance probe for screw insertion in the cervical spine: A cadaveric study Dixon D., Darden B., Casamitjana J., Weismann K., Powell D., Baluch D. (USA & CL) Transarticular fixation in paediatric population ( 8 yrs) A new challenge!! Kundnani V. (IN) Socio-economic impact of cervical spinal cord injury operated in patients with lower income group Modi H., Goel S., Dave B., Patel P. (IN) Algorithms for the effective management of various sub-axial cervical fracture types: Experts clinical consensus Karthik K. (IN) Discussion Association of Spine Surgeons of India FIFA Medical and Research Centre Symposium: Spine & Football Chairs: Dvorak J. (CH) & Mayer M Epidemiology of trunk and spine injuries in FIFA competitions Junge A. (DE) Epidemiology of back pain in youth soccer players and risk assessment for back pain in soccer Schneider Ch., Mayer M., Dvorak J. (CH) The prevalence of back pain in retired professional footballers compared with the general UK male population Fernandes G.S., Parekh S.M., Fuller C.W. (UK), Batt M.E., Zhang W., Doherty M Disc herniations in professional football players Mayer M Spondylolysis The hidden pathology in youth football players Mayer M Concept and background of FIFA 11+ prevention programme, RCT s on male, female and children population Bizzini M. (CH) Evaluation of the effect of the FIFA 11+ training programme on isometric force and functional balance of the trunk Schneider Ch., Mayer M Head and neck injuries in FIFA competitions Junge A. (DE) Cervical spine disorders in retired professional football players Dvorak J. (CH) On pitch management of head and neck injuries (Incl. concussion) Feddermann N. (DE), Dvorak J. (CH) Break 8 9 Room 2 Room 2 NSpine Symposium: Sex and the spine All you ever wanted to know about sex and the spine but were afraid to ask Session 1 Chair: Boszczyk B. (UK) Welcome and introduction to sexual health Boszczyk B. (UK) & Lee M. (SG) History taking using validated sexual health assessment forms in clinical practice Dunstan E. (UK) Cultural barriers to sexual history taking Ismael M. (IT) Sexual health in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis Soh R. (SG) Body image and sexual health Lee M. (SG) Surgical scars matter The impact on body image and sexual health in women Hernandez-Sanchez I. (UK) & Czyz M. (UK) Panel discussion Lunch break + Industry workshops Session 2 Chair: Dunstan E. (UK) Sexual dysfunction and low back pain An underdiagnosed problem? Dunstan E. (UK) NSpine Session 3 Chair: Tsegaye M. (UK) Physiology of female and male sexuality Lee M. (SG) Understanding anterior spinal surgery hypogastric plexus lesions in men and women Boszczyk B. (UK) Survey results on female sexual disorders arising from anterior spinal surgery Hernandez-Sanchez I. (UK) & Czyz M. (UK) Cauda equina syndrome and sexual health Tsegaye M. (UK) Treatment options in men with sexual dysfunction arising from neural injury Tan R. (SG) Treatment concepts and techniques in sexual therapy Lee M. (SG) Panel discussion Close Spinal biomechanics of sex Ismael M. (IT) Returning to sexual activity following spinal surgery Dunstan E. (UK) Positional aids and techniques to minimise spinal impact during sexual activity Lee M. (SG) Panel discussion Break 10 11 Room 3 Room 3 Session 1: Degenerative lumbar Chairs: Abushaala A. (LY) & Elhawary Y. (EG) Lecture: MIS lumbar spine Alves O. (PT) Free papers Mini open lumbar discectomy, long term follow up Benzakour T., Benzakour A. (MA) Instrumented reduction and TLIF for adult grade four isthmic spondylolisthesis Salah H. (EG) Years results with interlaminar disc assistance implant IntraSPINE Guizzardi G. (IT) Discussion Debate: Low grade spondylolisthesis Interbody fusion needed? Always... - Alves O. (PT) Sometimes... - Elhawary Y. (EG) Case scenarios Abushaala A. (LY) Presentation of 5 cases Break Session 2: Tumors Chairs: Batterjee K. (SA) & Elzoubi Z. (JO) Lecture: En-bloc vertebrectomy When & how Salah H. (EG) Free papers Complete intra-lesional resection for aneurysmal bone cyst of the spine - A personal experience of 15 consecutive patients Salah H. (EG) Metastatic spinal tumors - Surgical strategy Brodzinsky Z. (AE) Discussion Pan Arab Spine Society Debate: Thoracolumbar metastases: Corpectomy? Commonly needed - Emran I. (EG) Rarely needed - Salah H. (EG) Case scenarios Salah H. (EG) Presentation of 5 cases Lunch break + Industry workshops Session 3: Spinal infections Chairs: Kharat K. (LB) & Salah H. (EG) Lecture: Spinal TB management challenges Past to present Elhawary Y. (EG) Free paper Management of postoperative spine wound infections using vacuum assisted closure (VAC) therapy Lee R.S. (UK) Discussion Debate: Surgery for thoracolumbar spinal TB: Anterior vs posterior surgery Anterior surgery - Alzobi Z. (JO) Posterior surgery - Elsebae H. (EG) Combined anterior & posterior surgery - Batterjee K. (SA) Case scenarios Emran I. (EG) Presentation of 5 cases Break Pan Arab Spine Society Session 4: Complications Chairs: Alves O. (PT) & Elsebae H. (EG) Lecture: Managements of dural tears AbuShaala A. (LY) Debate: Local vancomycin for infection prevention For - Batterjee K. (SA) Against - Lee R. (UK) My worst case Salah H. (EG) Presentation of 5 cases Wrap up & Adjourn 12 13 Room 4 Room Welcoming address & introduction of CAOS Liang Y. (CN) Session 1 Chairs: Rong L. (CN) & Zhao J. (CN) The fate of L5/S1 disc after long fusion to L5 in degenerative scoliosis Hai Y. (CN) Minimally invasive correction of degenerative deformity: Preliminary EOS study Liang Y. (CN) Selective thoracic fusion for scoliosis with Chiari malformation and syringomyelia: 2-11 Years follow-up Yu K. (CN) Adult scoliosis patients with pre-operative frontal imbalance: Options for surgical management Liu Z. (CN) Posterior unilateral pedicle subtraction osteotomy of hemivertebra and short segment fusion for correction of the adolescent/adult congenital spinal surgery Li X. (CN) Discussion Break Chinese Association of Orthopedic Surgeons Session 2 Chairs: Hai Y. (CN) & Wang H. (CN) The anatomical studies of bony structures atlas and options for the internal fixation Wang H. (CN) Session 3: Free papers Chairs: Hai Y. (CN) & Wang H. (CN) Diagnosis and treatment of vertebral hemangiomas with neurologic deficit: A report of 39 cases Jiang L., Liu X.G., Wei F., Liu Z.J. (CN) Unilateral posterior vertebral column resection for severe thoracolumbar kyphotic deformity caused by old compressive vertebrae fracture Wang H., Ding W.Y. (CN) Unplanned reoperation of lumbar spinal surgery during the primary admission: A multicenter study based on a large patient population Huang S.H., Liu Z.L., Liu J.M., Deng H.L. (CN) Bundled multi-segment rib graft in anterior column reconstruction after thoracic tuberculosis debridement Wang Q., Xu S., Wang G., Yang J. (CN) Lower learning difficulty and fluoroscopy reduction of transforamimal percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy with an accurate preoperative location method Fan G., Zhang H., He S. (CN) Discussion Chinese Association of Orthopedic Surgeons Closing remarks Liang Y. (CN) Lunch break + Industry workshops Measurement of lumbar intervertebral space height in normal adults and definition of high lumbar intervertebral space Zhao J. (CN) Postoperative contralateral radiculopathy following MIS-TLIF Rong L. (CN) Disc herniation resorption after cervical laminoplasty Wu W. (CN) Percutaneous anterior odotoid screw fixation: Technique and long-term results in 122 patients Discussion 14 15 Room 5 Room 5 Session 1: Trauma Chairs: Benzakour T. (MA), N dri Oka D. (CI) & Moumouni A.E.K. (TG) Introduction of the AfricaSpine sessions Benzakour T. (MA), Otsyeno F. (KE), Chliyah M. (MA), Moumouni A.E.K. (TG), Fawzy M. Khattab M. (EG), Hamidani M. (DZ), Sakho Y. (SN), N dri Oka D. (CI) Treatment of odontoid fractures by anterior odontoid screw fixation Salah H., Elhawary Y. (EG) Acute torticollis Kornah B.A. (EG) Thoracolumbar fractures, posterior fixation Benzakour T., Benzakour A. (MA) Safety and efficacy of percutaneous non-canulated transpedicular screws fixation (TPSF) for thoracolumbar fractures El-Meshtawy M. (EG) Percutaneous stabilization of thoracic and lumbar spine fractures Salah H., Elhawary Y. (EG) Comparison between minimally invasive versus open TLIF in treatment of spondylolisthesis Fawzy M. Khattab M., Shaker H. (EG) Minimally invasive percutaneous ilioileal fixation Fawzy M. Khattab M., Saoud A., Sallam A. (EG) Panel discussion Break Africa Spine Session 2: Degenerative & deformity Chairs: Chliyah M. (MA), Alzoubi Z.M. (JO) & Elhawary Y. (EG) Cervical disc replacement Kornah B.A. (EG) Single-stage combined posterior-anterior decompression and instrumented fusion for management of cervical pathologies Abdeen K., Zidan I., Farhoud A. (EG) Study of functional outcome of anterior cervical decompression and fusion using tricortical iliac bone graft for degenerative cervical spondylotic myelopathy with modified Japanese orthopedic association score Sharma A., Singh V. (IN) Management of early aggressive scoliosis Alzoubi Z.M. (JO) Interspinous vs new interlaminar device in the lumbar DDD Guizzardi G. (IT) Pseudo sciatica, extra spinal causes of sciatica Kornah B.A. (EG) Keynote invited speaker lecture Spinal tuberculosis in Africa, the third killer Elhawary Y. (EG) Panel discussion Lunch break + Industry workshops Session 3: Infections & miscellaneous Chairs: Otsyeno F. (KE), Fawzy M. Khattab M. (EG) & Kornah B.A. (EG) Spine surgery under spinal anaesthesia Fawzy M. Khattab M., El Hawary Y., Montaser A. (EG) Solitary plasmacytoma of the spine: Piecemeal excision followed by radiotherapy Abdel-Wanis M.E. (EG) En-block sacrectomy by combined anterior and posterior approach for sacral chordoma Naresh-Babu J., Bihani M., Anil-Babu P. (IN) Complications of spinal surgery Kornah B.A. (EG) Prognostic factors affecting clinical outcome of selective dorsal root ganglion pulsed radiofrequency for patients with discogenic sciatica Fawzy M. Khattab M., Khedr A.S., Awad T.E. (EG) Implant infections; Comparison between the use of stainless steel and titanium spinal implants Otsyeno F., Mwangi G.P. (KE) Single stage posterior only approach in surgical treatment of spinal tuberculosis Vishnu Prasath C.S. (IN) Combined anterior and posterior versus all posterior approach for surgical treatment of thoracolumbar tuberculosis: An analysis of our outcomes Otsyeno F. (KE) Panel discussion Break Africa Spine Pedicle-based posterior dynamic stabilization for the lumbar spine: Motion preserving technique Abdeen K., Shanab M. (EG) 16 17 Room 5 Africa Spine Session 4: Symposium on spinal metastases : Diagnosis & treatment Chairs: Hamidani M. (DZ), Sakho Y. (SN) & Abdel-Wanis M.E. (EG) Introduction and fundamental issues Benzakour T. (MA) Clinical diagnosis and imaging Otsyeno F. (KE) Treatment of spinal metastases: Chemotherapy and radiotherapy / Posterior and anterior surgical approaches Chliyah M. (MA) Surgical cementoplasty on metastasis management / Vertebroplasty kyphoplasty N dri Oka D. (CI) Percutaneous selective vertebroplasty: State-of-the-art management in well confined metastatic vertebral lesions Elnoamany H. (EG) Results of treatment / Prognosis and indications Hamidani M. (DZ) Neurosurgeon point of view on prostate cancer spine metastatis Senegalese experience Sakho Y., Gaye M.G., Fondo A., Mahmadou A., Jalloh, Ndoye M., Labou, Niang L., Gueye S.M. (SN) Conclusions Benzakour T. (MA) Panel discussion Adjourn of the AfricaSpine sessions Benzakour T. (MA), Otsyeno (KE), Chliyah M. (MA), Moumouni A.E.K. (TG), Fawzy M. Khattab M. (EG), Hamidani M. (DZ), Sakho Y. (SN), N dri Oka D. (CI) Tuesday, May 17th Scientific Program Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room ASSI KSSS PASS ESJ Break ASSI KSSS PASS ESJ Lunch break + Industry workshops ISSLS FOCUS- GROUP ISSLS FOCUS- GROUP ASSI ISSLS PASS BSS & SILACO SMISS Break ASSI ISSLS PASS BSS & SILACO SMISS 18 19 Room 1 Room 1 Association of Spine Surgeons of India Session 1: ASSI Award presentations Chairs: Chaddha R. (IN) & Chhabra H.S. (IN) ASSI Presidential oration ASSI - Clinical Research Award: Validation of simplified sub axial cervical and thoraco lumbar spine fracture classification systems Chhabra H.S. (IN) ASSI - Basic Science Research Award: Role of human umbilical cord blood stem cells and neural stem cells in neuronal regeneration and functional restoration: A comparative study in male adult rats with acute spinal cord injuries Sinha S. (IN) ASSI - Young Investigators Award: Analysis of spinopelvic parameters with L5 is the new sacrum after fusion in high grade spondylolisthesis - An explanation of satisfactory results with in-situ fusion Aiyer S.N. (IN) ASSI - Publication Award - Best Paper: Genetic susceptibility of lumbar degenerative disc disease in young Indian adults Rajasekharan S. (IN) IASA/ASSI - Research Award: Correlation of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) tractography with neurological status in patients with dorsal spine tuberculosis with neurodeficit and its role in predicting postoperative neurological recovery Kumar K. (IN) Session 2: VTI Gold Medal Papers How does the sagittal profile change with lumbar surgical
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