Marx's Theory of Alienation

lkfarx's ~heo~ ~ Alienation by Istvan 1I-i6&zaros M ERI.IN PRESS lONDON © The Merlin Press L, 48
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  by Istvan1I-i6&zaros lkfarx's ~heo~~ Alienation MERI.INPRESS lONDON  © TheMerlinPressL,<l 19io Published by The Medin PressLed,11Fit:l:raySquare,London,\'V.I I. ,] PrintedinGreat Brttain lry Clarke,Doblc'andBrc;.nrloJlLimited PIYJl1( J\lt.h Qr5 03~IJ 84 Contents PREli'ACE lNTRODUC'rION PARTI ORIGINSANDSTRUCTUREOFTHEMARXIAN THEORY ClwP/ /r-: o{ tlccConceptofAlienation '1' 1.The J udeo-ChristianApproach2.Alienation as UniversalSaleability 3.HistoricityandtheRiseofAnthropology 4.The End of UncriticalPositivism ~nesisofMarx'sTh.eoryofAlienation l.Marx'sDoctoralThesisandHisCritiqueof theModernState2_TheJewish Questionand theProblem of German Emancipation 3..Marx's EncounterwithPolitical Economy 4.MonisticMaterialism 5.TheTransformationofHegel'sJdeaof Activity 87 ' Conceptu.a/StructureofMarx'sTheoryofAlienation93 LFoundations f theMarxianSystem93ConceptualFrameworkofMarx's Alienation Alii-nation andTeleology 5 Theoryof Page 9 11 27 21l 33 36 48 6666 70 76 84  Ii CONTl<NTSPART Jl ASPECTSOFALIENATION ClJaptlIr IV EconomicAstects 1. MaP<'.CritiqueofPoliticalEconomy 2.FromPartialtoUniversalAlienation3. From Politicalto EconomicAlienation 4.Divisionand Alienation 01 Labour; Oompetitionand Reification J 5. Alienated Labourand Human Nature v Political,A.fl,cets (])propertyRci:.,.tiolls2.CapitalisticOb jectificatioll andrrecdom3.Political NegatiunoftheNegation and EnlUncipatjoll Pd-/iC 123 123 130 136 vt OntologicalandMoral Aspects ,lG2 1. The Self-mediating]leingofNature 162 2. The LimitsofFreedom163 3. HumanAttributes168 ~ 4. TheAlienation ofHumanPowcã.,.173ã 5. MeansandEnds,Necessityand Fre... dom: the PracticalPl'og.-a11lIlleofHumanEmancipation H.lO 6.Legality, Moralityand Education 100 VII Ae.,lheti,;Aspects 1.Meaning,Valueand NCClI: anAnttuopmnorphic Framework ofEvaluation2.Marx'sConceptofRealisru 3.The Emancipationof 'tileHl1ln~,lJi Senses 4.P,'oductiona:ndCon~ul1\ptiollandThe-irRelationtoArt 0;. 'I11e·SigLlificanceofAestheticEducation 1!.i1151 154 159190190 195 200, 205210 Ijl'N'I'F,NT:-:I ' An1'III (JONTI~MI>()RARYSIGNIFlCANCEOF MARX'STH£ORYOF ALlENA'HON (~' ~l*r VIIl T'kaContr<!oeT5Y about Marx I. YoungMarx versus Mature Marx 2, Philosophy versus Political ~cmlOmy 3.Marx's Intellectual Development ~& Theory of AlienationandPhil ,;opIlYofHistory IX. Intfivid a[andSociety G Capitalist Development andtheCultof the Individual 31 IndividualandCollectivity 3' Self-mediationofthe Social Individual x Aliena!i na. dtheCrL,i.,ofEdueotum 1. Educatio!l~lUtopias2-TheCrisisofEducation Nlrt'ES l\illl,lOUR/\PHY '7 Page 217 217227 232 241 254 254 267 276 2e9 290 299 313 343 351  Preface I am indebtedto 'friends andcolleagqeswhoofferedhelpful ~~('Hli !L~manyofwhichhavebeenincorporatedin some form ill t l.., Iiual draft.1'.,,'li,-ul..rthanksaredueto my friends,ArnoldHauserand ( ~U'I' C:<L'IQShosecriticismandencouragementprovedinvaluable.Myg'l'('alcstindebtedness is tomyoidteacherandfriend,George1.1Ikfl,,·~,whoinfluencedinmorewaysthanonemymodeof Ihmk.i· .l':. SII;: ,·X University ~1;IY1%9 I.M.

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Nov 28, 2017
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