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    GAGNER TECHNOLOGIES REAL TIME PROJECTS GR01Purchase and distribution administration system For Massive construction companiesGR02Web based Call taxi administration trackin coordinationGR0! nsurin #istributed responsibility For #ata distribution in the CloudGR0$%dvanced manaement system &or 'ater puri&ier concernsGR0(% )ecurity %nalysis o& the )ecure lectronic Reistration and *otin xperiment +) R* ,GR0-.nterated Placement %utomation systemGR0/%dvanced oistics Manaement )ystem &or transport corporationsGR0Collee *otin )ystem &or electin student representativesGR0%dvanced .nventory automation systemGR10)hippin Corporation executive systemGR11)ecure and &&icient 3andover %uthentication 4ased on 4ilinear Pairin FunctionsGR12Corporate Recruitment )ystem+CR),GR1!3ih'ay accident and 5ra&&ic Maintained )ystemGR1$6nline villae administrative systemGR1(6nline sel& roup administration systemGR1-)pam veri&ication portal &or outoin mailsGR1/6nline Pollution Control automation system7GR1)ecure distributed data storae in cloud computinGR1Pa'n broker shop supervision system    GAGNER TECHNOLOGIES GR20%uthentication system usin three tier securityGR216nline 4 billin and alertin schemeGR22Multicloud #eployment o& Computin Clusters &or oosely Coupled M5C %pplicationsGR2!% protected deduction Code84ased Cloud )torae )ystem 'ith )ecure #ata For'ardinGR2$eave Manaement )ystem For M9C:sGR2(.mprovin #eclaration match 4y %ument PM. 'ith estimates o& statement polysemyGR2-% #istributed Publish;)ubscribe Frame'ork &or Rich Content FormatsGR2/oan issuin Manaement system &or non8overnmental orani<ationGR25rack and 5race8online container 5rackin systemGR26perational e&&iciency )ystem o& Complete %pplication #evelopment Manaement )ystem &or )o&t'are FirmsGR!0%dvanced automated online mployee 5ime )heetGR!1 84roker Real state Manaement )ystemGR!2)hare 5radin )upervision )ystemGR!!Web based insurance manaement system solution &or .nsurance .ndustryGR!$Relative )trenth .ndex on )tock brokin )erviceGR!(#istributed and Warehousin = 6xyen > ChemicalGR!-Challenes in ibrary Manaement )ystemGR!/.nterated online resorts Reservation system    GAGNER TECHNOLOGIES GR!3uman Capital Manaement )ystemGR!%utomatic discovery o& personal topics to orani<e emailGR$0Revisitin leal and reulatory re?uirements &or secure e8votinGR$1Routin trains throuh a rail'ay station based on a node packin modelGR$2%utomatin the Construction o& .nternet Portals 'ith Machine earninGR$!Personali<ed Retrieval o& )patial .n&ormation Combinin @ser Pro&ile 'ith Auery Re?uestGR$$Financial orani<ation system &or chit &undsGR$(Resort membership administration systemGR$-5reatment trackin system &or ye 3ospital supervisory )ystemGR$/ nterprise )cheme Planner and Monitorin )ystemGR$%dministration %utomation o& multi located 3otelsGR$.nterated %pplication &or mployee Monitorin )ystemGR(0Crime 4ranch e?uipped 'ith criminal identi&ication so&t'areGR(1% load8balanced distributed parallel minin alorithmGR(26nline votin and revie' system &or %tomic plantsGR(!Multi located hospital supervision systemGR($%dvanced inventory system &or Multi brand supermarketsGR((6nline corollary portal &or %utomobile demonstration systemGR(-Genetic prorammin method to avoidin data replicationGR(/Content &rame'ork approach to issue summari<ation    GAGNER TECHNOLOGIES GR(.nternational Money trans&er automation systemGR(%dvanced )chool admission enrollin automation systemGR-0#ecomposin Workload 4ursts &or &&icient )torae Resource ManaementGR-1.nterated )ervice eanin #iital Government .n&rastructureGR-2%n 6nline Web Portal For 5ender 4iddin %nd ConsentGR-!%n 6nline )ervice 6riented Web Portal For 6ran #onation 5o )olve 3uman MiseryGR-$.nternal so&t'are auditin system &or .5 &irmsGR-(Multi8cloud consumption o& Computin Clusters &or slackly tied M5C %pplicationsGR--6ptimi<ation 6& reserve Provisionin expenditure .n loom ComputinGR-/%nalysis 6& %nd enlarement Countermeasures &or 5ourism 8Commerce Websites in)handon ProvinceGR-6nline 4ankin systemGR-Consumer perception 6n Auality %ttribute .n valuatin physical condition Website GR/0Web 4ased )ecurity %nalysis 6& 6pass %uthentication )chemes @sin Mobile %pplicationGR/1% 9e' Chane discovery %lorithm For *isual 6bservation )ystemGR/2% Weak )ecurity impression For *isual top secret distribution )chemesGR/!.nspection the 8)ervices 6& international %irport WebsitesB .mplications For contemporary 85ourism %pplicationsGR/$6ne rane #oes 9ot 'ell %llB 5o'ards @ser8 %nd Auery8#ependent standin For Web #atabasesGR/(% communication Passin .nter&ace With superior )ecurityGR/-viorous #ata out&lo' %nd mail Filterin oranism


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Tutorial 13

Jul 23, 2017
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