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  INTERACTIVE SCHEMATIC The Bookmarks panel will allow you to quickly navigate to points of interest.Click on any text that is BLUE and underlined. These are hyperlinks that can be used to navi-gate the schematic and machine views.When only one callout is showing on a machine view this button will make all of the callouts visible. This button is located in the top right corner of every machine view page.   VIEW ALL CALLOUTS Cover PageInformationSchematicMachine Views Component TableTap TableFluid Power SymbolsElectrical SymbolsFront FrameRear FrameTap Views Features Options Bookmarks X EC-C3EC-C2E-C60EC-C1E-C61   To set your screen resolution do the following: RIGHT CLICK  on the DESKTOP . Select PROPERTIES . CLICK  the SETTINGS TAB . MOVE THE SLIDER  under SCREEN RESOLUTION  until it shows 1024 X 768 . CLICK OK  to apply the resolution. This document is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 X 768. FUNCTION Zoom In HOTKEYS (Keyboard Shortcuts) Zoom OutFit to PageHand Tool“CTRL” / “+” KEYS “CTRL” / “-”“CTRL” / “0” (zero)“SPACEBAR” (hold down) Find“CTRL” / “F”  Electrical System 2012 Caterpillar, All Rights ReservedPrinted in U.S.A. © 216B3, 226B3, 236B3, 242B3,259B3 Compact Track Loader and 257B3 Skid Steer Loader 247B3 and 252B3 Multi-Terrain Loader  Skid Steer Loader:MWD2399-UPA9H1480-UPTNK992-UPJXM1961-UPSRS1066-UPMulti-Terrain Loader:B7H894-UPTSL852-UPCompact Track Loader: YYZ1543-UPVolume 2 of 2: Chassis and Engine WiringVolume 1 of 2: Cab Wiring UENR2643February 2012  Volume 1 of 2 - CAB WIRINGCOMPONENT LOCATION Component Schematic LocationMachine Location Component Schematic LocationMachine Location  Arc Suppressor - Hour Meter H-61Relay - Stop E-1030 Botttle AsH-318Relay - WKTL G-1031 Control - ECM G-14 2Relay - WKTL G-1032 Flasher C-9 3Relay - WKTL Trigger F-10 33 Fuse - Roading H-14 4Resistor - CAN 2 H-1034 Ground - Cab I-13 5Resistor - CAN 3 I-13 35 Indicator - Fuel Level F-6 6Solenoid - A/C Compressor F-136 Indicator - Glow Plug G-5 7Switch - A/C On/Off E-4 37 Lamp Group - Action G-6 8Switch - A/C Pressure F-138 Lamp Group - Right Hand F-6 9Switch - Armrest H-14 39 Meter - Hour G-6 10Switch - Aux Bleed Off H-5 40 Module - Power Fuse D-10 11Switch - Blower Motor F-4 41 Module - Power Relay 1 D-10 12Switch - Blower Motor D-442 Module - Power Relay 2 D-913Switch - Front Working Lamp D-5 43 Motor - A/C Blower D-3 14Switch - Hazard E-5 44 Motor - A/C Blower F-3 15Switch - Hydraulic Quick Coupler H-5 45 Motor - A/C Fan 1 E-1 16Switch - Implement Lockout F-546 Motor - A/C Fan 2 E-1 17Switch - Implement Lockout G-147 Motor - Wiper H-119Switch - Key G-648 Relay - C Minus F-10 20Switch - Park Brake G-5 49 Relay - C Plus F-10 21Switch - Power Tools H-5 50 Relay - Cold Start Advance D-10 22Switch - Rear Work Lamp D-5 51 Relay - Compressor F-3 23Switch - Roading Lamp E-5 52 Relay - Condenser Fan E-3 24Switch - Seat H-14 53 Relay - Fuel Pump E-1025Switch - Thermostat F-4 54 Relay - High Flow Solenoid D-10 26Switch - Tool Position Self Level H-5 55 Relay - Implement Solenoid E-1027Switch - Turn Signal E-5 56 Relay - Key E-3 28Switch - Wiper/Washer H-157 Relay - Key F-3 29  Volume 2 of 2 - CHASSIS AND ENGINE WIRINGCOMPONENT LOCATION ComponentSchematicLocationMachineLocationComponentSchematicLocationMachineLocation  Alternator I-2¹58Sensor - Hydraulic Temperature G-7¹ 82H-11² G-14²  Arc Suppressor - HVACH-959Solenoid - A/C Compressor Clutch G-9 83BatteryH-3¹60Solenoid - A1 H-7¹ 84J-8² H-15² Coil AssemblyI-7¹61Solenoid - A2 H-7¹ 85I-14² H-15² Diode - BlockingI-262Diode AssemblyH-263Fuse - Main Power H-3¹64Solenoid - Cold Start Advance I-11 88I-9²Solenoid - Demand Fan I-7¹ 89Glow PlugsG-1¹65 I-15² I-9²Ground - Lower FrameI-1666Solenoid - Fuel Shutdown I-1¹E-3¹ 91Ground - Lower PlateE-7¹67 I-11²E-11² E-14²Solenoid - High Flow92Ground - Upper FrameJ-1668Solenoid - Implement PLT I-14 93Ground - Upper Plate J-7¹ 69Solenoid - Park Brake I-7¹ 94J-14² I-14² Handle - LHG-3¹70Solenoid - Quick Coupler  F-7¹ 95G-11² F-15² Handle - RHF-3¹71Solenoid - Transmision I-7¹ 96F-11² I-14² Horn - ForwardG-7¹72Solenoid - Two Speed E-11 97G-14²Solenoid - Valve Diverter  F-7¹ 98Indicator - Air Filter H-2¹73 F-14² H-9²Solenoid -Implement PLT I-7 99Motor - Starter H-3¹B-3¹74Switch - Backup Pressure I-7¹ 100J-9²B-11² J-14² Pump - FuelE-1475Switch - Engine Coolant Temperature H-1 101Pump - Water 76Switch - Engine Oil Pressure H-1¹ 102Relay - Cold StartJ-2¹77 I-9² H-9²Switch - Hydraulic Filter Bypass C-7¹ 103Relay - StartJ-2¹78 C-14² H-9²Switch - Stop Pressure 1 G-7¹ 104Resistor - Alternator I-279 G-14² Switch - Stop Pressure 2 G-7¹ 105 G-14² Sensor - Engine Coolant Temperature H-11 81¹ Schematic locations for 216, 226 and 247 Sales Models.² Schematic locations for 236, 242, 252, 257 and 259 Sales Models.Sender - Fuel LevelF-7¹80F-14²
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