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   COMMENTS RESOLUTION SHEET PROJECTMRPL-THANNIRBHAVI-30 MLD SWROCLIENTM/S. MANGALORE REFINERY AND PETRO-CHEMICAL LIMITED REVISION NO. 1 TITLE MOTOR DATASHEET FOR TRAVELLING WATER SCREEN Sl. No.M/S MRPL COMMENTSJASH REPLY DATED 02.09.2019Wabag Reply 1 Include tag no( FD3902AB) of the motor. Noted, Please refer revised documents. Point Closed.2 Include the no of poles. Noted, Please refer revised documents. Point Closed.3 Voltage and frequency variaon shall be menoned. Noted, Please refer revised documents. 4 Noted, Please refer revised documents. 5 Service factor shall be 1 as per contract. 6 For comments Ref. aachment - 01 Noted, Please refer revised documents. 7 Total Raon ?? Please refer revised documents. 8 Noted, Please refer revised documents 9 FG Noted, Please refer revised documents 10 Noted. 11 Variaon of voltage and frequency shall be menoned. Noted, Please refer revised documents. 1213 F (Temp. rise limited to class 'B') Noted, Please refer revised documents. Frequency Variaon shall be + 3% -5 %.Please update in datasheet. menon the followinga) temp classb) Enclosure type c) Temp class.d) Method the cooling. a)Insulaon class / Winding temperature rise shall be F/B.b)IP66 accepted.D) Point Closed. The selected drive unit (S97R57DRN80M4; 0,75kW) has service factor 0.9 But the torque moment 4700 Nm and 1.2 RPM. The max expected required torque at max possible weight of screenings 17kg per each upgoing lter step is 3586Nm. So if we take 4700 x 0.9=4230 Nm and this one is sll 644Nm above the max required (cca 18 % reserve). So from design aspects this drive unit even with 0,9 safety factor suits our project. B) If we wish to have safety factor = 1 (S97R57DRN80M4; 0,75kW) than RPM is 1.4 (cca 17% faster speed) and torque moment is 4120Nm (which is less than 4700*0,9=4230Nm at A case)C) If you wish to have safety factor > 1 (S97R57DRN80MK4; 0.55kW), service factor 1.05, than RPM is 1 (cca 20% slower speed) and torque moment is 3920Nm (which is less than 4700*0.9=4230Nm at A case). Bearing DE/ODE type of lubricaon whether re lubricaon should be possible as contract.Type of starng.The motor external and internal parts including motor frame, end brackets, fan cover and terminal box shall be painted or otherwise made corrosion resisng so as to withstand the climac and installaon condion specied. Vendor to conrm.Only 415V shall be supplied from WABAG end. Other voltage shall be internally derived. 415 V required for Motor and 230 V single phase required for space heater.  14 Motor enclosure IP55 1516 Please refer separate CRS Sheet for the Aachment 01 17 Noted and Conrmed. 18 As per IEC 60034-9 19 Menon the temperature class. F 2021 This is bidireconal feared motor and hence making is not required. 22 Menon the value of PF during staring condion. 0.74 assuming 100 % Load. 23 Noted. Please refer revised datasheet. 24 Noted. Please refer revised datasheet. 252627 Please refer separate CRS Sheet for the Aachment 01This is an outdoor applicaon and hence IP 66 Protecon is a must and beer than IP 55 Painng shall be carried out by an approved process. Pr-treatment shall conform to applicable standard. The equipment shall be subject to a coat of red oxide primer paint. All inside and outside surface shall be painted with epoxy based paint. The nal thickness of paint lm on steel shall not be less than 100 microns. Finish shade shall be 631 of IS: 5 (smoke grey). 1 x Dip Primer, 2 x Two -pack epoxy base layer, 2 X Two-Pack top coat. NDFT (nominal dry lm thickness) is 320. This is as per DIN EN ISO 12 944 -2 Terminal Box shall fulll all the highlighted point of aachment-01.Vendor to provide, GA,Wiring Drawing curve details etc. The frame of the motor shall be provide with two separate and disnct grounding pads with complete other asseccories.Sound Pressure Level(dB) shall be menoned and shall be in accordance to IS 12065 Menon the value of current in Amps at start,100%load,75% load &50%load. 1.69 A at 100 % , 1.44 A at 75 % ,1.26 A at 50% . All currents at 415 V Y,50 Hz connecon. Normal direcon of rotaon shall be clearly indicated by arrow at the non-driving side.Terminal Box posion shall be at the top. Also all highlighted points in aachment 01 shall be fullled Motor shall be designed for following starng requirement.a) 2 nos of consecuve hot start with inital temperature of motor at full load operang level. b)3 nos of consecve cold start with inital temperature of motor at ambient temperatureMaxmimum and minimum torque and speed at minimum torque shall be menoned. Motor ed with gear unit and hence this data may not be relevant to us. Following Curve Shall be provided:a) Load Curveb) Starng Curve Load curves are aached. There is no curve called starng curve but we understand that this should be torque speed curve. The same is aached. Terminal Box Details are required and the addional requirement is pg. 2 highlight aachemet-01   COMMENTS RESOLUT PROJECTMRPL-THANNIRBHA CLIENTM/S. MANGALORE REFINERY AN REVISION NO. 1 TITLE CRS for ANN Sl. No.M/S MRPL COMMENTS 123456  7891011
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