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    pg. 1   NEET PREPARATION TIPS 1) Study planner  A goal oriented study plan is necessary to keep you focused and motivated through the long  journey of completing the syllabus and excelling in the concepts. Devise a monthly plan and a weekly target for each subject. The planner should also include a daily target to help you achieve the weekly goal. Keeping a tab on the daily study schedule will be a pushing factor to do more. The study planner has to be followed diligently because it allows you to put sustained effort and not get exhausted right in the beginning. This strategy demands utmost sincerity and discipline on the part of candidate. Self motivation is the prerequisite to begin the preparation for the country’s biggest medical entrance exam. Adequate time should be allotted to each section regardless of the fondness for a particular subject. Physics is most commonly considered as the most difficult subject of all and candidates tend to avoid it. However, it is necessary to understand that with due practice and clear understanding of basic concepts, a subject like Physics can be triumphed upon. 2) Clarity of Concept  Most common mistake that an aspirant makes in the preparation strategy is to mug up all the concepts without having a clear understanding of the subject. Cramming up the concepts seems like an easy way through a vast syllabus such as one for NEET 2020, therefore instead going through the basics, aspirants resort to rot learning. This memorization technique might sound useful but it is not fruitful in the long run. It is essential to go through the basic concepts and have clarity of crucial topics in order to build a strong foundation on which the entire syllabus rests upon. If the basics are strong, the whole syllabus can be memorised easily. If the syllabus is completed through rot learning, there is a higher probability of forgetting it at the hour of examination. It is advisable to have a better understanding of the syllabus and basic concept in order to retain it for a longer time. 3) Clearing Doubts  It goes without saying that there will be numerous doubts that will need clarification while studying for NEET. If a candidate has doubts in the syllabus then it is not a matter of worry but rather is an indication that the candidate is putting adequate effort in learning. At times doubts arising while learning might break the flow of the study. In such a case, it is advisable    pg. 2   to seek help at the earliest to carry on with the studies. Keeping the teacher or the mentor in constant touch helps as they are instrumental in not just clearing doubts but also boosting the morale of the NEET aspirant. It is essential to discuss all the doubts and not leave it for guesswork as it can cost you marks. To crack NEET 2020 aspirants must have clarity of the concepts and resolving the doubts is imperative for that. 4) Practice makes you perfect Along with preparing for the syllabus, aspirants must try to incorporate practice session in the stud schedule. Solving previous years’ question and mock test papers are the best way to test your preparation as well as add value to the prep. Solving the question papers expands the horizon of knowledge of the type of questions that can be asked. Candidates must spend at least one hour of time-bound practice to get accustomed to the sit and solve the question paper without a break. This strategy will allow the candidates to acclimatize themselves to the exam like condition and exam day pressure. Since NEET is a pen and paper based mode examination, the candidates will be required to fill OMR answer sheets. Candidates tend to lose marks even when they know the right answer because of filling the wrong bubbles in the OMR sheet. To crack NEET with maximum marks, one should build a strategy to fill the bubbles with precision and solve the questions faster. 5) Exhaustive Revision In all the tips to crack NEET 2020, revision stands out as the main one as it helps in retaining the topics that has been learnt. Examination tries to check your ability to retain the subject knowledge in the best possible manner. Only extensive revision can ensure maximum level of retention of the subject matter learnt. Candidates can try revising by writing down the summary of concepts in their own words so as to assess the degree to which they have grasped the topic. Subjects like Physics and Chemistry have formulae and equation that has to be memorised, for such things, one can make a formulae copy that has to be revised on daily basis so that is instilled in the memory. Not just memorization, aspirants need to learn the application of all the formulae.    pg. 3   6) Make you own notes  Studies can be made easier with making your own personalised notes of each subject and topic. The notes should be strategically arranged so that you can visit those pages again for a quick revision. Making notes is also helpful in memorising of concepts in the best possible way. Writing along with reading adds to the understanding of a particular concept. Diagrams, flowcharts, figures and tables in the NCERT text books are directly taken up by the examiner which candidate can practice in writing. This way there are greater chances of understanding and retaining the components of a diagram or a flowchart. 7) Balancing self studies and coaching A lot of aspirants take the help of coaching centres to realise their dream of becoming a doctor. The study schedule as provided in coaching centres might seem like a formidable task but it is essential to understand that the self-study is also an important component to crack NEET 2020. Aspirants must strive to balance the coaching study schedule with self study. The coaching institute might overlook your minute mistakes which you are aware of, thus it is highly recommended to identify such mistakes and work on your weak subjects and aspects of preparation to achieve maximum number of marks. Overlooking silly mistakes may cost you a MBBS seat. 8) Study space Preparation for NEET requires you to refer to various books therefore having a comfortable space where you have enough space to spread your textbooks and notes out can be beneficial. Choose a comfortable area which is far from all the distractions. A well lit corner and a comfortable chair that helps the posture should be chosen because sitting in dim light in wrong posture for long hours can affect your health and eyesight. Create an environment that works the best for you that would motivate you to sit for long hours of preparation. 9) Exam day strategy  To be able to bring your A-game to the exam centre aspirants must make sure that you get everything ready well in advance of the exam. According to the rules and requirements make a checklist for the documents and items that you need to carry along with you. Plan your route and journey time a day before so that there    pg. 4   are no surprises on the day of examination. Being late on the exam day adds to the stress and hence its best avoided. NEET has a strict dress code and rigorous frisking takes place at the exam centre. Try and reach an hour before the time of examination so as to make it easy for the exam administration to conduct the exam smoothly without any hassle. Make plans for the question paper of how you will solve the question paper and how much time should be devoted to each section to keep the focus on. 10) Break time The overwhelming pressure of board exams and NEET can be daunting which could bring down an aspirant’s spirit in such situation, it is necessary to realise that panicking and overworking will not be reap results in the long run. It is very crucial to take ample amount of rest and plan the study schedule such that there is break time at regular intervals. Break time is when one should pursue their hobbies and put a pause on the regular mugging up of concepts. Going out in the open is most advisable as it helps to rejuvenate the exhausted brain and bring fresh energy. To crack NEET, one needs to maintain their health as well. Sleeping on time, waking up early and eating a balanced diet is very instrumental in keeping you right on the path to success. Candidates must note that NTA conducts NEET exam on first Sunday of May, therefore, it is expected that NEET 2020 might be conducted on May 3.

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