New Jedi Order Era Campaign Guide

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   TAR WAR THE NEW JEDIORDER   Campaign Guide FAN WORK FOR THE STAR WARS SAGA EDITION ROLE PLAYING GAME Conversions and new game play statistics: Pink Jedi Ranger, Darth Scorpion, DarthStroyer, Kingpin000, Serfious, ErikModi, Evilnerf, jadenkorr Additional images and story details collected from www.wookieepedia.comInformation selectively copied and compiled by HarmonysSorrow  PLAYER OPTIONS: SPECIES Arcona Species Modifiers Arcona share the following species traits: Ability Modifiers:  –2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma. Arcona aren't as perceptive as many other beings,but they are known for their ability to socially adapt to life in the galaxy at large. Medium Size:  As Medium creatures, Arcona haveno special bonuses or penalties due to their size. Speed:  Arcona base speed is 6 squares. Great Fortitude:  Arcona gain a +2 species bonusto their Fortitude Defense. Arcona have adapted to the harsh environment of Cona and can convertmany different toxins into harmless chemicals. Scent:  Arcona have keen senses of smell. At closerange (within 10 squares), they ignore concealment and cover for the purposes of Perception checks, and they take no penalty from poor visibility when tracking (see the Survival skillon page 73 of the SECR ). Automatic Languages:  Arcona speak Arconese and Basic. Chazrach Species ModifiersAbility Modifiers:  +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence. Medium Size:  As Medium creatures, Chazrach have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. Speed:  Chazrach base speed is 6 squares. Darkvision:  Chazrach ignore concealment (including toal concealment) from darkness. However, they cannot perceive colours in total darkness. Limited Weapon Familiarity:  Chazrach treat amphistaves as simple weapons instead of exotic weapons, but only for the Quarterstaff and Spear forms. Chazrach cannot utilise the Whip form of the amphistaff without the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Amphistaff) feat. Natural Armour:  Chazrach have thick scales thatprovide a +2 natural armour bonus to their Reflex Defence. A natural armour bonus stacks with an 2  armour bonus.  Automatic Languages:  Chazrach speak YuuzhanVong. Fosh Species (Vergere’s Race) Ability Modifiers : -2 Str, -2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Wis.Fosh are physically and physiologically weak, but they are more intelligent and perceptive than other species. Medium Size : As Medium creatures, Fosh have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. Speed : Fosh base speed is 6 squares. Conditional Bonus Feat : Fosh are naturally adept at convincing others to do their bidding and believing their view points. A Fosh with Persuasionas a trained skill gains Skill Focus (Persuasion) as a bonus feat. Deceptive : Fosh are incredibly deceptive, always creating plots within plots even for simple goals, thus making it difficult to determine their motives.Deception is always considered a class-skill for Fosh. Expert Jumper : Fosh are natural jumpers due to their reverse articulated legs. Fosh may choose to reroll any Jump check, but the result of the reroll must be accepted even if it worse. Automatic Languages : Fosh Kushiban species traits:   Species Traits:  -4 Str, +4 Dex. Tiny species. Agile: May take 10 on Acrobatics and Jump checks, even when threatened/distracted. Intuitive Initiative:  A Kushiban may choose to reroll any Initiative check, but the result of the reroll must be accepted even if it is worse. Toughness:  Although a small species, Kushibans are naturally tough and for this get Improved Defenses as a free bonus feat. Mood Fur:  A Kushibans fur changes colour with its emotional state and for this gives it a -5 penalty on deception checks,when the state of thefur is visible.  Automatic Language:  Basic, Kushiban. Pau'an Species Modifiers Pau'ans share the following species traits: Ability Modifiers:  -2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma. Pau'ans leave most of the manual labour to their Utai neighbours, but they are capable leaders. 3  Medium Size:  As Medium creatures, Pau'ans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. Speed:  Pau'an base speed is 6 squares. Authority:  As a species accustomed to being in authority, Pau'ans add +1 to any insight or morale bonuses they grant to themselves or othercharacters. Low-light Vision:  Pau'ans ignore concealment (but not total concealment) from darkness. Conditional Bonus Feat:  A Pau'an with Persuasion as a trained skill gains Skill Focus (Persuasion) as a bonus feat. Automatic Languages:  Pau'ans speak Basic and Utapese. NEW FEATS Biotech Designer You have seen the end of Yuuzhan Vong knowledge and chosen to perform heretical experiments in order to innovate new creatures and ships in order to win the war. Pre-requisites:  Biotech Specialist, Intelligence 15, at least 1 level in the Shaper class. Benefit:  You may design and shape new creatures from scratch. Doing so requires a DC25 Treat Injury check. Other characters with the Biotech Specialist feat can aid you in makingthe check.If you choose to alter a living creature, you can apply any of the traits from the Shaped Beast template (LECG p220). Each additional trait after the first increases the DC by 3.Designing a beast from scratch adds half the beast's intended character level to the DC.Designing a living vehicle from scratch works in much the same way as designing a Starship withthe Starship Designer feat (SotG p20). You take a stock ship, build as normal, then apply the Living Vehicle template (LECG p69). Stock LivingShips have a Constitution score equal to their listed Strength score. The 'Improve Hull' customisation works off the living ship's Constitution score rather than Strength. Peace Brigade Commander For whatever reason, you buy into the propaganda that says the Jedi are responsible for the war and rose to a position of authority in the new regime. Pre-requisites:  Co-ordinated Attack, trained in Persuasion, Base Attack +5. Benefit:  Once per day you may make a moderate Persuasion check (DCs by level are found in S&V p78, GaW p143 and GoI p43) to gain one of the following.● Access to a number of basic mercenaries (TotG p55) or Peace Brigade soldier (p?) equal to half your character level. This requires an expenditure of 200 credits per mercenary or Peace Brigade soldier.● Access to secure data, granting a +5 insight bonus on Gather Information or Use Computer checks. This requires an expenditure of at least 1000 credits in bribes.● Yuuzhan Vong assistance in the form of a single Colossal (frigate) sized ship and it's carried craft OR A Yuuzhan Vong Commander (p?) and up to 6 Warriors (p?)Each of these benefits lasts for a single day, andonly one can be active at any one time. Special:  This feat is added to the Bonus Feat lists for the Noble and Scoundrel class. New Republic Military Training You are trained in the tactics of the New Republic and function well in small groups of your peers. Pre-requisites:  Co-ordinated Attack Benefit:  You gain a +1 Morale bonus to Reflex Defence and Will Defence for each ally with the Co-ordinated Attack feat within 6 squares (maximum bonus +5) Rapid Takedown You are trained to bring an opponent down quickly and keep them on the ground. Pre-requisites:  Base Attack +4, Pin, Trip Benefit:  If you successfully use the Trip feat to knock an opponent prone, you may attempt to Pin them as per the Pin feat as a swift action. Normal:  Using the Pin feat requires a standard action. Special:  This feat is added to the Bonus Feat lists for the Scoundrel and Soldier class. Reading the Swarm You have learned to read the blaze bug tactical display with great proficiency and can notice changes in the situation with astonishing ease. Pre-requisites:  Yuuzhan Vong species, It's a Trap talent, Intelligence 15 Benefit:  You may use the It's a Trap talent a number of additional times per encounter equal to your Intelligence modifier.You may also choose to grant a single vehicle within your line of sight either a +2 insight bonus to attack rolls with a single weapon or weapon battery or a +2 insight bonus to Reflex Defence until the beginning of its next turn instead of the normal benefit of the It's a Trap talent. Special:  This feat is added to the Bonus Feat lists for the Noble and Soldier class. Superior Shaping You have an uncanny knack for the process or shaping and can enhance biots with greater proficiency than your peers. Pre-requisites:  Biotech Specialist, Intelligence 17, At least one level in the Shaper class Benefit:  You may apply one benefit from the Superior Tech table (S&V p24) to a biotech 4


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