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   AMORE ACADEMY OF TMC CAVITE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Brgy. Luciano, Trece Martires City, Cavite Tel. No. (046) 412- 6224 Name of Teacher: Anamarie C. Igat Grade/Year Level:  Grade 10 Learning Area: Literature Quarter:  2 nd  Quarter   Competencies: EN10LT-IIc-2.2: Explain how the elements specific to a genre contribute to the theme of a  particular literary selection. . Lesson No.:7 The Hunchback of Notre Dame ( The story is pre-assigned reading) Duration:  1 Hour Key Understandings to be developed Learning Objectives Knowledge Determine the theme of the story Attitudes Show appreciation of individual differences by giving insights about the pictures Skills Express thoughts and opinion regarding the story in question and answer form Create diagrams in analyzing the elements of the story Resources Needed References: Celebrating Diversity through World Literature  Materials: Printed Materials, Cartolina, Laptop, Pentel Pen ELEMENTS OF THE PLAN METHODOLOGY Preparations -How will I make the learners ready? -How do I prepare the learners for the new lesson? (Motivation/ Focusing/  Establishing Mind Set/ Setting the mood/ Quieting/ Creating Interest- Building  Background Experience-  Activating Prior  Knowledge/ Appreciation-  Review- Drill) -How will I connect my new lesson with the past lesson?    Introductory Activity DAILY ROUTINE 1.   Prayer ( The teacher will call a student to lead the prayer).  2.   Greetings (The teacher will greet the class)  3.   Classroom Management (The student will arrange the chairs properly and pick up the  pieces of paper under the student’s chair.)  4.   Checking of Attendance 5.   Recapulation of the previous lesson.  Motivation ( minutes )      FOUR PICS ONE WORD GAME The teacher will show some pictures with jumbled letters below it through power point and the students will re-arrange the letters into its correct word/form.    Presentation - How will I present the new lesson? - What materials will I use? - What generalization  /concept /conclusion  /abstraction should the learners arrive at? (Showing/ Demonstrating/  Engaging/ Doing  /Experiencing /Exploring  /Observing- Role-playing, dyads, dramatizing, brainstorming, reacting, interacting- Articulating observations, finding, conclusions,  generalizations, abstraction- Giving  suggestions, reactions  solutions recommendations)   Activity   ( minutes ) The teacher will show some of the unsual creatures like  beast, monster, and men and women from different races. The teacher will ask the students. 1. Boys, if you have a chance to court them, will you court one of them? Why or why not? 2. Girls, if one of them ask your hand in marriage, will you agree to the proposal? Why or why not? Analysis ( minutes ) The teacher will ask the students about the activity. 1.   What was your initial reaction upon seeing the following pictures? 2.   Girls, what are your ideal qualities in a man? 3.   Boys, why do personal appearances the first thing you like in a woman? The teacher will show some pictures of people who  proved that physical appearance is not a hindrance to have a perfect relationship or someone to love. The title of the story is “The  Hunchback of the Notre Dame. (This is a pre-assigned reading)   Abstraction ( minutes ) 1.   How did you find the characters in the story? 2.   Where did the action happen? 3.   Who is the protagonist in the story? 4.   Which characters you like or hate the most? Why? 5.   Is the reason of Claude Frollo in killing the gypsy mother and Quasimodo justifiable? Why? 6.   If you were to put in the shoes of Quasimodo, who is deaf and has a giant humpback would you forgive Claude Frollo in killing your mother in exchange of  bringing you up? 7.   If you were to choose one character in the story to represent yourself, who would it be? Why? Practice - What practice exercises/application activities will I give to the learners? (Answering practice exercise- Applying learning in other situations/actual  situations/real-life  situations-  Expressing one’s thoughts, feelings, opinions, beliefs through artwork,  songs, dances, sports-  Performing musical numbers/dances, manipulative activities, etc.)   Application (minutes) VISUALIZING THE TEXT The teacher will group the class into four. Each group will be given task to work on. Group 1: Create a timeline of events in the story. Why are these events significant? Group 2: Create a Venn diagram that compares the characteristics of Frollo and Quasimodo Group 3: Create a diagram that shows the challenges of Quasimodo to saved Esmeralda’s life.  Group 4. Using the Hunchback as a diagram, point out atleast 5 utterances of Quasimodo before he died. Question: Upon determining the different elements of the story through creating diagrams, what do you think is the theme that the author, Victor Hugo, tries to convey?    ASSESSME NT   The Hunchback Quiz (1-5) ASSIGNMENT   Make an advance reading for our next lesson about  preparing a bibliography.
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