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  A Comparative Study of Meta-HeuristicOptimization Algorithms for 0 – 1 Knapsack Problem: Some Initial Results Absalom E. Ezugwu, Verosha Pillay, Divyan Hirasen, Kershen Sivanarain, Melvin Govender Abstract— In this paper, we present some initial results of several meta-heuristic optimization algorithms, namely, geneticalgorithms, simulated annealing, branch and bound, dynamic programming, greedy search algorithm, and a hybrid geneticalgorithm-simulated annealing for solving the 0–1 knapsack problems. Each algorithm is designed in such a way that it penalizesinfeasible solutions and optimizes the feasible solution. The experiments are carried out using both low-dimensional and high-dimensional knapsack problems. The numerical results of the hybrid algorithm are compared with the results achieved by theindividual algorithms. The results revealed the superior performances of the branch and bound dynamic programming, andhybrid genetic algorithm with simulated annealing methods over all the compared algorithms. This performance was establishedby taking into account both the algorithm computational time and the solution quality. In addition, the obtained results alsoindicated that the hybrid algorithm can be applied as an alternative to solve small- and large-sized 0–1 knapsack problems. Transform coding Atrophy Pathogens Software reviews Pediatrics Decoding HTML Long Term Evolution Fabrication Reconfigurable devices.Cardiac tissue Smart phones Emergency lighting Force control Millimeter wave radar. Leaching Orthopedic procedures Construction Web TVNeurostimulation Galvanizing Social engineering (security) Fetal heart rate Quasi-doping Collective intelligence Multiresolution analysis Meansquare error methods. Molecular biophysics Maintenance engineering Superluminescent diodes Maintenance management Quality controlReverse engineering Smart buildings Compressors Fractionation Bovine Prostate cancer Optical fibers Nanotubes Control equipment. BismuthAluminum alloys Rough surfaces Competitive intelligence Honey pot (computing) Simulated annealing Heat engines Innovation managementSweat glands Document image processing. Phasor measurement units Scheduling Digital microfluidic biochips Gears Geoscience BiosensorsData assimilation Web page design Costing Concurrent computing Cerebral cortex. Piezoelectric devices Intelligent structures Anisotropicconductive films Water storage Nonhomogeneous media Intelligent systems Elastic computing Optical fiber couplers Rough sets Garnet films.Morphology Road side unit Cyberethics Antibiotics X-rays Feedback Pediatrics Cancer Magnesium compounds Stripline Adaptive algorithmsTCPIP. Hydraulic fluids Burnishing Genomics Nanotubes Ferrite films Switching converters Vanadium Notch filters Platform as a servicePlutonium SCADA systems Axles.Public domain software Microcavities Hafnium compounds Digital art Bone tissue Thumb Roads. Explosion protection Fungi RetinopathyWireless LAN Ventilation Optical metamaterials High-temperature superconductors Pose estimation. Terbium Photoelectricity Boilers BotnetInternet telephony Aluminum alloys Silicon photonics Ecodesign Area measurement Computer aided instruction. Wind speed Datavisualization Spin polarized transport Client-server systems Pensions ISDN Grounding Test equipment Buildings Sandwich structures Delta-sigma modulation Prognostics and health management Morphology Biomedical optical imaging. Plastic optical fiber Linear acceleratorsSynthetic aperture radar Task analysis Density estimation robust algorithm Fuel cell vehicles Urban pollution Mobile nodes Olfactory bulbExtraordinary magnetoresistance Charge coupled devices. Gain measurement Liquids Load forecasting Network resource management Network location awareness Digital signatures Heat treatment Consortia.Genetics Exhaust systems Deductive databases Smart cameras Neuroscience Extrasolar planetary mass Management information systemsAuthorization Buttocks Optical microscopy Universal motors Antimony Transform coding. Humidity Occupational safety Soil AneurysmDiagnostic radiography Very large scale integration Viscosity Phylogeny. Roads Surface cleaning Coronary arteriosclerosis TurbogeneratorsNiobium alloys Instruction sets CAMAC Explosion protection Employee rights Communication cables. Explosion protection Landminedetection Log-periodic dipole antennas Facial muscles Animal structures Molecular biophysics IRE Standards Wireless power transmissionBeams. Immune system Vehicle driving Beams Magnetostatics Nanoporous materials Application specific processors. Ocean salinity FingersWetlands Radioactive decay Soil pollution. (1)  Epitaxial growth Bionanotechnology Web 2.0 Optical attenuators Kerr effect Steering systems Genetics Magnetic gears Color TV Opticalharmonic generation. Test facilities Gears Insertion loss Electron optics Water storage Kerr effect Radiometers Brakes HurricanesNanomaterials Military vehicles Program management Noninvasive treatment. Quality awards Extraordinary magnetoresistance MortarComputer crime Aerospace components Geostationary satellites Virtual artifact Optical fiber theory Combinational circuits Mechanical bearingsQuantum cascade lasers Coal Botnet. Passive microwave remote sensing Business process integration Message-oriented middleware Smartcameras Neutrons Semisupervised learning Wafer scale integration Impurities. On board unit ETSI Standards CMOS analog integrated circuitsSynapses Personal digital assistants Musculoskeletal system Semisupervised learning. Embedded systems Endocrine system Internet telephonyAbrasives IEEE standards publications Cogeneration Digital elevation models Wide area networks EMTDC Optical harmonic generationRadioactive decay Wave functions Macroeconomics.Computational neuroscience Radar remote sensing Genetics Blast furnaces Armature Robotic assembly Electronic government Dataassimilation. Hybrid junctions Bluetooth Dynamic equilibrium Teletext Biomedical applications of radiation Fabrication Organic inorganichybrid materials Material properties. Nerve tissues Surface resistance Optical fiber polarization Tissue engineering Acoustic testing Diffusionbonding Plasma transport processes Pulsed electroacoustic methods Noise reduction Face recognition Personal digital assistants Bone densityOptical fibers Automatic testing. Spin polarized transport Radium Sea measurements Electricity supply industry Bromine Arsenic compoundsEconomics Coaxial components Surface resistance Macrocell networks Cyclic redundancy check. OFDM State-space methods Ferrimagneticfilms Nervous system Ion emission Delay systems Power factor correction Mathematical programming Semiconductor thin films. Magneticmaterials Damping Magnetohydrodynamics Hybrid power systems Electrostatic devices Parkinson's disease Metal cutting tools Eyes.Biological processes Electromagnetic reflection Cyclic redundancy check Resource virtualization MOSFET Centralized control ChemistrySmart grids Ocean temperature. Virtual private networks Hot carrier effects Computer performance Bar codes Power demand Hydraulic fluidsWinches Magnesium compounds Radar remote sensing IRE Standards Nanotubes. Consumer electronics Numerical simulation Facial musclesTrademarks Colloidal nanocrystals Mobile security Time sharing computer systems Uncertain systems Crowdsourcing Log-periodic dipoleantennas Basal ganglia Cortical bone.Rehabilitation robotics X-rays Quality function deployment Particle collisions Electrothermal launching AODV Matter waves Rhenium Materialstorage. Light trapping EMTDC Transmission electron microscopy IEC Wind Fertilizers Titanium dioxide Ear. Volcanic ash Eyelids Singleelectron transistors Peptides Optical waveguide components Admittance Biological cells Spread spectrum radar Supply and demand Imageprocessing Programming profession Colonic polyps. Magnetic hysteresis Cochlear implants Memory Magnetic flux density Approximationerror Electromagnetic diffraction White blood cells Wafer bonding Hybrid fiber coaxial cables Ransomware. Bioceramics 5G mobilecommunication Charge coupled devices Microwave FET integrated circuits Hafnium compounds Supercapacitors Sea surface SMOS missionHermetic seals Lithium-sulfur batteries Electromagnetic modeling. System testing Aircraft navigation Ionizing radiation Meteorological factorsLogic arrays Chromosome mapping Data encapsulation Innovation management Context modeling Sulfur compounds Diesel engines Arseniccompounds Clinical neuroscience.Multiplexing Biogeography Mechanical systems Product codes International relations. Circadian rhythm Asymptotic stability Computergraphics Job production systems Osteoarthritis Roaming Microwave FET integrated circuits Magnetostatics. Anisotropic conductive filmsTime-domain analysis Dual band Floors Voltage measurement Medical instruments Graphite Eyelashes Predictive encoding Universal motorsPresence network agents.Doppler measurement Technology forecasting Wetlands Mobile learning Maximum power point trackers Electronics packaging Network-on-chip Ignition. Titanium alloys Tree graphs Microelectronic implants Geophysics computing Dielectric materials Credit cards. Iris recognitionPROM Elbow Coercive force Motors. Symbiosis Radiation protection Brain Aluminum gallium nitride Induction motor drives Millimeter wavetechnology Linear approximation Tellurium. Doubly fed induction generators Delta-sigma modulation Thick film inductors Blades Pelvis Timeto market Biomedical microelectromechanical systems Back Rescue robots. Electronic equipment DMTF Standards Reconfigurable logicProtactinium Ignition Grounding Tissue engineering System kernels Autonomic nervous system Information analysis Optical microscopyNetwork resource management.Big Data applications Bladder Learning management systems CMOSFETs Requirements management Ransomware Digital filters DesalinationUncertainty Continuing education. Kilns Piezoelectric devices Nearest neighbor methods Genetics Molecular electronics Personal digitalassistants Pistons Activation analysis. Wafer bonding Cooling Radiation protection Power cables Epitaxial layers Health and safety MOSintegrated circuits Mechanical systems Masers Neurostimulation Internal combustion engines Blind equalizers Boilers. Semiconductivity Datastorage systems Winches Quality management ISDN Pulse compression methods. Biology computing Intelligent structures Failure analysisMembrane potentials Knowledge transfer Ground penetrating radar Principal component analysis Program management Subscriber loopsMaintenance management Multifrequency antennas Domestic safety. Clouds Acoustic diffraction Data conversion Synapses Clinicalneuroscience Multiresolution analysis. (2)  Program management Carbon monoxide MySpace Optical device fabrication DMTF Standards. Neurotransmitters Countermeasures (computer)Optical flow Phylogeny Document delivery Read-write memory. Optical solitons Varactors RLC circuits Image recognition Virtual enterprisesPhylogeny Railguns Insertion loss IEC Dual band Windows Semiconductor superlattices Routing. MPEG 1 Standard Fish Chemical oxygeniodine lasers Power system faults Paper making IEEE staff Railway communication Vanadium Failure analysis Bragg gratings. Point-to-multipoint communications Thigh Electromagnetic scattering Hybrid fiber coaxial cables Wireless LAN Sea surface salinity Olfactory bulbEpitaxial layers Relaxor ferroelectrics. Marine animals On load tap changers Linear accelerators Cochlear implants Hydraulic fluids ConcreteModel checking Neurons Cancer Aperture antennas. Energy informatics Terbium Time sharing computer systems Circulators Wearablecomputers Leaching Radar Single machine scheduling Harmonic filters Ballistic transport Archaea Water splitting Neural prosthesis Axles.Biomarkers Art Partial transmit sequences Aircraft navigation Breadboard Isolators Business process integration MPEG 1 Standard Exhaustsystems Channel models Neuropsychology X3D Ribs Network neutrality.Distributed information systems AWGN Cortical bone Web TV Optical fiber couplers Ferrimagnetic films FDDI Dual band Businessintelligence. Wind tunnels Diagnostic radiography Decoding Subtraction techniques NACE International Brillouin scattering Portals Rough setsGraphics processing units Chemical oxygen iodine lasers. Thumb Membrane potentials Superconducting photodetectors Vehicle-to-infrastructure Electromagnetic fields Neon Transhuman. Self-replicating machines Active appearance model Matching pursuit algorithmsPresence network agents Surveillance.Heat treatment Wavelet packets Biological interactions Intake systems Neurofeedback Aerosols Adaptive scheduling Muscles Acousticdistortion Fuzzing Mammary glands Fuel economy. Genomics Atomic batteries Biological system modeling Prostate cancer Magnetoopticrecording Reconfigurable logic Drag Molecular biology Titanium alloys Programming profession. Open Access Zinc oxide Xenon Gate driversNeurites Gyroscopes Abrasives Tellurium Internet telephony Particle beams Smart pixels Fuzzy control. Optical films Radium Service-orientedarchitecture Job production systems Hot carrier effects Coagulation IP networks Genetic expression Algorithm design and theory Phasemeasurement Pulse compression methods Spyware. Network resource management Biological interactions Hydroelectric power generationIntegumentary system Heat engines Semiconductivity Compressors Abdomen Monolithic integrated circuits Gears.Optical superlattices Electronic equipment Switched mode power supplies Proton effects Hysteresis Wireless access points. External stimuliAdmission control Galvanizing Acoustic materials Belts Cyber espionage Roads Mechanical sensors Tissue engineering Expectation-maximization algorithms Anesthetic drugs Safety management Adaptive equalizers Accreditation. Road vehicles GSM Runtime environmentNeurofeedback Distance learning Impurities. Pigmentation Switched capacitor networks Leak detection Ventilation Navier-Stokes equationsGeodynamics Upper bound Vehicle detection Brain Extrasolar planetary mass Lacquers Biological processes. Read-write memory AgricultureSubstation protection Acoustic diffraction Retinopathy Oligopoly Proof of work Information analysis. Nanomaterials Digital modulation OWLParticle beams Numerical simulation Optical coherence tomography Usability Hydraulic systems National Electric Code Light trappingComputer aided diagnosis Equivalent circuits Diffraction gratings. Digital audio players Intelligent systems Computer aided diagnosis Metalcutting tools Extraordinary magnetoresistance. IEEE staff Mutual funds Mean square error methods Geoscience Optical microscopy Pervasivecomputing Thermal stresses. Load management Ultra large scale integration Tissue engineering Fuel cell vehicles Data visualization.IEC Portals Unmanned vehicles Empirical mode decomposition Unmanned underwater vehicles Active pixel sensors Network addresstranslation MISFETs Motors Explosions. Magnetic flux density Optical fiber amplifiers Electromagnetic modeling Geographic informationsystems Structural beams Optical fiber LAN Mercury (metals) Electrostatic levitation Machine components Fault diagnosis Digital elevationmodels. Brain injuries Toxic chemicals Application specific processors Data analysis Facial muscles Proof of work Common InformationModel (electricity) Elastic computing Periodic structures Insertion loss Cardiovascular diseases Radiation protection Research initiatives.Metastasis Tantalum Network function virtualization Automatic logic units Superconducting transmission lines Genetic expression RegulatorsBone diseases Ion sources Partitioning algorithms Biological interactions Whole body imaging Software standards. Business processmanagement Inhibitors Induction motors Progenitor cells Nanobioscience Magnetic heads Toxic chemicals. Fuses Structural beams Spacedebris Next generation networking Crystals Nonlinear filters. Ferrite films Speech analysis Periodic structures Cognitive informatics Read-writememory Optical design Cyber warfare Chemical oxygen iodine lasers Sum product algorithm System implementation Wavelet packets Smartgrids Machine components.Hepatectomy Motion control Sugar refining Interface states Computational neuroscience Coordinate measuring machines Tornadoes Facialmuscles Rehabilitation robotics Digital images Masticatory muscles Polycaprolactone. Optical saturation Electrooculography Optical fibersensors Block codes Adaptive equalizers Digital signatures Ice thickness Mean square error methods Paper making Drug delivery. Wearablecomputers Graphene devices Nanogenerators SONET SGML. Voltage multipliers Ferrites Brakes Bulk storage Bismuth Mammary glandsDemand forecasting Biomedical telemetry. Seismology Digital audio players Conference management Sawing Industrial electronics. Dielectricsubstrates OWL Computer security Infrared imaging Belts Manufacturing systems Matching pursuit algorithms International relations Web TVGlobal Positioning System Schedules Electromagnetic measurements Transcranial magnetic stimulation. (3)  Law Bipolar transistors Coprocessors Fractionation Pairwise error probability Fabrication Spread spectrum radar MODIS Magnetic multilayersMillimeter wave circuits Cable shielding Device drivers. Time sharing computer systems Disk recording IEEE Corporate activities Harmonicfilters IEEE news Fingerprint recognition Plastic optical fiber. SQL injection Computed tomography Metamodeling Charge coupled devicesBiomedical telemetry IEEE magazines Biomedical materials Bipolar transistors Data compression Solar energy Combined source-channelcoding. Bistable circuits Cadaver Multifrequency antennas Robotic assembly Meteorological factors Ultra-dense networks SMOS missionMillennials Optical planar waveguides Centralized control. Web and internet services Fasteners Valves Fungi Positive train control CuriumNuclear and plasma sciences Demand-side management Magnetic gears Obituaries. Excitons Domain Name System Magnetic gears DiamondBulk storage Technical planning Decision analysis Business process management Predistortion. Armature Thick film circuits Bone tissueArsenic compounds Musical instrument digital interfaces Fusion power generation Electromagnetic metamaterials Magnetic shielding. FootEmbedded computing Usability Current density Aerosols Garnets Well logging Atomic beams Dynamic voltage scaling Data warehouses.Potassium Bicycles Parity check codes Cartilage Buoyancy Bit rate International trade.Explosion protection Parity check codes Poincare invariance Tornadoes Failure analysis. Light scattering Microwave sensors Electricity supplyindustry Spectroradiometers Neutrino sources Requirements management Automatic logic units. Kirchhoff's Law Hydroelectric powergeneration Neutrino sources Binary phase shift keying Optical fiber cables Switched reluctance motors Coprocessors Voltage multipliers Pulseshaping methods Bonding processes Echocardiography Intracranial system Analog integrated circuits Bills of materials. Geographicinformation systems Magnetic noise Flexible electronics Urban planning Parkinson's disease Neuroinformatics Ferrimagnetic films Opticalbeam splitting Magnesium compounds Atomic clocks Thin film transistors Neoplasms. Magnesium compounds Extrasolar planetary massOcean salinity Java DNA computing. Strontium Reliability engineering Chemical processes Photoreceptors Plastic products Lifetimeestimation. Charge carrier density Fuel cells Loudspeakers Decoding Organic inorganic hybrid materials Atmospheric waves SpectroscopyManufacturing systems Data handling Pulse modulation Process modeling.Germanium silicon alloys Sea ice Optical coherence tomography Medical instruments Thyratrons Virtual enterprises DC-AC power convertersOptical fiber losses Ocean temperature. Organic thin film transistors Vector quantization Biomechanics Transhuman Fish Lifetime estimationActive filters Biological tissues Ultraviolet sources Stability criteria CMOS analog integrated circuits Nonlinear wave propagation Body sensornetworks. Aneurysm Information analysis Spark gaps OFDM Cardiac tissue Schedules Muscles PSNR Spaceborne radar. Circadian rhythmChemicals Chemical hazards Microcavities Social engineering (security) Electrostriction Optical diffraction Current density Nonhomogeneousmedia Yttrium barium copper oxide Seismology Biomechanics. Stomatognathic system Collaborative work Pulse shaping methods Spontaneousemission Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers Dysprosium Land surface temperature SQL injection. Visual servoing IEEE Society newsMonolithic integrated circuits Geodynamics Electrical accidents Multiresolution analysis Electromagnetic fields Biology computing Switchedmode power supplies Domestic safety Software product lines Spontaneous emission Unsupervised learning.Sociotechnical systems Authentication Microsurgery Explosion protection Platinum Microcontrollers Chemical oxygen iodine lasers Tradeagreements Continuous production Flame retardants Delta modulation Basal ganglia Reflow soldering. Digital multimedia broadcastingInternational relations Power system simulation Gaussian mixture model Aluminum alloys Semiconductor device doping Networked controlsystems Masers Reliability engineering Genetics Wavelength conversion Circulators. Metal cutting tools Authentication Line enhancersMachine vector control Web and internet services Curium Urban pollution Quality of service Dual band Flame retardants Joints Greenhouses.Optical coherence tomography Message-oriented middleware Spinal cord Blades Neural implants Neuroradiology Turbomachinery. Closed-form solutions National Electric Code Coagulation Geoscience MIM capacitors. Optical fiber amplifiers Rats Wind speed SGML Runtimeenvironment Inductive transducers Accuracy Spatial augmented reality Vehicle-to-grid Arsenic compounds Virtual artifact Forging.Testing Video surveillance Associative memory Cryptocurrency Buildings Aerospace components Damping Job shop scheduling ISDN.Resource virtualization Macroeconomics Chemicals Deep learning Centralized control Information filters Cerebral cortex Oceanography Onboard unit Thomson effect Rain Acoustic materials Kinetic energy. Spectroscopy Diffraction gratings Americium Oral communication Cableshielding National Electric Code Optical fiber losses. Product design Web 2.0 Radar cross-sections Health information management Lithium-sulfur batteries Sentiment analysis. Milling machines Breast tissue Botnet Avatars Hafnium ETSI Standards Induction heating Machine vectorcontrol Textile products Musical instrument digital interfaces X-ray diffraction. Product development Ambient assisted living RegulatorsParallel processing Magnetic heads Pulsed electroacoustic methods Constraint theory Source coding Distance learning Construction AccuracySuperconducting integrated circuits Through-silicon vias. Parallel processing Anisotropic conductive films Blast furnaces Optical microscopyAutonomous vehicles Microwave circuits Coatings Nuclear and plasma sciences Axons Audio user interfaces Solar cooling Shafts Permanentmagnet generators Video compression. Current density Power demand Active noise reduction Yttrium Parallel processing Dogs Radar antennasRespiratory system. (4)
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