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  542  543   543 544548 - 550565551566 - 567551547565546562 - 564556 - 561544 - 545555552 - 553544554 USEFUL INFORMATIONPIPE BENDING SPRINGS NO. 2450PIPE BENDING PLIERS NO. 241󰀭242MANUAL PIPE BENDER 󲀓 DRAW BENDING OPERATION MANUAL BENDING TOOL SETS NO. 243 MANUAL BENDING TOOL SETS NO. 244 MANUAL BENDING TOOL SETS NO. 278 MANUAL BENDING TOOL SETS NO. 240 UNIVERSAL MANUAL PIPE BENDER NO. 276MANUAL PIPE BENDER 󲀓 PUSHING BENDING OPERATION NO. 2454󰀭2456PIPE BENDING MACHINES 󲀓 DRAW BENDING OPERATION PIPE BENDING MACHINES HYDRAULIC NO. 246 PIPE BENDING MACHINES HYDRAULIC NO. 249PIPE BENDING MACHINES 󲀓 PUSHING BENDING OPERATION NO. 255󰀭260ECCENTRIC ANGLE BENDERS NO. 280RING BENDING MACHINE NO. 285PIPE STRAIGHTENING TOOL NO. 286HOW DO I FIND THE RIGHT BENDING TOOL PIPE BENDING SYSTEMS  544 24502415E 2415 Deviant packing units see article description. CodeNo.  , y /  l 4573610 245006 6,52505554538460 245008 8,02509054538540 245010 10,027511054538620 245012 12,030018054538700 245015 15,030020054574180 245016 16,03002755 COPPER PIPE BENDING SPRING  From 6.5 to 16 mm T  For soft copper pipes EN 1057 T PIPE BENDING PLIERS CodeNo.  , [ y /  l 1442007 241500 4,75-10,03/16-3/82605801 PIPE BENDING PLIERS  Sizes from 4.75 - 10 mm Ø up to 90° T  With 2 reversible bending forms 3/16 - 1/4 Ø (4,75 - 6 mm Ø) and 8 - 10 mm Ø T  For soft copper pipes EN 1057, all non-ferrous metal pipes as T well as thin-walled precision steel pipes and brake lines Bright nickel-plated, handles PVC coated T CodeNo.  , [ r = mm  /  l 1442910 241506 4,75-6,03/16-1/4154011442929 241510 8,0-10,05/16-3/815401 SPARE BENDING FORMER PIPE BENDING SPRINGS GEDORE Pipe bending systems Features that make the difference...  Durable quality for heavy professional use T  Gentle handling of workpieces T  Suitable for solving problems, a variety of materials and applications T Useful information You need to consider the following points when choosing your bending machine:  Do you want to bend by hand? T  Do you want to use a vice? T  Is the machine to be hydraulically operated? T  Is the machine to be electrically operated, and if so at what voltage? T Electrical limiter The following points also need to be taken into account; refer to adjacent sketch:  The shape of the pipe to be bent (round-section, square-section, etc.) T  The outside diameter D of the pipe T  The wall thickness S of the pipe T  The pipe grade (e.g. steel, stainless steel, NF metals, etc.) T  The required bending angle (e.g. 90°, 180° ... etc.) T  Are bending radii R speci󿬁ed? (Example: 3 x D = R - this corresponds to a 25 mm T outside diameter pipe with a bending radius of 75 mm) Important: the radius is measured to the middle of the tube = neutral area T  Details of the length L of the overall pipe T  Are a number of bends to be made in succession? - If so, it is essential to state the T distance between the pipe bends, L2 Are there any speci󿬁cations for the pipe or the 󿬁nished pipe bends which go T beyond the details listed here (e.g. in power-station construction, the food industry or similar)?A more detailed overview of the possible uses of our pipe bending machines and tools is given in the next pages. From simple bending pliers to a electro-hydraulic bending T machine for 3 pipes Hand-operated, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic T  For the complete range of standard pipe grades T  Solving problems is our strength - Please ask us! T  545 24102420242324242425 Deviant packing units see article description. CodeNo.  , r = mm  y /  l 4564460 241005 4,75-5,01825552514564540 241006 6,01827552014564620 241008 8,02834078014564700 241010 10,028400111014634690 241012 12,03540018001 PIPE BENDING PLIERS  Sizes from 4.75 to 12 mm Ø up to 180° T  For soft copper pipes EN 1057, non-ferrous metal pipes as T well as thin-walled precision steel pipes and brake lines Stove enamelled blue T CodeNo.  , r = mm  y 0  l 1461516 242010 10304201.411461524 242012 12304201.411461532 242014 14455602.111409417 242015 15455602.211461540 242016 16605602.211409433 242018 18748203.011461567 242020 20758204.311461575 242022 22758204.31 PIPE BENDING PLIERS with bending rail  Sizes from 10 to 22 mm Ø, bends up to 90° T  With small radii T  For soft copper pipes EN 1057 and soft steel pipes T (also with 󿬁xed coating) Blue powder-coated, handles PVC coated T CodeNo.  , r = mm  y 0  l 4564890 242310 10434201.414564970 242312 12434201.414565000 242315 15605602.114565190 242318 18748202.914538030 242320 20868203.614565270 242322 22868204.21 PIPE BENDING PLIERS with roller  Sizes from 10 to 22 mm Ø, bends up to 90° T  For bendable steel and stainless steel pipes (max. wall thickness T 1.5 mm) as well as soft, heat-insulated copper pipes EN 1057 Enamelled blue T CodeNo.  , r = mm  y 0  l 4565350 242410 10434201.414626670 242412 12434201.414565430 242415 15605602.114565510 242418 18748202.914565780 242420 20868203.614565860 242422 22868204.31 PIPE BENDING PLIERS with bending rail  Sizes from 10 to 22 mm Ø, bends up to 90° T  For thin-walled, bendable steel pipes (max. wall thickness 1.5 mm) T as well as soft copper pipes EN 1057 (also with 󿬁xed coating) Slide rail powder-coated, enamelled blue T CodeNo.  , r = mm  y 0  l 1224689 242512 12434201.411224670 242515 15605602.011224050 242518 18748202.811223690 242522 22868204.11 PIPE BENDING PLIERS HH with plastic slide rail  Sizes from 12 to 22 mm Ø, up to 90° T  Especially for semi-hard and soft copper pipes EN 1057 T  Enamelled blue, with plastic slide rail T
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