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    PIS-Assignment Instructor:  Sir Omer Bin Khalid Name : Murtaza St:ID : 62803        بَه وْلا   AL-WAHHAAB  ( The Giver of Gifts )   The One who continually bestows gifts, favors and blessings upon all of creation. It means He not only gives gifts once or twice, but He constantly does so. He is the One who gives freely and endlessly, without expectation of any return . “    ُهعدف   ىا   سا   لو ”   “And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them.” (Qur’an,  7:180) How can we call Him by His Names if we do not know them and if we do not understand them? And what is the purpose of Allah (swt) revealing to us 99 of His Names and His Attributes? It is in order for us to know Him, and through knowing Him, we are able to worship Him better and understand the nature of this world. One of the scholars mentioned a saying: “If one knows the commander, the commands are easy to follow.”  So insha’Allah  (God willing) this series will focus on the Names of Allah (swt), and will draw upon research done by Sheikh Ratib an-Nabulsi, Imam al-Ghazali, and Dr. Amr Khaled.  Al-Wahhab : The Constant Bestower of Gifts  Think of the last time someone gave you a gift  —  how did you feel? A feeling of joy, love, of  being special to the person from whom you received the gift, and sometimes a bit of shame if you feel you didn’t deserve it. Because, in essence, a gift isn’t given in return of anything.   One of Allah’s Bea utiful Names is al-Wahhab . The root of this word is hiba , which means a gift. And because Allah (swt) is al-Wahhab , it means that He not only gives gifts once or  twice, but He constantly does so. Allah (swt) tells us in the Qur’an:   “ ئاَزَخ   ْُَْِع   ْمَأبَْا   ِزِزَْا   َكَر   ِةَْحَر   ُ ”   “Or do they have the depositories of the mercy of your Lord, the Exalted in Might, the Bestower?” (Qur’an,  38:9) So how do we know when Allah (swt) has given us a gift?  Rizq  (sustenance) is written for us,  but we have to work for it. So if in the course of our efforts, we earn $1 million, that is rizq  that Allah (swt) had ordained for us.  Hiba , on the other hand, is just that  —  a gift that was not conditioned upon your efforts. When you get a phone call from someone you love, that you felt you missed  —  that is hiba . When without planning, you are fortunate enough to be able to go on ` umrah  (the minor pilgrimage), that is hiba . When Allah (swt) brings an amazing  person into your life and you are able to improve because of them, that is hiba . The Connection Between Gifts and Love   “ ضغو   إ   حأ      ح   ىع   تج   بقا   نف   ح   يدع   ذ   دواد   إ   سأ    ”   [ ثا   ف   درو  ]  It is stated in the traditions: “O Dawud remind peop le of my favors upon them, because the hearts are inclined to love those that do good to it and detest those that do bad to it.”  Who do you give gifts to? In general, you give gifts to someone you are thinking about and someone that you love. Sometimes we give gifts to endear people to us. So think about what that means when Allah (swt) gives you a gift. Some of us may be thinking, “But I am so far from Allah. Why would He give me gifts out of love?” Subhan Allah  (Glory to God)  —  our Lord is greater than we imagine. He gives us gifts so that we know that we have a God who does not forget about His creation  —  even when they fall astray. He gives us gifts as a reminder so that we can come close to Him.  قاَزَرلا   AL-RAZZAAQ (The Provider)  The One who creates all means of nourishment and sustenance. He is The One who provides everything that is needed (rizq). It means that He bestows all means of support and growth, for the body, the mind and the spiritual life. Verily, Allah is the All-Provider, Owner of Power, the Most Strong.(Surat Adh-Dhariyat51:58) Everything? Yes, Everything. It includes all material things, like money, food, water, air, shelter, and protection. And  besides meeting our physiological needs, He is also providing for our psychological needs. Sometimes He gives us love through the love of ohers. Sometimes by means of isolation and loneliness He gifts us with tranquillity and a sense of His nearness. By giving us responsibilities He fulfils our needs for autonomy and competence. Look at Nature We can better understand about  Ar-Razzaq  when we ponder at other living objects. He  provides food and protection to the flying birds who daily leave their nests with firm faith that Allah is The Provider. And because of their faith Allah fills their empty stomachs daily. Allah is the One who provides food, water, air, and sunlight to a small seedling, and by His grace that seedling grows into a plant. Similarly, He is the One who takes cares of that microscopic insect in the depths of ocean where no light enters.  And so many a moving (living) creature carries not its own provision! Allah provides for it and for you. And He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.  [Quran, 29:60] If Allah provides for a small insect, a sapling, or a small bird, then is He not sufficient for us? Does He not know what we need and what we want? Is He not aware of our physical and  psychological requirements? Will He not provide risq  (lightness) to a starving heart? The fact is that He is taking care of all of us, and He is providing for us from unlimited means. Sometimes we get depressed and despair of ever receiving His infinite mercy. At that  point, we need to think and reflect on this attribute of Allah. We also need to remember the supplication of Prophet Musa:  My Lord! I am in need of whatever good that You bestow on me . [Quran, 28:24] Knowing Allah as  Ar-Razzaq  would help us to ask Him for our providence. It would strengthen our belief in our Lord. We will feel lighthearted when we know that Allah makes things available to us from limitless sources
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