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  For the first time, a patient found me on the Internet because of an article I wrote for another journal. He described a common problem, and I thought it might be interesting to share his comments as well as mine. He wrote the following: My orthodontist dismissed me from his office 5 months into my treatment. He dismissed me on the phone, without any written or advance notification, or referral to another orthodontist.I never received any communication as to why I was being dismissed. My best guess is that the doctor didn’t like the fact that I was asking questions about the treatment plan. When his office manager called to dismiss me, I sort of flipped out on the phone. This situation has obviously put me in a very difficult situation as finding another doctor was very time-consuming and costly. There was a period of time that I didn’t have any emergency care until I started with my new doctor. All of the orthodontists I visited wanted to start my case as if I was a new patient, quoting me with a full treatment fee and time frame. The bottom line is that I was forced to start from scratch. I am still trying to recover the fees I already paid to my first doctor. He is refusing to pay them claiming he provided professional services to me; but from my point of view, his services were worthless as I now have to pay another full treatment fee to my new doctor; not to mention the time lost due to starting treatment from the beginning.  The State Dental Board decided not to take any action against the orthodontist, claiming that he didn’t violate the Dental Practice Act. However, based on my research, not giving any advance written notice is against the Dental Practice Act, and I believe it is even a violation. According to the Dental Board, the doctor did send me a formal letter, but it was dated 2.5 months after the dismissal; hence the Board is saying he notified me, and he didn't do anything wrong. However, I never received the letter as it wasn’t sent by certified mail; and second, the letter was sent 2.5 months after my dismissal so for all practical purposes it cannot constitute notice since notice, by definition, must take place before the event it is notifying someone about. Also, the lack of notification really put me in a difficult situation because of the absence of emergency care during the time period until I found my next orthodontist. I feel like the Dental Board was biased, overlooked the facts, and simply took the doctor’s side.I believe doctors shouldn’t be allowed to get away with dumping a patient over the phone. I would appreciate any advice or comment you can give me.  The doctor   -   patient relationship is bilateral and consensually based. Once in existence, this relationship can be   dissolved in 5 ways: (1) both parties agree to end it (a common example is when the patient is relocating); (2) the patient’s condition is cured, and no further treatment is required; (3) the doctor or the patient dies; (4) the patient decides to unilaterally terminate the relationship; or(5) the doctor decides to unilaterally terminate the relationship.N(4) the patient may terminate the relationship at any time, for any reason, or for no reason The doctor can unilaterally terminate the relationship if the patient breaches at least 1 of the 5 duties owed to   the practitioner under the contract that involve the doctor   -   patient relationship: (1) the patient is not following the doctor’s instructions regarding treatment(2) the patient is not keeping his appointments, thus causing interruptions in the continuity of care(3) the patient is not being truthfulregarding necessary administrative inquiries (eg, his medical history, his degree of cooperation, signs and symptoms of problems, and so on); (4) the patient is not conforming to accepted modes of behavior (he is belligerent or abusive to the doctor or his staff) (5) the patient is not paying for services.  The letter-writer indicated that the only reason he could think of justifying his dismissal was that he questioned the treatment plan ; he also admitted that he “sort of flipped out” on the phone, but this happened during the dismissal phone call. From the doctor's perspective, many of us have encountered patients who come prepared with a pad of paper and a pen, and then proceed to write down every word we say whether at initial screening, during the consultation visit, or even conversations at chair-side during treatment. When this happens, yellow caution flags should go up all over the place.Patients who conduct themselves in this manner often focus on small details , once we have accepted them into our practice (we almost always do because we think we need the money), we wish we had been smart enough to see what was coming. Retrospectively, we realize that we should have told them to go to someone else perhaps that colleague down the block whom we dislike so much I don’t know the nature, depth, or language used regarding this patient's “questioning of the treatment plan,” but it could have easily been explained by the doctor that the patient didn’t trust him and was challenging not only his knowledge but also his good intentions.On the other hand, patients have an absolute right to question what we are saying Informed consent is not valid if the patients don’t understand the material facts or the information we provide that allows them to make informed decisions about their treatment.
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