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USER CUSTOMIZATION / OPTIMIZATION IN ACTION SPORTS RICHARD REVIE / DAVID McCUAIG / MARIA MIRKOVICFuture Goals.Enhance the cognition, physicality, and emotional side…
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USER CUSTOMIZATION / OPTIMIZATION IN ACTION SPORTS RICHARD REVIE / DAVID McCUAIG / MARIA MIRKOVICFuture Goals.Enhance the cognition, physicality, and emotional side of action sports. DriversPersonal development Competition Self awarenessCreativityCognitionPhysicality Action SportsExpression IdentityAuthentic creativityExcitementSelf controlAdrenalineSelf disciplineIndividualityEmotionResearch ScopeSignalsUser UtilizationIBM Watson Alpha Go Google Deep-mind Virtual Reality DaqriMUSE Bio- Metric importance Mind uploading Self aware robots Smart helmets Oculus goggles Wearable TechnologyFulfillmentSports VU RFID Nike FitbitCognitionPhysicality Action SportsGoogle cloud Big data Youtube CRISPREmotion SuperorganismInside out ConvergenceNike ID Maker bot Google AraNew Criteria TrendsUser UtilizationSelf reinforcement learning Cognitive analysisEndless Expression Instant Alteration Geared to your bodyWearable TechnologyFulfillmentCognitionPhysicality Action SportsMuscle storage Social mindSmart / Self protective Equipment Human Sensory Enhancing wearablesEmotion SuperorganismHealing chambers Inside out ConvergenceSuper soldiers E-motional RobotsNew Platforms ShiftsUser UtilizationSelf reinforcement learning Cognitive analysisEndless Expression Instant Alteration Geared to your bodyWearable TechnologyFulfillmentPhysicalityCognition Implementing new platform into the center ( GoPro ) and leverage the synthesized criteria as design opportunities.Muscle storage Social mindAction SportsSmart / Self protective Equipment Human Sensory Enhancing wearablesEmotion SuperorganismHealing chambers Inside out ConvergenceSuper soldiers E-motional RobotsTHE EYESGROW.IN MINDOpportunity Go-pro as a company has established itself as the eyes of action sports. Providing POV vision of parallel realities, innovative scope of capturing self behaviours, and being able to share that cognitive data with the world. So if Go-Pro is the eyes, what if there was communication convergence to a brain, ears, or other senses?GoPro that knows you. Physically, emotionally, cognitivelyConnect, Share, Grow. Together.Concept Evolving from just visually seeing to emotionally, physically, and cognitively understanding behaviours being preformed. Being able to breakdown the visual data recorded and converge communications with environmental and biometric readings off your gear and surroundings. Go-pro would not only record, but would analyse, understand, and question behaviours to optimize results.PERSPECTIVESBeginnerWhat am I doing wrong? Networked gear learns from gathered data to give tips to optimize beginners results.ProPsyched myself out Augments fear impulses to control pre or post traumatic actions.InstructorHow are you doing today? Awareness tool of physical, emotional and cognitive states to let instructor be aware.Why If Go-pro was a means facilitating analysis of both the environment and the physical behaviours, we can use this data to directly address the user's needs and provide simultaneous feedback to optimize the riders experience. GoPro has the opportunity to be the central hub to all aspects of action sports and fuel an ecosystem of autonomous learning.GROW.Collect GoPro communicates with other wearable technology to gather data of the users emotional, physical, and cognitive behavioursAnalyse Breakdown the data recorded and converge communications with analytics’s to analyse, understand, and question behaviours to optimize results.Grow Communicate back or share to others the optimized route for successful results. This allows people to learn, share, and teach new tricks as a ecosystem.David put your map in here but simplify itCollect Different wearable technology is providing data about a particular aspect in snowboarding. Leveraging this data with GoPro Action cameras GoPro can collect this gear and synthesize the data into a criteria that can use quantum computing to break down the data being communicated.GROW.AnalyseShareThe app communicates to the user about the generated information supplied from the icloud. Users of GoPro Grow will be able to access both self and shared data analytics’s from the cloud to optimize their results. The App accepts information from the gear and communicates back to the gear parallel realities.The Cloud is the Mind of GoPro Grow. Providing endless data storage that can be accessed whenever wanted.SCENARIOSWhat am I doing wrong?Psyched myself outHow are you doing today?13 Year old Jimmy Jacobs received a subscription to grow pro grow with the Burton smart learn to ride board his mom and dad gave him for Christmas. With excitement he straps the board on his feet and learns the reality of snowboarding...Its tougher than playing video games.John Davis all American snowboard icon, is training to be the first person to ever do a septouple cork in the 2050 winter Olympic games. His highly educated physician say that his training has pad off and Danny is at peak Athletic ability to attempt the manoeuvre.Daniel is a very dedicated instructor, who loves her job. Daniel is a level 2 casi instructor with her park certification and teaches the all girls park class on Tuesday evenings. This Tuesday marks the first day of an 8 week class, and so she makes her phone charged to use Go Pro Grow.After 2 hours of falling, Jimmy looks at his phone to see a notification from the go-pro app, Its brings up a live action model of a person, and when Jimmy moves, the avatar moves. App goes into a pov video of a snowboarder, “snowplowing” down the hill with a the avatar displaying their body position in the bottom right corner.In practice John seems distracted. He is overwhelmed with the idea of attempting seven off axis rotations and is too nervous to commit. John reaches for his phone and turns on the go pro grow hypertrophy mode.With confidence Jimmy now knows what he needs to do to improve and already just after learning that Jimmy is having a better experience on the hill.The hypertrophy mode Connects to a blue-tooth processor in John’s brain, and using the data collected from his practice runs to recreate a realistic rendering of how it would feel to properly complete a septouple cork. With the new found confidence that he’s done this before Johny goes out and makes history.After she introduces herself to the class she syncs up her phone with everyone smart wearable technology and creates an avatar for each student. On the run down she watches her students go down. On the chairlift up she uses the app to see how everyone was riding, to make sure they are ready for the terrain park. A few students are putting too much weight on their back foot so she decides to take a few more runs and address this. After an hour the Go Pro Grow app detects that the stronger students are becoming anxious and so Daniel decides its time the students start shredding the Terrain Park.Subscription This will be a subscription based service. People will pay a monthly or seasonal charge to use Go-Pro Grow. Subscription based charges are applied because it allows future updates and possibilities to be implemented to keep old customers satisfied while attracting new customers replenish the GoPro ecosystem frequently. Cost of the application can start as little as 10 dollars a month for basic packages utilized for beginners to more expensive and exclusive packages for pro athletes and instructors optimized for their needs.How does GoPro Make Money?ProtectionPartnershipsGo-Pro currently owns the market in the action sport camera industry. However with the increase in wearable technology and action cameras on the market, Gro-Pro is currently facing competition from competitor companies. In order to stay dominate, Go-Pro will disrupt their own market to forecast the future with becoming the Data Hub of physical, emotional, and cognitive analysis of the data they are collecting.With the introduction of Go-Pro Grow, comes a new stream of Revenue through establishing partnerships. Essentially Go-Pro Grow is the data analytic center for the rider of tomorrow. Being able to sell emotional, behavioral, and cognitive data could be quite profitable. With uprise of smart gear being implemented into action sports GoPro grow will be able to communicate with this data gathering the data analytics and synthesizing it into one platform.Future projection for GoPro for implementing GoPro grow would increase their current sales by at least 40% annually.Key PartnersKey Activities -Reinforcement learning - Data analytics -Gopro Go App software Convergence -Accessibility through multiple Devices -Self behaviors-Red bull - Monster - Smith - Dragon - BurtonKey Resources -Social Media Platform/App -GoPro technology -Data centers + Google CloudValue Proposition -Building a platform and communal identity in the snowboarding world -Reaching out to all levels of athletes -Easy accessibility to your behavioral, emotional, cognitive data -Sharing experiences among yourself, friends, and the world -Positive personal development in physical skills, emotionally, and cognitive when learning new things.Customer RelationshipsCustomer Segments-Finding influencer's or sponsorships from well known snowboarding companies like Ride (and athletes/sporting events like red bull) -Influence from key partners like synergy or IBM, Google, etc...)-Mobile device users -Snowboarders -Internet users/social media users -Advertisers and marketers -Sponsorships through sporting Events or professional athletesChannels -Mobile apps/Gopro platform -Social Media -Word of mouth -Through experienceCost StructureRevenue Streams-Startup costs -Product development (gopro technology, as well as networking platforms) -Marketing and sales -Social media/platform costs-Gopro platform/app -Subscription to the platform (premium subscriptions etc) -Gopro technologyConnect, Share, Grow. Together. Thank you!References @tobias riess.jpg medias/media beginner-snowboard.jpg 1/0010/1/1500/1000/1/mitch-williams-on-the-rail.jpg GoPro Air.jpg new/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Snowboard-Wallpaper-Nicolas-Muller-Laax-1920x1080.jpg
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