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  Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF EDUCAT]ON Matalino St., D.M. Government Center, Maimpis, City of San Fernando (P) Website: Tel: (045) 455-2309XFax: (045) 45s-2312 July 3,2O17REGIONAL MEMORANDUM No. 92 s.2017 l'o: All Schools Division Superintendents Chiefs of Curriculum lmplementotion Division Division Educotion Progrom Supervisors Public Secondory School PrincipolsREGIONAI MASS IRAINING OF ARALING PANTIPUNAN GRADE IO TEACHERS MGA KONTEMPORARYUNG ISYU l. The Deportment of Educotion (DepEd) Region3 through Curriculum Leorning Monogement Division will conduct 5 doy MTOT Grode 10 Aroling Ponlipunon MgoKontempororyong lsyu. The MTOT sholl be conducted by clusters on the following dotes with the following poriiciponts. Venue will be onnounced loter. DIVISION NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTSTOTALFirsl Clusier AP GRADE IO TEACHERS EPS I Gopon t3 I 142 Nuevo Eciio r53 163 Science City of Munoz 10 I I 4 Zomboles illlll Toiol 29? Second Clusler 5 Bolongo City 1EIJ I 166 Botoon I 74 7 Bulocon 170 170 U Mololos Ciiy 20 20 ? Son.lose City t3 I 14 Totol2?4Third Cluster t0 Anqeles City 2424 il Mobolocot City I 27 12 Mevcouvont0t0t3Pomponqo 200200 14 Son Fernondo City 321 Toiol294Fourlh Clusler t5 Auroro 40 I 41 16 Cobonotuon City 29 I 30 17 Olongopo 40 I 411B Son Jose Del Monte 34'7i t9 Torloc City 19 l9 20 Torloc Province 120 120 Totol286 TOTAL 1173 Monoqement Teom CLMD Chief I I OIC EPS - AP II :' juttm72017  CLMD EPSs t0t0 Troiners3636 CLMD Stoff 22 Sub Totol 50 Grond Totol1223 2. Porticiponis of this octivity ore permonent or regulor teochers hondling grode 10 Aroling Ponlipunon. 3. The following notionolly troined focilitotors with the CLMD Stoff ore requested to monoge ond fociliiote the conduct of the troining. AII ossigned focilitotors cre expected to ottend their ossigned schedule crnd be of the venue on doy 0. 4. The porticiponts, regionol troiners, monogement ond stoff in the regionol moss troining sholl be entitled to service credits per DepEd Order (DO) No. 53, s. 2003 entitled Updoted Guide/ines on Gront of Vocotion Service Credits to feochers. On the Other hond, non-teoching stoff sholl be provided with Compensotory Time-Off (CTO) per Civil Service Commission (CSC) the Deportment of Budget ond Monogement (DBM) Joint Circulor No. 2, s.2004 on Non-Monetory Remunerotion for Ov ertime Service Rendered. 5. Pleose submit the finol list of poriiciponis of cc: / using MS Excel not loter thon July 15,2017 . Angelico M. Buroyog,PhD- EPS (OlC),CMLD RO 3 Cluster I Aug.l2-13,2017 (Sot. & Sun.) Aug. 19-20,2017 (Sot. & Sun.) ond Au9.26,2017 (Sot.) Clusler 3 Aug.12-13,2017 (Sot. & Sun.) Aug. 19-20,2017 (Sot. & Sun.) ond Av9.26,2017 (Sql.) l. Virouilio Looui22. Rosolin Fhey S. Muli 2. Nido Blonco Fisco23. Romil D. Doconoy 3. Emmonuel De Meso 24. Leonoro B. Cruz 4. Evo Fe Toclibon 25. Remy Dotu 5. Lilibeth Mollori 26. Jocqueline Yoo 6. Lino F. Mercodo 22. Ricky Bolingit 7. Groce Abod 28. Vilmo Bermudo 8. Luiso Flores 29. Melody Sevillo 9. Juonito Lumiboo Cluster 4 Aug.12-13,2017 (Sot. & Sun.) Aug. '19-20,2017 (Sot. & Sun.) ond Au,s.26,2017 (Sot.) 'lO. Donilo Tomoyo30.Emmonuel De Meso I l. lldie Estebon 3l.Virgilio Logui 12. Abelordo Victorio 32.Lilibeth Mollori Cluster 2 Aug.12-13,2017 (Sot. & Sun.) Aug. 1?-20,2017 (Sot. & Sun.) ond Au9.26,2017 (Sot.) 33.Solvodor Lozono 13. Virqilio L. Losui34.Jennifer Escoto '14. Solvodor Lozono 35. Moy TolentinoI5. Joneite Condelorio 36.Eric Escobor .I5. Jesus Fronco 32. Justiniono Toquero 17. Mo. Annette delo Cruz 38. Mork Kevin Vidor lB. Edryll Contreros 39. Ferdinond Villonuevo 19. Jocelyn Villoruz 40. Sontos Bitonq 20. Jone Omonio 21. Vilmo Ocompo  6. Enclosure No. I is the troining motrix. 7. All expenses incidentol to the conduct of this regionol moss troinlng sholl be chorged ogoinst the Humon Resource Troining Development (HRTD) funds while trovelling .i' of the porticiponts sholl be chorged ogoinst locol or school funds subjectto the usuol occounting ond ouditing procedures. For lnquiries ond clorificotion, pleose coordinote with Dr. Angelico M. Buroyog (091 781 816?4) Regionol EPS (OlC) in - chorge of Aroling Ponlipunon. g. lmmediote ond widest disseminotion of this Memorondum is desired. c 7rl' MAICOIM S. GARMA, CESO V Director lll Officer-ln-ChorgeOffice of thefRegionol DirectoT P* clmdl 2 (  f an f oo C o lz o I tn o -c U oo F o E E o .I- o o F o o o o o o .E.E o F tn tl o = tr E lo o o 6 C '- (J o J o + C C) E O rT U C -5 5E o o o L o .q C o o o I '- = \Z v. o = _,r od o I-o- l elrd I \) O) nOO -Y= c c,l tcoOo- -C o C f -J b 5o. E PEo .- LL ?;s u l cuoo P 8p b, b- g o6 IZ o m o_ tr -O6 E e aE€ E=d l--Y^9L.- ^ U'- 5; H'i E oo\-/ U \t o o o c o =.e o b 9 EsEE I a F.9 P b9T-EP +(') I i talr a ) r-xrrtu-: 9bY6.s.E'= E qp € =:;  0 taiuci S o.o.oo. lzDff:) E 9999 = oooo  c o J  -cr Ut v n\ 67] v 0, --E(,iO +(\ f )' r'x o:v I OCrn E ?Y o5 L -C-\z o = o C o J i._c'r 3t a OrrLvriO+() f)-/-xoEV I USrn o oY @5 -C   E = .If, C o .JgLJ O--s Bfi O o -E .aYO +() l txo 8'rP co5 .E+ -V E = (Y) o o tr ]f .9.9 E F rt gE;E 5 +a:L 3E:s, r 8E R 8 o 6(J-- bP EP'Eo O'= r-r O O 'a == oo 6 o cri'E (/ro-(Jof *- r1 J 3 E5 Hp T€t# E dr< 5-20 tl E E PT o qo'a Az ll 6alltu 9 EE:.E + { YOIL 3 Eo: g rz or) '= o oil 3 o ;o- a^\ co ox o fr .. --J l'.2 5ga e '6 o) -:z a Ut^L^v o: o oF -1.1 6 E BtEE tgE* 5 g, >-lJ, a 6E 3 oco c{ o o o :Cta ;p € t a E ;.9r taX\< IdE; : >r.x= E 9?E Y -C -E ,3 ( E oo r E .bo)b - cilt-lo o+ o-o 3 q:E a.<,Ya .r', It L ts >r0o E=€E oq F,i 'o(5 o + F{o -s - < '= .9 b b 8.grr 6EE bEg d6 3 ss f:=c=o g;-F PUE o<* E 5 o-; o O 68 C7,avr O X O'rE v - A 'oa I o oo9 t7 o)o = = c >46 E -olo o tt- -Eo-Z F o o C o :tr o + .9 o: o u. 6 6 ih ;6F 5 >H6 Lrv'- ol 6 '}. O .. c o - 5$EHE Cql-\l- 'F 9? c C) 6Y 9 O A<- -r- O. . , g oFE +o B{ 8 --) L s 33 ^lc' i;t) -o6 o- -F :< 6 .E p EX B 6Eg Xs .rlc,90>.-n L C = =F90o) =(_LL E; ts*> LO- 9o:* oe.i b ^ ct.l- .eE6E6a8 5=t ar, (\ ' (J ar >().L t u ^*6Jv HE'9 5 E o-12 l = )   C o rC rr:- - o o c n-iir o+ o* o 'A-fcU gdE Hg ii # B; *tg5e g oo tLt = o I @ I O q? N O I o' I O a OO e I I O o. LO 9 I C) a OO C) c.i I LO O I I O c.i O e I O e LO - r) I O e cr) O a ro I l.r) o a P U I z o6 llr o () zz E
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