Ron Paul Survival Report August 1995

The long article from this excerpt, Are the Federal Chickens Coming Home to Roost? , is devoted to Waco and the militias. Sample: What did the Branch Davidians do to bring them to the attention of the feds, and why did they arouse so much animosity with the Justice Department? What was the role of the secretive and powerful Cult Awareness Network in identifying the group and contacting its friends at the Justice Department? A transcript of this newsletter excerpt is at:
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  ALREPORT Augrrst 5J99S Volume XI, Nuinber 8 Anyone who has worked n a bureaucracy nows ow: afl-consuming public scandal an be. Lacking any eal'worktodq andfeadng nly publicexilosure, ress tEntioncatseswholed   paftnents oslip nto chaos nd effectivelytoshutdowpThat dosctibix he current tatus f the ATF, he FBI,' .1 and he Justice Department, nd many other agencies .in. : govbrnment hat are watching he un. A series f mishaps: , (not o mention murders) as undermined heir credibilityanddrmed *h agency nto a vipet's est f rccriminations.. ' ' ' The Good Ol' Boyi'Roundup-'. ttended y agents f,theFBl;theIRS, fF, andotheragencies os ed o serious, r probtems or the agencies. gents wero shown n a video. :' engagi4ginactivitiesthatTtreasurySecretary obert ubin:. r. 'describ   d,as'la$ectly acisd nd anti-Ssmitic ehavior' ' :Thouble s, it is supposed o be the militios and ight-, ryinganti-goicrninentgpupswhodorncistsndsnti-Semitic' ,thinBs.However,Ican'tttmemberseoing Hollywood tu' duction bout hate n he edcral ovemment. his s why, : this videil,:filmed y ail actual militia member, as aused. suchra tir. Therp s no bvidence he militias fe haters; ut.. lnow We've,g$ video hat shou,s ovenurnnt genb oing' ' things hc govbd'rgrent tSelf has defined s hate rimes..' . that video s .on y he beginning of the federalgovemlnent'S noublss ight now. t has capped eelcs f' Glasnostonthe woincidens'that ave alvanized lr big-, ilast- nti-govomment ovbment his counky as een ince,,.: he.WhislrcY ebellion.. Thematterof uby Ridge, murderous ffairwhich asbeconie allyingpoint or everyone ppressed y lre eds,is aconhal cquse fthe uproar. he crlse ffers'an nsidelookathow lri federal overnnrent perates: hmughthleats,. coercion, illiirg, and Ying.llreytiediolaep iiundir wraps, utJustice epaitment'ssecrctstudy n heRandy Weaver ase-has urfacedthariks Are the Federal ChickensComingHome oRoost? to a heroic eaker. t is 542 pages ong, and was sent anony'mously onto he ntemet, becoming mpossible o suppt   .ss.The study demonstrated hat key documents wer   de-stroyed howing how Weaver's wife and young son werckilled in 1992. The FBI and Justice re eplete with intemalrecriminations nd accusations.FBI agent Michael Kahoe has been uspended endingthis investigation. e was responsible or the very firstWeaverrcview, nd may have shredded ocuments. ourcesar   now saying hat if these charges are proved tnte, thiswould ndicate coverup y the higheist-ranking BI officials.Testimony at the Randy Weaver aial showed hat theFBI fint removed ll evidence. nce an nvestigation n-sued, hey teplnced all the materials n the cabin pretend-ing that they had never ouched t, and some of it wasmade-up. his was one of the main reasons he defendantswon witlrout calling a single wihess.This investigation s important because t will show hatthe FBI is more llegal than he people t is investigating.All pariotic Americans were outagedttratl-arry Potts, whogas in charge of both Waco and Ruby Ridge, was prr>moted o second n charge at the FBI. kior to Congres-sional hearings, owever, he Clinton administrdtion ootedhim back down again.These high profile cases where the FBI is caught inwrongdoing are crucial to the funle of the country. They ideaof beingheld tt  can cripple hese overnment ctivities nd diminish hegoverniient's espectaUitity n tre eyes f tlre public' The iuthis FatFBI, ATF, and DEA abuses r   toonumerous o count,:and the vast majgrity ever cach he newspapeis'At the samernoment f thesb Weavei isclosulps, notherahocious ncident s coming unraveled: aco' Thanks o anamazing mount f constituent r   ssure-prossure hat hasoily inCreased ince he OHahoma ity bombing espite e-dia.smears-4ongrcss s holding hearings nd demanding: docuinenh rom he Justice epartment nd he ATF A ointHouse ommittee emanded dditional apers rom he White .Houie on usthow he aid was approved.fne Wtritp House esponded hat hey wouldn't give heDaDc$ n grcund hat sorrrc f them go to the core of thei<inds f thilgs the nstitutional ttsidency must rotect ndare'qtotally nnocuous. ifrirmm' hy does hat not sound ikeaplauisible cason?. Here's what he White House ears. Clinton was riefed n, :'the aid on April 18, 1993, he day before t occuned' ispapers- hould have complete otes n what occuned t the. meetings, hich'may n tum give some ndication bout he: 'reasons he aid was approved n the nst'There still a great eat of mystery urrounding hy theBranch DavidiAns ere argeted n the int place' There are' thouiandsofnbn'riminsfieamreligious roups n his country.. 'Some arc eft Wing, me att dght, ard somo rB political.' I Many of ttrem ave n nsitutipnalsupply f food and weapons'' : :Thc goVemmei$ e.nerally eaves liem alone.:, 1 ., What did the Branch Davidians o o bring hem o the at- Entionof lrefeds, dwhy didthey aiouse o much nirnosityr , .with he Justice'Department? hat was he ole of the secre.:' , tive and powefirl Cult Awnreness etwork' n identi$ingi,lhs group ndcontacting tsfriends tthe Justice eparnnent?.r . YVherc id Janet Reno Eetthe dsa hat hildren ere eing;, : , abused side he compound? hy did sho ontinue o say so, '. after shb had beentconected? ho was advising er within. ' ttro deptutmentaud \at are he nstitutional ffrliations f heradvisors utside f the dspnrtmsut?ftdre are hundreds lottror questions. or example: id,:, the agCiiG now thai heeS gas hey Pumped o massively: into'the house.waq ighly lammable? s his what caused hefirc? Did they also knoru hat t was deadly or children?: Tho Washingon Establishmsnt s against hese earings'. Trey don't want any suggestion, ver, hirt he govemment ssome.0ring ess han wonderful o become ublic. D.C' also., ' hales he dea of being held accountable or its astions.If the new reshmen-who are primuily responsible orthephgarings{o nothilS else n ftisCongress eside old thcsc hearings, liey will have ustified their terms, The entiregoum*tnt-*ill not come crashing own. but if they do theirjob, they will likel expos   a consliracy at the highest evelsof governmentThe Republican eaden[rip of the House and Senate re al-ready being offered deals o back away rom the uglier aspectsof the Waco and Weaver arocities. But with their own partymembers nd voten breathing down the backs of their necks,they may be n no position o accept'Meanwhile, he bureaucrats n the ederal govemment on-tinue to hold memorial Services or the victims of the Okla-homa bombing. Nothing is yet scheduled or the far more'numerous ictims of the govemment'Against all odds, he facts about Waco and Weaver aremaking l into public, and complains against he govemmentare being heard. The psychological hange his causes annotbe overlooked. People have begun o look more carefully atother police functions of the govemment-in particular hebrutat tactics t uses o collect revenue-and ask even morequestions. A Dollar Coin? I'm often asked whether favor replacing the dollar billwith a dollar coin. As much ss don't ike paper money, t'sprobably better han a tin dollar spraypainted old'The govemment ays t can save $400 million per year withthe new coin. Since when did lWashington care about suchamounts? here's more going on here. Before he govemme. tundertskes much arger switch of ttre cunency, the Fed andthe Treasury want o see how well a switch from one orm ofcurcncy to another goes.Though you will never ead his in the news stories, hat'swhy the dollar coin continues o be an ssue. After the SusanB. Anthony fiasco, when ttrc govemment ssued a form ofmoney hafnobody eally waned, heburcaucrats re shy about' any ormof new money. f they ntendtoexchangeourpr   sentstockof nrcney with bills which are colorcd andcan be raced'tlny have o make sure hey won't be rejected by ttre marketBut the move has set somi powerful business ntorestsagainst he govemmeft:fin Amedcan Banking Associationopposes trelaeaon solid grounds.It s moreexpensive o shipdoitar coins han dollar bills. The change would simply shift thougD(then centsWherhe sa . _TT instamonl som(bankTIMexBut up cserioport(ide*aheaDhave. itwcbaikthistin hi o asci of ,4-, ,,li' tion_ banlNaf.- --t;othe huntis thMorTtlts thanftontheYCon T InV eosts orm be goverflment o the private ector.Cur   ntly, Sinators re shifting round odecide e fate ofthe dollarcoin ssue,Kitultimately asqes oqgress, t will bewitli a vbiy oirg phase-in eriod of four years or rflore;My prediction:tiElollar
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