Ron Paul Survival Report January 1996

Excerpted articles are Clinton's War for Reelection and My Ten Predictions for the New Year . A fragment that stands out in Reelection : That's right. The U.S. government is imposing a plan to create a Muslim government in the heart of Europe that will be ruling over a Christian population, or what's left of it after this peace agreement. A transcript of this newsletter excerpt can be found at:
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  Xhc 1991 Russian eca[ of the 50 artd 100 nrble notes e-. smyed tre ife savinp of many nnocent itizens' tltd rccalt' they had only hree ays o tum n their cash, nd or tax pur-posos, erc quired o explain, n detail, ts source..- Olrlrcasury Deparonent ontinues o argue hat he U'S'has never ad a.recall or declared ny paper unency ot obe egal edder. But ourgovemment as eally dono worse' tfailed o kerp ts promise o redsem ur cunency n gold and'silver, andrEtrsed pay goldforfederal onds ssued s ronrises+cts equally mmoral o declaring cun   ncy o be no -longerusable.Ttre Russian inration amot e gaorcd. obat Riedman, ninvesriggtive epon   r ol New York \fagazine, laims hat U'S'banls, with tr full trnowledge f our Fsderal esewe, ave ent$40billioninnew$lObjltstoRussiasinceJanuary f 194. Thisanpunt s g   atsr han ll 0re ubles n circulaion n Russia. \r- rcntly, 100 o $2fi) niillion n cash s lown o Moscow Moday: ttuo,rgh tiduy to salisfy emands orU.S. rrencySince he Russian Mafia contols he majority of Russian,banks, nd t is deeply nvolved n he drug bade, t makes ne. wonder s othe rrll motivation ohind ur govemment's ill-ingness o participate n this massive unency low., ., Myanalysisisthatit's short-nrnbenefitto urTreasqryto- 'export ur cash ince t helps o keep rice nflation n check: ' lieru aihorne. f all this cash fuculated n tlre United States' tworldprirrcmurdos prioo ressure n un goods nd erviceshere thomd.' ;'' .Yetlwould otpfutitpsst ome f our officials o be n bedwith'the drug dealers-and he Russian Mafta. s there ullythat mirch difrercnce etweert he Russian MafirconrolledI systcm nd our higlily secrudvq llogal, nd all-powerful 'ed-' I erslResorvesystom ,, Thciroblemthdy am unning to is hatwith he ssuance. : .of h   neurcurrcndy, lre nrassos f Russian nderground artici: p4nts IE g$ting sldttislt' This s the cason or the TieasuryDepaftment's nbelievable ffort tp reassurc he Russians,' pleading hat hoy not dumP ur dollors ut of panic which. coutd cad o qworld-wide epudiatioti f the dollar' or at eastits devaluadbn is a vis harder urrcncie's iko he mart).: .; .' I- te Fpd. nd lre Russihn afia are powerful nd ich, but,. they,caruiot onhol public conffdpnce'It s contsolled y the' ' . , martet place, nd publlc confidence'is:sracking nd hreatens' , the esbliShrEnfs vhole insncisl mFire lphlding ho dolltr. systsm.Ifitcomesundoft, hichitcouldratherrapidly, here. woulitbo an erplosion n gold pdcas rydma'ssive nflation nt. do[arEms. '' i' ' ','Issuing nbw cirrtiiy has bedn n on-agin off-again lan' for mor   haq-llyears. Ile.conccms exPre-$   d y many Americans modifted and slowed down he govemment's lans,ard this newsletbr ronicalty played tre.crucial cle in biringingabout he delay.Even now, ourofficials are quite wonied andhesitantaboutthe way the uew money will be receit'ed, otherwise herewouldn't be ttris avish PR effort worldwide directed owardmaintaining onfidence n the U.S. cunency- t's conceivable,ifnot likely, tlrat his concem could force even another elay.Many ask me about he possibility of a l0 to I or lfi)to Iexchange n the new money. Under currcnt conditisns, hatrs-------not to be expected. ut if, by accident or design, he Russian-U.S. dollar conboversy precipitates a run on the dollar andinstant nflation occurs, all bets are off.The U.S. government s anxious o heak people's attach'ment o the present esign of the cunency as a foreshadowingof more ominous plans ater. If the U.S' does default on itsbonds, r has o nflate o the skies o pay hem, he porrgr glitewant he flexibility to unde.rtake ny rneasums' ven exheineones. Govemment officials want that too, and changing hecurrcncy now helps minimize the chances of n panic.U.S. officials also want to do what they can to uproot hevastunderground conomy n legal goods and services. fcur-rency switches are n the offing, it discouragss wple ftommaking ong-termconuacts n papermoney and t'omkeepingunderground avings n this form.flltimately, the goal of cennsl banken and governnrcnt spower and wealth at our expense. onest money and economicgrowttr benefitting he middte class s of little concern o them.That's why reform n money, and he promcfion of individualliberty, will only come tom intellecnral eaden who care molsabout he middle class han he privileged elite. Ceour dtAlene Mines Altltough we are big believers n silver's ong-tenn ole as amoneWy etal nd ts significant ppreciation oential' GregOnelt and have arely mentioned ilver-mining tocks.It is not 6at we have purposely eglected ilver stocks; t. has norc o do with the act hat here s rto onger a silvermining ndustry n North Arnedca s here n   e wasWhibheS& madledtrdrelffiroftfiesol+,minitgindtssy nNorthArnericaas oldprices rtabilizedilound$4004n unce,the silver mining ndustry was wrecked y deprassed de&sand ighercosts.Tlre Spokane tock Exchange, hich isted mostly ilver'ielated ssues, losed orm n ttre ate 80s or ack of interest:.Venerable'silver rtducer Sunshine Mining went basically bankmp;irisonlylowrec --.--- --
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