Ron Paul Survival Report November 1994

The piece Why Militias Scare the Striped Pants Off Big Government is devoted to North American militias; the opening paragraph: Could the end of big government be near? When the Founding Fathers decided they could no longer endure the tyranny of Britain, they turned to the even-then ancient institution of the militia, organized and armed men loyal to family, community, and property, not a distant state apparatus. The piece South African Gold Developments is about gold prices in South Africa after the election of Nelson Mandela. Sample: South African gold shares have rebounded nicely since Nelson Mandela was elected, which may be proof that he is playing ball with Trilateral business interests. A transcript of this newsletter excerpt can be found at:
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  ALREPOR u, ' ilhy Militias Scare he Striped PanFOtrBigC'overnment Could lrs end of big gwemment e near? l'hen the-Founding FatLrs decided lrat hcy could no onger ndut: ttreUramry f Britain, hey urned o thc even'then ncientinstiiudonof he militia, organized nd armed men oyal o' .family, community, nd property''not distant tBts ppa-' ratus.PatickHe4ry aid:'Gtrard lthlalors anention tre ublic, libqrty. Suspocfeveryone ho approaches hat ewel' Un-, fotttrnatety, othing iill preserve t btrt downright orcs',, ,illhdeveryql give' orco' ott are rcvitnb$ uin   d. I,,: llleiFywastalkitii'-nof boutGeorgoltr--ttrtaboutthe' : ;newceflral ov   mmont, hich hs carcd would oventually, t*rconxityiannical s well. Ho wqntedlho ilitiapeserved. , s a defense gainst omestic pprc.ssion.' ' Tte militia antophied, nd was hamstung y the politi-,,', cians and'burpaucrats. ut now- n a conscious tcrcstion'..'of,ih*eearly years f ouiRepublic, militias areforming llacross hecpuntry. omehavebeenfonmd o potect against', rime. Othesare onspicuous isplays f the miliury ethos, -:, 0rat nuvives aming he nation's un ownors- ut nearly ll' 'r, understand hiat n aurned nd organiiid people s he inal, protectionagainstgovemrncntt$Bn$y., '. Indmd tlre Foundpns vrote he Second mendrnent ot: o,pressrvo.or{ bility to}unt. It wos witten so wo couldFoiect our.selver goinst tyrannicat bntnl su0e As The'mqs effesori sai{.'tlie $bongost ason or the people o'-:, ,rttain lre ightto kcep and bsar alms s, as a ast esort, oprotect hemselve.s gainst yrarmy n governrnent. I Thu sopretne Court doesn't ike to talk about his'his'mti*f fari for an obvious easonl.Uose.-nUe yqants-for-. life ils 0te.'epitorln f centralized ylsnny. But Suprerm: 'Clurt or.ndL militias ub pcpPing p all over hs colltltry'- -The'peoplelwho oin.them spend ne ught per weeh orsometirnes pr ronth, drilling,shmting' irdformingtherr' selvesinloacoherentforceofcorrmunity'piotlc'tion' hey pledge o defend each other's properties and families intilrr ofcrisis, args orsnrall.Tlny bond wially and politically.This radical new movement s a magnificent sign of thetirnes, one of many ndications hat the central state acesmassive esistance t,om average people and is losing itsgrip on political power. Psychologically' people no longerfeel themselves ound by its dictates. Bill Clinton has dis-crediJed he whole ederal enterprise.These militias are not only found n Southern states andlhe nual West, but even in the Midwest' An AssociatedPrre,ss rticle reported he forming of a militia in Petoskeyin Norihem Michigan. The article ri$iculed the group andpainted hem as outlandish adicals associated ith fringeelernents hat our govemment ikes to define as cults. Atthe sanptinre, t pointedoutthatthe intbrigade was ormedthis past April. Today,eleven thqr Michigan counties aveorganized heir own militias.Washington ears such movenrents, ut even Republi-cdns have no deajust how far behind hey are n calling forfundamental eform. t's the domination o{the country byWashington h* isdriving he militia and other heroic move-mentrs loundthe country, People do not 6ust any$ing'as-sociated with the curent crcp of politicians.One of many unintended effects of Clinton's attack ongun ownerslup has been o cause a ntsh on private guns'Feople whobave never hought about owning anything big' ' AsThomas effenonsai4'tltc sfrongest das n ortlu peoplc b retah theright o kpep and b ear alrmsis, cs c last esorl to PvtecttlDmselves gabst yrunYNovember 15, 1994 Volumc X, Number 11 E hgovemment  i : ger han aBB gun rchrying eriorsmmhry-*yto eapurs ndtpining with 0reni Bvery un dealer nd manufachuer n the .-. counhy ports ecord ales nd pofits. I'm no gun nug butthis seems o me o be another reat ign.-tr{ost oftliencw gln orvners ay hey ear streetcrime, utthey also admit o feuingtheir own govenment' hey pointro'the pisodas nvolving Randy Weaver nd lr Davidians tWaco. As a resull hey must do what hey sinceiely elieve.lhe Constitution llows hem o do'-arm thenuelves.Whole owns are beiirg organized n the principle f pro-'fmtion rrom ovemment. he New'York ines, in a sneeringr   porl tells of a rcmole ommunity n cennal daho oundedby Bo Gtitz,.the ecorated rcen Beret and political activist.His new esigned ainly or self defense tomgovemmsnt, rd each ome owner s rcqufued o potect heotlrens n the cvent f an emsrgency.' thc Times nicle an be nterpeted nother ay. The c-porterandthe aper's ditors were puning he FBI and BATFon alert. n fact, suspect hat many of these movements rerak   ady experiencing ovemment irfrlq*ion of their ar*s'I thess ate ltc imes hat r-y men's soulsf So f you bclong o'. Vo of thcso roups, e careful ot o et/dorvn our guard oo   asib t at all, Erpel he FBI or BAIF socret gent ho cottnselsyiolence ono wayyou can ell the eds rom he Americans).You are ultirnntely esponsible or your own pmtection.. Big government s orcvoq, ays re Beltrvay lite. But don't' , believo'ii, f people orm heir own communities f intemalprotectiop; lro cendil stats becomes n even more obviopgltrnrasite.It s 0n encouraging ign hat he end of govemrfnff^isweknowitmnybonear. \-J2 ',South'African Gold )evelopments ' '. South African gold sharas ave ebounded icely since' ., Netson Mandela as electe4 which mly bo proof hat he splaying sU wilh Trilateral usiness ntercsts. andela s not' .-a*ioiit to go he way of Norioga, (adafi, or Castno. ut he,. ptoblems f Sqrth Africa art far from solved. iibsl hatrds:,.:. 1psisitr, f course. omrption s now lp norm. And s new: problemhas i'sen: massivs rimo ncreases.,''',. he'cerjdkingstlratareoccuringinsouthAftice$Emol   . . . han occasional. n Johamcsburg, he irst six montlm f 1993., i:saw ,$lgcarjmkingscompaledto4,656inthefirstsix onths'..6f.1994. Pioperty rirnes rg:incnissing t a rapid ste' crlmmunities re being disnubed y waves f witch,.. , burnings.-. as he ht   mationalists antcd s o believe hings were osy in Russia, hey arc doing everything oSsible o mske surc hatthere s no negative news hat ny reflect on Mandela'Even though I anticipatq hat South Africa will slip intoeconomic haos, t is not ikely to happen mmediately. HarryOppenheimer nd other mine owne$ have been able o bribe;Mandela and his communist riends o tolerate he special n-tercss of capitalism. Even when blood flows in the steets,there areprofits o beLad,andthis case rovides no exception.The gold sharp.s, s one would expect under cufien sQ[di-.tions, ar out-performed ny other ndustry group' n fact' both fundamental nd echnical actors oint o sharply igher oldprices.Investnpnt nsiden talk o expect price of $aflF$a70byDecember, nd much igher ricas or gold on he ong nrn.Some ven hink we've entercd secular ull market n goldtlrat will last 12-15 ears, imilar o 1968 o 1980. North American Gotd As the price of gold moves o*ard $475, which I considerinevitable, high-cost gold producers witl do well. Royal OakMines is one example. t got quite a bit of publicity for itsattempted akeover of Lac Minerals, but even without [-ac' if san interesting proPerty.Most North Anrerican producers ave a cost per ounce pKFduced of about $225, Royal Oak's s $305. ts poduction thisyear will be about 350,000 ounces, ising to 475,000 ouncesnext year rom its four Canadian mines.Thecost of production s highernotbecause f inefficiercy'for the most part, but berause of the grade of ore. Its under-ground worldorce s unfortunately unionized, but the ore av-erages bout 10 ounces f gold per ton. Most mines have 30or more. But Greg Onell, my recommended roker, and be'lievc it's an'interc,sting peculation.Royal Oakrades at around $4 3/8 on ihe Anprican StockExchangerurdertheticket ymbolRYO. Due o ttre company'ssensitivity othe goldprice, Greg and recommend a stop oss 8r $3 5/8. . GolVlinorco For several ears, have ecommended inorco as a goldhedle nvastnent. t is conuoled y the Trilateralist nglcAmrican DeBeers roup f South ftica hough heir asseJs. ale nd locat   d n South ftica the nsiders ryn't s[rpid,just. evil). ''' Until twelve months go, Miilorco was stictly a h6 lin9 .. ;'companywithalotofcaslr Now t has ralsfonned tself nto .E


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