Rvgomeseria Unsustainable and Unethical Mining

Rvgomeseria Unsustainable and Unethical Mining
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  DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/YHCS8   rvgomeseria, PhD “  Unsustainable and Unethical Mining in the Landscape Ecology (Affecting Stability) ”   20Sept2019 Doha, Qatar   /27,580+ LinkedIn Followers /   Page 1 of 4   Photo-1, Masbate Mining, photo courtesy by distinctive performance Unsustainable and Unethical Mining in the Landscape Ecology (Affecting Stability) Ronald Gomeseria ,   PE, PEng, CEng, CBuildE, CEnv, ASEANEng, ACPE, IntPE, CEMgr, CHCMgr, CEMgr   University of the Philippines   Open University CEP: Topnotcher-RCRNRM, CCA&DRM, PED | eCom  –   “High Distinction Award”; NEP –   “Distinction Award”  D/MENRM  –  Upland/Coastal | FMDS- UP OU  Atlantic International University (AIU - USA)  Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (2010-2012, Magna Cum Laude) Ph.D. in Building and Construction Engineering (2016-2018, Summa Cum Laude)   Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering (Ongoing) Polytechnic University of the Philippines  (PUP) Master of Science in Construction Management (2016-2018, Topnotcher) 27,580+  LinkedIn Followers Connections 20 September 2019, 3:50 PM | Doha, Qatar DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/YHCS8 Background This paper will feature the Masbate Gold Mining that covers 2,477 hectares and started last 2008 and up to the present for the mining operation, which covers natural landscape ecology being altered and destroyed. An example of unsustainable and unethical mining within the ecological aspect which will become a global challenges, and perhaps, restoration is not possible violating RA 7942 policy. Landscape Ecology’s Definition   According to Almo Farina article, “Landscapes and Their Ecological Components,”   defined that, “landscape ecology is a discipline that studies e nvironmental complexity, concentrating mainly on an analysis of the importance of spatial relationships between the various components such as individuals, populations, communities, and land mosaics of the real world.”   Wherein describes of the current situation of development that “defined as the spatial representation of an ecosystem, a landscape is composed of many superimposed environments.” Moreover, Jianguo (Jingle) Wu defines, “Landscape ecology is an interdisciplinary field that aims to understand an d improve the relationship between spatial pattern and ecological processes on a range of scales.”    DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/YHCS8   rvgomeseria, PhD “  Unsustainable and Unethical Mining in the Landscape Ecology (Affecting Stability) ”   20Sept2019 Doha, Qatar   /27,580+ LinkedIn Followers /   Page 2 of 4   Unsustainable Mining The existing heterogeneous environments are now in a critical stage in the stability of the landscape ecosystem (photo-1), which can be referred to and caused of mining activities and rampant deforestation operations. As we all know that through mining activities have contributed more significant negative values impacting the landscape environment. However, heterogeneity is an essential characteristic and ingredients of landscape ecology. But because of human activities thereof, the landscape stability has been damaged continuously. And with the mining practices and without any program in restoring the same, therefore, the process will contribute unsustainable  affecting the existing landscape structure. Additionally, these will result in landscape fragmentation that includes vegetation, soil degradation, wildlife habitats, disruption or loss of flora and fauna loss of biodiversity, and most especially, will alter the hydrological cycle of the ecological aspect of the landscape environment. Unethical Mining  I may say that through human activities and the pattern they are working without any rehabilitation program can be considered unethical mining  affecting the upland communities and the wetland itself. Despite the rehabilitation being considered by the mining companies involved, however, the truth is, the landscape stability can’t be restored for the same as it was. Deforestation is one of t he factors in the mining activities whereas rehabilitation of forests through by tree planting is a long process actually, compared to the mining resources they’ve got within the mining area, e.g. Masbate Mining Field. (Masbate Mining photo, distinctive performance) Based on the unethical mining  history, most of the mining companies were violating RA 7942 - Philippine Mining Act of 1995 of Section 69, and it is about the “Environmental Protection.” I quoted that, “directing the contractor to undertake as well as enhancement program accordingly, whereas, the work program specifies that includes not only for the mining operations plans but through with the effort of providing and I quoted as; rehabilitation, regeneration, re-vegetation and reforestation of mineralized areas, slope stabilization of mined-out and tailings covered areas, aquaculture, watershed development and water conservation; and socioeconomic development.”  Moreover, with the help of EO 26 (2011)  –  National Greening Program and EO 193 (2015)  –  Expanded NGP can be justified in resolving landscape stability to regain the landscape ecology evolving the required Sustainable Development Goals Program. Throwback In 30-years after the Marcos administration, the mining industries are everywhere where graft and corruption from the government sides can’t we count on from Aquino to Aquino administrations that spoiled the trusts of the people and are very rampant and has no place can actually completely get away from these mining practices. Because of unsustainable practices , these are the reasons why the ecosystem suffered as they don’t care the environment even and the lives of people living in the wetland and upland areas were tremendously got ill and sick. Similarly, on various occasions happenings within the environmental sector are due to irresponsible and unethical practices  that gave negative impact done by the mining industries in the Philippines to the people that fail to serve sustainable mining in return in conjunction to RA 7942 - Philippine Mining Act of 1995. Environmental Policy with the present Administration In the recent year under the President Duterte administration, however, he subsidized and ordered the implementation of the total mining ban in the Philippines for both large-scale and small-scale mining companies within the ecosystem. With the stern warning from the President is a big step and help on how to sustain and curing a polluted mining area throughout the Philippines to find a solution into a sustainable environment for the next generation. The order is an excellent initiative and moves from the government which has the political will, following the order which they are not allowed in doing some mining businesses anymore. And most of the irresponsible that was committed are from those tycoon mining companies occupying mining  DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/YHCS8   rvgomeseria, PhD “  Unsustainable and Unethical Mining in the Landscape Ecology (Affecting Stability) ”   20Sept2019 Doha, Qatar   /27,580+ LinkedIn Followers /   Page 3 of 4   area in the country for such cruelty and unsustainable impact mostly in the wetland and upland areas violating the RA 7942 - Philippine Mining Act of 1995. Development of Landscape Ecology With the given example as discussed above, the landscape ecology can be defined as a discipline of two schools of thought based on the theories and designs as such; “European School”  and the “American School” . The difference between the two can be defined that European School have focused on the “built”  system while the American School is referring bound to “natural”  systems within the ecosystem depending on the location you are facing with and most specifically on the given natural resources. Moreover, in my professional practice has bound to the theories and designs of European School, and as an example on which we designed the interdisciplinary building-built environment in developing the community as required by the stakeholders. However, with the two-schools defined by M/s Kevin McGarigal of his article; “Introduction to Landscape Ecology,”   I prefer both schools not only what I have had in my professional practice but the given “natural resources ” focusing on the ecological aspect of our environment as an environmental advocates and as a registered Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv). In the foregoing study of landscape ecology, I may be focusing on the “Landscape towards Sustainable Development.”  This will be focusing in combination of the landscape ecology schools with “built” and “natural” syst ems I sustaining a sustainable environment. About the Origin of Landscape Ecology The srcin of landscape of ecology will depend on the country’s regional activities and environmental behavior based on their culture. However, the Philippines are rich in natural resources and diverse islands throughout the archipelago. The ecological aspect was already given with a perfect creation by God, but because of Spaniards colonialism that enslaves the country for more than 300-years, and the true history was destroyed and hides to the countrymen. From then, and up to the present, and from generation to generations, the country are being taught with false history throughout education system, but, sad to say, that ’ s what the reality what is happening in the country. Conclusion With all the above mentioned articulates my ethical position, perspective, and viewpoint on the major ethical issues that are being played within the environment we live in. It is essential to know things and relate the characteristics of people towards the environmental landscape ecology as well as the environmental impact within the ecosystem in aligning with the technological innovation that can be used somehow in saving the earth and the peoples demand. Additionally, the importance of political will in the governance and love of the environment are the driven aspects in sustaining a sustainable environment and protecting the landscape ecological environment on either work of mining operation or within the interdisciplinary field. References Farina, A. (2001). Landscape and Their Ecological Components . Discovery and Spoliation of the Biosphere Wu, J.(2013). Landscape Ecology . Ecological Systems Article Write-up References Daylinda Banzon-Cabanilla; (2002); “Culture and Societies in Tropical Forest Systems;”  University of the Philippines Open University; Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services; Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines Gomeseria, RV; (2018); “A Talk in the Challenge of Environmental Problems,”  Durreesamin Journal (ISSN: 2204-9827) December Vol 4Issue 3, Year 2018; Retrieved from;   DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/YHCS8   rvgomeseria, PhD “  Unsustainable and Unethical Mining in the Landscape Ecology (Affecting Stability) ”   20Sept2019 Doha, Qatar   /27,580+ LinkedIn Followers /   Page 4 of 4   Gomeseria, RV; (2019); “ The Concept of Culture ,”  Academia/ResearchGate; Retrieved from; Gomeseria, RV; (14April2019); “ Resolving Water Crisis through Water Dam Construction (Philippine Economic Development: Vision for the Next Generations) ;”  ResearchGate; Retrieved from; Gomeseria, RV; (2018); "Environment Possibilism;"  Durreesamin Journal (ISSN: 2204-9827) March Vol 4 Issue 1, Year 2018; ResearchGate; Retrieved from; Gomeseria, RV; (April2019); "Environmental Determinism Insights;"  ResearchGate; Retrieved from; Gomeseria, RV; (29March2019); "Religion, the Primary Cause of Environmental Problems;"  from; Gomeseria, RV; (January2019); "Hypocrisy of Environmental Advocacy Thought and Actions in Need;"  Durreesamin Journal (ISSN: 2204-9827) December Vol 4 Issue 3, Year 2018; Retr from; Gomeseria, RV; (04February2019); "Review about the Reflection on the Battle of Manila Bay (Leadership towards Sustainable Environment, a Political Will);"  ResearchGate; Retrieved from; Gomeseria, RV; (09February2019); "Is Sustainable Development Possible in the Philippines? (A Strongman with Political Will and a Leadership with Vision towards Sustainable Environment will help in the Country's Economic Progression);"  ResearchGate; Retrieved from; _the_Philippines_A_Strongman_with_Political_Will_and_a_Leadership_with_Vision_towards_Sustainable_Environment_will_help_in_the_Country's_Economic_Progression Gomeseria, RV; (20September2019); "Governance  –  Role of Civil Society;"  ResearchGate; Retr from; The Author:    Academia Rank-1 and Top 1% Authors with 60 Article Papers, Top 1% - “Religion, the Primary Cause of Environmental Problems  ,” and “Environmental Determinism Insight…Things Need to Know in the Country We Live,”   and ResearchGate Most Read  Articles - “  The eCommerce Business Plan, ” and “The Challenge of Online eLearning as an Online eLearner in Today’s Environment.”    Article Writer   - CEAI VIEWPOINT Journal, EPH Journal, LinkedIn Pulse, Student and Blogger Keywords: Governance, Environment, Policy, Culture, Advocacy, Religion, Ecosystem, Civil Society, Mining, Sustainable, Landscape, Ecology, Masbate, Gold Mine, Stability

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