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  S HEN K PRO ESS TIANJIN) I NDUSTR IAL TECHNOLOGY CO. L TO 3.1 MAINTENANCE OF VIBRA TING SCREENS 31.1 Pl ease read the relevant sections of bo th the lnsta ll ation and the Mainten2n:-2 Volum e of this manual pri or to co mm enc in g mai nt enance work . as íT u cr in forma ti on rel at ing to insta ll ation or removal of c ompon e nt s is cov eíed n the lnsta ll a ti on Vo lume. 3.1 2 WARNING: Repair or clean equipment only after isolation of electrical supply to the screen drive and material feed system. Never climb on operating screens. 31.3 Vi brat ing equipment operates undE: ; thc most ar duous conditions. work ing in material that -is often highly abrasive and/ or corrosive they perform in excess of one mi ll ion stress cycles per day. lt is vitally important th at any de fect ar damage is rectified promptly. A minar problem, if ignared, may rapidly develap inta a majar structural failure. 3.1.4 A general da il y inspection of the screen and a systemat ic major inspection every 200 ho u rs operation will result in lower maintenance costs. less lost production and more profitable operation. 3.1.5 The Exciter oíl leve must be checked every 200 hours of operation and the o li changed every 1000 hours of operation in accordance with Section 3.2. 3.1.6 As a general guide, all bolts must be checked for tightness eve ry 1000 hours of operation . For sorne deck construction more frequent checking may be required and Users should undertake more frequent checks until pattern is estab li shed 3.1. 7 Bolts and self-locking nuts are in general for a single use only Discard old ã fasteners after removal and replace with a new self -locking nut and bolt and insta ll a hardened washer under the item that w1II be rotated to tighten the connection. 3.1.8 Bolts fitted into tapped hales must be secured using Loctite ·· 242 or equivalent. 3.1. g The vibrated structure and ali connected moveable parts (springs. dr ive shafts etc) must be able to move freely. No part of the screen should kn oc k on stationary parts for example. chutes, platforms) nor work in accumulated feed material. 3.1.1 o lnspect the screen deck often and remove adherent mater i al at once. Repair or replacement of worn deck panels or loose deck panels should be carried out befare total failure occurs to prevent damage to other screen comp onents or down stream equipment ile : J \Job 01 85 San Canos Ma nu al 01 85 SLO2461 SCREcN MANUAL -REV1 doc Page 59 of, 1 r~,s d ocurr ãent s conñde r tJ ai and It Is made av ai l ab le as a conñaent1al d1 sc losure on tr e undersianding tliat 1 sha ll not De shO wn · a, s, -~ t>J :~ , rr~c. ~ 11 r. ec to th rd artIes or used fer other uroses w1hout th e wnnen a~roval of Sc ne   ck P   ocess Ch ina  schen d< ;: ro-: es : 4 t 3.1. 11 S HEN K PRO ESS TIANJIN) INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY CO. L TO Replace broken springs Immediately Springs normally have a long life and, unless mistreated or material build- up in the coils is allowed to occur, the failure of one spring may indicate that the entire set of springs is reaching the service limit. lt is recommended that if one spnng fails then ali springs at that point of support are re placed. 3.1.12 Check vee-belt condition and tension every 200 hours operation 3.1.  3 Vibrating screens must never be operated with any of the conditions specified in the maintenance checklist, Section 3.4: RAPID FAILURE WILL O UR As site conditions vary significantly it is not possible to put a rigid schedule on these checks. Users should take the above times as a guide, conducti ng more frequent inspections until a pattern is established. 3.1.  4 lnspect the side plate inside and below deck), crossbeams, deck support rails and cleats at every deck change. These components are exposed in the course of replacing the deck. In any case inspect the deck support rails and cleats at least every three months. 3.1.15 Remove any loase sealant from around the cleats inspect for signs of corrosion in the connections. lf corrosion is evident the connection must be dismantled, the corrosion removed, the surfaces coated with 25 microns DFT of structural primer, reassembled with new fasteners and then resealed. Clean the region around the cleat using Sika Cleaner 205 wiping in one direction only and reseal using Sikaflex -260 or Sikaflex -255 urethane rubber sealant. File: J \Job 0185 San Carlos Manual 0185 SLO2461 SCREEN MANUAL -REV1 doc Page 60 of 71 Th ,s document ,s con fi dent1al and it ,s made ava  l able as a confident1a1 d1sclosure on the understand,ng that ,t shall not oe shOwn to, dlscussed w,tn, or 1ransm,ned to, th1rd part,es, or used f or other purposes w,thout tne wnnen approval of Scnenck Process Cn,na _  t ., sche nck.;_Jr  : ·  E-S:-  s SCHENCK PROCESS TIANJIN) INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY CO. L TO 3 2 LUBRICATION OF EXCITERS 3.2.1 Exciters are supplied WJT OUT oil, add oil before use Schenck exciters utilise oil splash lubrication with interna\ oil flingers, felt oil seals and an externa\ labynnth that is initially grease packed. New exciters will shed grease from the labyrinths. This is nota fau\t. The Labyrinth does not require regreasing . 3.2.2 Exciters are treated with corrosion preventative agent befare del1very Refer Section 1.2. 3.2.3 Oil fill plugs are at the top of the housing, the lowest of these is used for d1pst1ck measurement of the oil leve\ Refer Figure 3.2 1 . Clean the a rea around the plug befare removing the plug. 3.2.4 The required quantity of oil depends on the installation angle of the Exc1ter Refer Figure 3.2.1) and the quantity indicated in Table 3.2.2 is a nominal value for 9rdering purposes only . 3 2.5 Final oil leve\ as specified in Table 3 2.2 shall be determ ined by use of the di pstick included in Schenck supply. The Dipstick must be removed from Exciter after checking oil leve\. Ensure that the oil fill plug replaced. 3.2.6 The viscosity grade and oil type required depends on the actual service temperature of the Exciter and the recommended viscosity grade and oil type 1s _isted in Table 3.2.3. The ambient temperature l1sted Is a guide only for the m1t1al selection of the oil prior to commissioning Final 11 select1on shall be made on the basis of the measured operating temperature 3.2.7 3.2.8 3.2 9 Change oil after the first 50 hours of operat1on and every 1 hours thereafter or at least every 3 months) Schenck recommend an 11 condit1on- monitonng programme to establish the optimum oil change period for local site cond1t1ons lf the 11 is very dirty and/or the Exciter is operat1ng at h1gh operat1ng temperature , reduce the time between 11 changes and 1mplement an 11 cond1t1on monitoring programme to establish the optimum oil change penad for local site conditions , a better grade of oil may be requIred When changi ng the oil it Is best to drain the 11 from Exciters immed1ately after shut down and isolation wh1le the 11 1s still hot This maximise the benefit of fresh 11 by removing old oil befare any sed1mentation occurs File: J \J ob 01 85 San Ca rl os Manual 0185 SLO2461 SCREEN M NU L -REV1 dac Th1s Oocument 1s conficent1at and 1 1s made ava1ab1e as a canfide nt1 at di ~r Ino, ._ - ~ã ã· · PaopF;1 ... .  s h n kpro ess SCHENCK PRO ESS TIANJIN) INDUSTRIAL TE HNO LO GY O . L TO 3 2 1 O Frequent oil changes and prem 1 um quality o il 1ncrease the se rv, ce l1e of th e Exciter  3 2  11 Replace used sea washers on dra1n and f II plugs at the fir st s1 gn of w ea r they are much cheaper than new exciters  3 2  12 Schenck exciters as suppl i ed do not requ1re brea th er s t he add 11 on of a b re at her is detrimental and voids Schenck warr an ty F il e· J \J00 0185 San Carlos Manual 01 85 SLO24 61 SCREEN M NUAL R EV 1 d oc
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