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  USM STAN 2017 Bahasa Inggris Soal USM STAN 2017 - Bahasa Inggris Copyright © 2017 Zenius Education Kunci dan pembahasan soal ini bisa dilihat di dengan memasukkan kode 6210 ke menu search. Doc. Name: USMSTAN2017ING999 Halaman 1 Version: 2017-10 01.  The … accountant feels exhausted when he gets home. (A) overwork (B) overworks (C) overworking (D) overworked 02.  Mr . Clarke has … a big house that it takes a long time to paint the wall and decorate it. (A) so (B) very (C) such (D) such as 03.  Based on the research, as soon as a person …, he will immediately check their phone. (A) will wake up (B) wakes up (C) wake up (D) woke up 04.  No sooner … at the education fair than the presentation from University of Harvard  was over. (A) had we come (B) we had come (C) did we come (D) we come 05.  James Dawson, …, finally became vice president of the company in 1989. (A) was an administration officer in 1972 (B) he was an administration officer in 1972 (C) an administration officer in 1972 (D) whose an administration officer in 1972 06.  The study found that many … are unresponsive to socio-economic and technological changes in the rural sector. (A) curricula (B) curricular (C) curriculas (D) curriculum 07.  Winona could not explain why … to a convent school. (A) her parents sent her (B) did her parents send her (C) were her parents sending her (D) her parents were sending her 08.  If we see how the new manager treats us, it is  very clear that he is … than the previous one. (A) kind (B) kinder (C) kindest (D) more kind 09.  The surrounding grew … after the submarine descended to the deepest part of the ocean. (A) darken (B) darkly (C) darkening (D) darkened 10.  The parents should not risk … the children in the pool without surveillance. (A) to leave (B) leave (C) leaving (D) for leaving 11.  Just because I once got a speeding ticket, my parents object to … taking the car for even short drives. (A) I (B) my (C) me (D) mine 12.  By the time Judy finishes her breakfast, we … at her apartment. (A) will have arrived (B) would have finished (C) will arrive (D) arrive  USM STAN 2017 Bahasa Inggris , Soal USM STAN 2017 - Bahasa Inggris Doc. Name: USMSTAN2017ING999 Halaman 2 Version: 2017-10 Copyright © 2017 Zenius Education Kunci dan pembahasan soal ini bisa dilihat di dengan memasukkan kode 6210 ke menu search. 13.   … between Limpopo and Luvuvhu Rivers, Kruger National Park is the ancestral home of the  Makulele  people. (A) Situating (B) Situated (C) To situate (D) Having been 14.  We  were going to watch …, but the review said that it was a flop. (A) the movie frightening (B) the frightened movie (C) the frightening movie (D) the frighten movie 15.  My sister attends two subjects this semester, one is Public Administration and … is Statistics. (A) the other (B) other (C) another (D) the others 16.  Susan was self- reliant and hardly ever … any assistance from others. (A) she accepted (B) was she accepted (C) she did accept (D) did she accept 17.  Kate and her children …  when the police told her that her husband had died of car crash. (A) broke down (B) broke out (C) broke up (D) broke in 18.   … about Mr. Ron‟ s behaviour sooner, I  would have fired him immediately. (A) Had been known (B) Had I known (C) Knowing (D) If I knew 19.  All people … in the event are given notebooks for souvenirs. (A) that participated (B) which participating (C) participate (D) participating 20.  Indonesia palm oil production … if the government prolonged the forest moratorium. (A) will be hampered (B) would be hampered (C) would have been hampered (D) was hampered 21.  This ... statue was made about 100 years ago by an Italian sculptor. (A) brown wooden interesting (B) wooden interesting brown (C) interesting wooden brown (D) interesting brown wooden 22.  ... marijuana is known as an illegal substance in Indonesia, The White Union has been trying to eradicate that misconception. (A) Although (B) In spite of (C) Despite (D) Because 23.  ... the world is round is still debatable. (A) That (B) If (C) Whether (D) What 24.  As soon as the midfielder ... the ball, the striker will shoot it to the goal. (A) passed (B) passes (C) will pass (D) have passed 25.  The bus is about to leave, thus, let‟ s get into the bus, ...? (A) are we (B) aren‟t  we (C) shan‟t  we (D) shall we  USM STAN 2017 Bahasa Inggris , Soal USM STAN 2017 - Bahasa Inggris Doc. Name: USMSTAN2017ING999 Halaman 3 Version: 2017-10 Copyright © 2017 Zenius Education Kunci dan pembahasan soal ini bisa dilihat di dengan memasukkan kode 6210 ke menu search. 26.  The airline requires that the passenger ... his seat belt fastened at all times during take-off and landing. (A) kept (B) keep (C) keeps (D) keeping 27.  The professor got the absentee ... three chapters of management book. (A) to summarize (B) summarized (C) summarizes (D) summarize 28.  No sooner ... the train station than she changed her mind to go by bus. (A) she reached (B) did she reach (C) she had reached (D) had she reached 29.  Madam Levin requires that her employee ... more cooperative in the next meeting. (A) is (B) are (C) be (D) being 30.  Daniel, accompanied by her parents, ... going to attend his college graduation ceremony. (A) are (B) is (C) were (D) was Find the wrong word in the following sentence! 31.  The survey found that the more people use social  A media, the least likely they will concern about B  C D privacy. 32.  My brother told us that he once hiked a Mount  A B C Lawu on the East and Central Java border. D 33.  Natalie Portman was proud of her when she  won  A B C an Oscar award for the Best Actress in 2011. D 34.  Only few people in that meeting agreed that  A B C Nancy deserved getting the appreciation. D 35.  On March, the public was shocked by a  A B  video of female students mixing prayer movements with C D dancing. 36.  According to the survey, the number of  A Indonesians people studying overseas are  very B   C  D big. 37.  Neither of those students have a clue to solve the  A B mathematics problem assigned by the teacher. C D 38.  Chinese people adore cats much because of their  A ability to kill mice, their bravery, and have smooth B  C D fur.  USM STAN 2017 Bahasa Inggris , Soal USM STAN 2017 - Bahasa Inggris Doc. Name: USMSTAN2017ING999 Halaman 4 Version: 2017-10 Copyright © 2017 Zenius Education Kunci dan pembahasan soal ini bisa dilihat di dengan memasukkan kode 6210 ke menu search. 39.  Trustworthy legislators must be accountability for    A B C the promises they made to their voters. D 40.  West countries always support the principal that  A all citizens have the equal right regardless B gender, religion, race or skin color. C  D Lymphatic filariasis, commonly known as elephantiasis, is a neglected tropical disease. Infection occurs when filarial parasites are transmitted to humans through mosquitoes.  When a mosquito with infective stage larvae bites a  person , the parasites are deposited on the person‟s  skin from where they enter the body.  The larvae then migrate to the lymphatic vessels  where they develop into adult worms forming 'nests' in the human lymphatic system. Infection is usually acquired in childhood, but the painful and profoundly disfiguring visible manifestations of the disease occur later in life. Whereas acute episodes of the disease cause temporary disability, lymphatic filariasis leads to permanent disability. Currently, more than 1.3 billion people in 81 countries are at risk. Approximately 65% of those infected live in the WHO South-East Asia Region, 30% in the African Region, and the remainder in other tropical areas. Lymphatic filariasis afflicts over 25 million men with genital disease and over 15 million people with lymphoedema. Since the  prevalence  and intensity of infection are linked to poverty, its  elimination can contribute to  achieving   the United Nation Millennium Development Goals. Lymphatic filariasis infection involves asymptomatic, acute, and chronic conditions.  The majority of infections are asymptomatic, showing no external signs of infection. These asymptomatic infections still cause damage to the lymphatic system and the kidneys as well as alter the body's immune system.  Acute episodes of local inflammation involving skin, lymph nodes and lymphatic  vessels often accompany the chronic lymphoedema or elephantiasis. Some of these episodes are caused by the body's immune response to the parasite. However most are the result of bacterial skin infection where normal defences have been  partially   lost due to underlying lymphatic damage.  When lymphatic filariasis develops into chronic conditions, it leads to lymphoedema (tissue swelling) or elephantiasis (skin/tissue thickening) of limbs and hydrocele (fluid accumulation). Involvement of breasts and genital organs is common. (Adapted from various sources - PTT BPPK)  41.  The pronoun its  in paragraph 2 refers to .... (A) prevalence (B) intensity (C) infection (D) poverty 42. How many people from other tropical areas  were moreless infected with Lymphatic Filariasis? (A) 1 , 3 billions (B) 845 millions (C) 390 millions (D) 65 millions 43.  The majority of the acute local inflammation is caused by .... (A) body's immune's response (B) underlying lymphatic damage (C) bacterial skin infection (D) fluid accumulation 44. Which  of the following is NOT TRUE about Lymphatic Filariasis? (A) It transmitted to human by filarial parasites.   (B) Its infections are mostly asymptomatic . (C) Its chronic episodes can influence genital organs.   (D) It commonly affects people living in poor condition .
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