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    T. A. PAI MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE, MANIPAL PGDM BATCH 2019 - 2021 Secton 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5Term 1 Time Table (Duraton : July 1 - Sepember 28, 2019) Venues: Secton 1 - G3, Secton 2 - G4, Secton 3 - F3, Secton 4 - F4, Se    W   e   e    k   M   o   n       h   D   a      e   D   a   y    S   e   c   t   o   n CLASS TIMINGS9.15 - 10.4511.00 - 12.301.45 - 3.153.30 - 5.005.30 - 7.00    W   E   E   K   1   0   A   u   g   u   s    26Mon Sec 1MKT 5001/SMMGT 5001/APBSec 2OPS 5001/SAMMGT 5001/APBMGT 5002/PRTMGT 5002/PRTSec 3MGT 5002/PRTMGT 5002/PRTMGT 5001/APBSec 4MGT 5002/PNVMGT 5002/PNVOPS 5001/SAMMKT 5001/JYTSec 5MGT 5001/VPMKT 5001/GHKMGT 5002/PNVMGT 5002/PNV 27Tue Sec 1ACT 5001/VBECO 5001/AKRANT 5001/GPSec 2ANT 5001/GPACT 5001/VBECO 5001/AKRMKT 5001/TTGSec 3MKT 5001/TTGANT 5001/GPACT 5001/VBECO 5001/AKRSec 4ANT 5001/ASDECO 5001/SLMACT 5001/PRDSec 5ECO 5001/SLMACT 5001/PRDANT 5001/ASDNAD REGISTRATION 28Wed Sec 1MGT 5001/APBHRM 5001/RTGMKT 5001/SMOPS 5001/KPJSec 2OPS 5001/SAMNAD REGISTRATIONMKT 5001/TTGHRM 5001/RTGSec 3MKT 5001/TTGOPS 5001/KPJNAD REGISTRATIONSec 4MGT 5001/VPOPS 5001/SAMNAD REGISTRATIONMKT 5001/JYTSec 5MKT 5001/GHKMGT 5001/VPOPS 5001/KPJHRM 5001/SRT 29Thu Sec 1ECO 5001/AKRANT 5001/GPMGT 5002/PRTMGT 5002/PRTSec 2MGT 5001/APBECO 5001/AKRANT 5001/GPSec 3ANT 5001/GPMGT 5001/APBECO 5001/AKRSec 4ECO 5001/SLMANT 5001/ASDSec 5ANT 5001/ASDECO 5001/SLM 30Fri Sec 1MGT 5002/PRTHRM 5001/RTGSec 2HRM 5001/RTGMGT 5002/PRTSec 3HRM 5001/SJMMGT 5002/PRTSec 4MGT 5001/VPMKT 5001/JYTACT 5001/PRDHRM 5001/SJMSec 5MKT 5001/GHKMGT 5001/VPHRM 5001/SRTACT 5001/PRD 31Sat Sec 1MKT 5001/SM GDGDGD Sec 2 GDGDGDGD Sec 3 GDGDGDGD Sec 4MGT 5002/PNV GDGDGDGD       W   e   e    k   M   o   n       h   D   a      e   D   a   y    S   e   c   t   o   n CLASS TIMINGS9.15 - 10.4511.00 - 12.301.45 - 3.153.30 - 5.005.30 - 7.00 Sec 5 GD MGT 5002/PNV GDGDGD    S   e   p      e   m    b   e   r 1Sun Sec 1Sec 2Sec 3Sec 4Sec 5    W   E   E   K   1   1   S   e   p      e   m    b   e   r 2Mon Sec 1 HOLIDAY - VINAYAKA CHATURTHI Sec 2Sec 3Sec 4Sec 5 3Tue Sec 1MGT 5001/APB GD Sec 2MGT 5001/APBMKT 5001/TTGSec 3MGT 5001/APBMKT 5001/TTGHRM 5001/SJM GD Sec 4MKT 5001/JYTACT 5001/PRDHRM 5001/SJMMGT 5002/PNV GD Sec 5ACT 5001/PRDMGT 5002/PNVMKT 5001/GHKHRM 5001/SRT GD4Wed Sec 1OPS 5001/KPJECO 5001/AKRANT 5001/GPHRM 5001/RTG GD Sec 2ANT 5001/GPOPS 5001/SAMHRM 5001/RTGECO 5001/AKR GD Sec 3ECO 5001/AKRANT 5001/GPOPS 5001/KPJSec 4ANT 5001/ASDECO 5001/SLMMGT 5001/VPOPS 5001/SAM GD Sec 5MGT 5001/VPOPS 5001/KPJANT 5001/ASDECO 5001/SLM GD5Thu Sec 1Sec 2Sec 3Sec 4Sec 5 6Fri Sec 1ACT 5001/VBECO 5001/AKRSEVAOPS 5001/KPJSec 2OPS 5001/SAMACT 5001/VBECO 5001/AKRMGT 5001/APBSec 3OPS 5001/KPJSEVAACT 5001/VBECO 5001/AKRSec 4ECO 5001/SLMACT 5001/PRDMKT 5001/JYTOPS 5001/SAMSec 5SEVAOPS 5001/KPJACT 5001/PRDECO 5001/SLM 7Sat Sec 1ANT 5001/GPMGT 5002/PRTACT 5001/VBMGT 5001/APBSec 2MGT 5002/PRTANT 5001/GPMGT 5001/APBACT 5001/VBSec 3MGT 5001/APBACT 5001/VBMGT 5002/PRTANT 5001/GPHRM 5001/SJM (5.45 - 7.15 pm)HRM 5001/SJM (4.00 - 5.30 pm)HRM 5001/SRT (4.00 - 5.30 pm)       W   e   e    k   M   o   n       h   D   a      e   D   a   y    S   e   c   t   o   n CLASS TIMINGS9.15 - 10.4511.00 - 12.301.45 - 3.153.30 - 5.005.30 - 7.00 Sec 4MKT 5001/JYTMGT 5002/PNVANT 5001/ASDSec 5ANT 5001/ASDMGT 5002/PNVMKT 5001/GHK 8Sun Sec 1Sec 2Sec 3Sec 4Sec 5    W   E   E   K   1   2   S   e   p      e   m    b   e   r 9Mon Sec 1MGT 5001/APBHRM 5001/RTGECO 5001/AKRSec 2HRM 5001/RTGECO 5001/AKRMKT 5001/TTGOPS 5001/SAMSec 3ECO 5001/AKRMKT 5001/TTGMGT 5001/APBHRM 5001/SJMSec 4MGT 5001/VPOPS 5001/SAMHRM 5001/SJMECO 5001/SLMSec 5ECO 5001/SLMMKT 5001/GHKMGT 5001/VP 10Tue Sec 1ACT 5001/VBHRM 5001/RTGMGT 5002/PRTANT 5001/GPSec 2MGT 5002/PRTACT 5001/VBANT 5001/GPHRM 5001/RTGSec 3ANT 5001/GPMGT 5002/PRTACT 5001/VBSec 4ANT 5001/ASDMKT 5001/JYTACT 5001/PRDSEVASec 5MKT 5001/GHKANT 5001/ASDHRM 5001/SRTACT 5001/PRD 11Wed Sec 1HRM 5001/RTGOPS 5001/KPJECO 5001/AKRSec 2OPS 5001/SAMMKT 5001/TTGECO 5001/AKRHRM 5001/RTGSec 3ECO 5001/AKRHRM 5001/SJMMKT 5001/TTGOPS 5001/KPJSec 4ECO 5001/SLMOPS 5001/SAMMGT 5001/VPHRM 5001/SJMSec 5MGT 5001/VPOPS 5001/KPJECO 5001/SLM 12Thu Sec 1MGT 5001/APBMGT 5001/APBMGT 5002/PRTANT 5001/GPSec 2MGT 5002/PRTANT 5001/GPSEVASec 3ANT 5001/GPMGT 5002/PRTMGT 5001/APBMGT 5001/APBSec 4ANT 5001/ASDMKT 5001/JYTSec 5ANT 5001/ASDMKT 5001/GHKHRM 5001/SRT 13Fri Sec 1ACT 5001/VBOPS 5001/KPJSec 2OPS 5001/SAMACT 5001/VBMGT 5001/APBMGT 5001/APBSec 3OPS 5001/KPJACT 5001/VBHRM 5001/SJMSec 4ACT 5001/PRDHRM 5001/SJMMGT 5002/PNVOPS 5001/SAMSec 5MGT 5002/PNVACT 5001/PRDOPS 5001/KPJ 14Sat Sec 1ACT 5001/VBSec 2MKT 5001/TTGACT 5001/VBSec 3MKT 5001/TTGACT 5001/VB       W   e   e    k   M   o   n       h   D   a      e   D   a   y    S   e   c   t   o   n CLASS TIMINGS9.15 - 10.4511.00 - 12.301.45 - 3.153.30 - 5.005.30 - 7.00 Sec 4ANT 5001/ASDSec 5ANT 5001/ASDMGT 5002/PNV 15Sun Sec 1Sec 2Sec 3Sec 4Sec 5    W   E   E   K   1   3   S   e   p      e   m    b   e   r 16Mon Sec 1OPS 5001/KPJANT 5001/GPSec 2OPS 5001/SAMANT 5001/GPHRM 5001/RTGHRM 5001/RTGSec 3ANT 5001/GPHRM 5001/SJMHRM 5001/SJMOPS 5001/KPJSec 4MGT 5001/VPANT 5001/ASDOPS 5001/SAMMKT 5001/JYTSec 5MKT 5001/GHKMGT 5001/VPOPS 5001/KPJANT 5001/ASD 17Tue Sec 1MGT 5002/PRTECO 5001/AKRHRM 5001/RTGHRM 5001/RTGSec 2ECO 5001/AKRMKT 5001/TTGMGT 5002/PRTSec 3MKT 5001/TTGMGT 5002/PRTECO 5001/AKRSec 4ECO 5001/SLMMGT 5002/PNVHRM 5001/SJMHRM 5001/SJMSec 5MGT 5002/PNVECO 5001/SLMHRM 5001/SRTHRM 5001/SRT 18Wed Sec 1ACT 5001/VBHRM 5001/RTGOPS 5001/KPJANT 5001/GPSec 2OPS 5001/SAMANT 5001/GPACT 5001/VBHRM 5001/RTGSec 3OPS 5001/KPJACT 5001/VBANT 5001/GPSec 4MGT 5001/VPANT 5001/ASDMGT 5002/PNVOPS 5001/SAMSec 5ANT 5001/ASDOPS 5001/KPJ 19Thu Sec 1ECO 5001/AKRMGT 5002/PRTSec 2ECO 5001/AKRMGT 5002/PRTMKT 5001/TTGSec 3MGT 5002/PRTHRM 5001/SJMMKT 5001/TTGECO 5001/AKRSec 4ECO 5001/SLMHRM 5001/SJMSec 5HRM 5001/SRTECO 5001/SLMMGT 5001/VP 20Fri Sec 1ANT 5001/GPOPS 5001/KPJACT 5001/VBSec 2OPS 5001/SAMANT 5001/GPMKT 5001/TTGACT 5001/VBSec 3OPS 5001/KPJACT 5001/VBANT 5001/GPMKT 5001/TTG Sec 4MGT 5001/VPANT 5001/ASDOPS 5001/SAMSec 5ANT 5001/ASDMGT 5001/VPOPS 5001/KPJ 21Sat Sec 1Sec 2Sec 3


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Sep 22, 2019
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